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Horns or Antlers

What’s up guys, oh, you know just hanging out with some guys been out here with us today we got Britt out here with us today and we’re looking for people aren’t going to , like you, Ashley bears probably same colors. Yours Goods got that liver, colored beard yeah. So we’re shut hunting today. What else will we be doing today today is a beautiful day? There’s not a lot of wind. Thank God. I hate the wind.

We got some blue skies now the wind’s blowing it’s so majestic is why HI guys will see in a bit lower you’ll find some alley what who’s that some video dude she totally messes me. I thought that was a different voice. Good one, okay, we’re out here! hunting on the Arizona Strip. Today my hair is everywhere, he’d fix it and her playing on the radios. What is that? Oh, I got boot tracks. I got boot tracks right here, dang it hate that these are precious heck. Man. Did you hit this prior to us coming out today Superman? Well, it’s never a good sign when you’re out, where you think nobody else is, and the cross boot tracks.

So we’re going to push through here a little bit more see if this person was maybe just sightseeing, checking things out or if we got a hunter on our hands. There’s more hacks dude. If there was it like a couple, maybe a couple days, these are fresh as heck. He likes my path everywhere. I go, I don’t know, but it’s a Deadhead I found today so guys I found a dead head, looks like a pretty cool bot, heck, yeah, heck, yeah cool bug, stud buck boom, he’s a stud [ Applause, ] he’s a stud stud. I got a stud deadhead. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I got to turn the radio off these guys each like 400. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m I’m going to take some pictures of it. First, not a giant once I bet he’s a 180 buck, just kind of going off. He’s probably pushing 180 more, you know, they’re almost think it’d be cool to mount him like that. Maybe it’s not going to work right there, not about start to the day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah Ben and Brit out here we’re looking for a specific deer, a different deer, we’re always looking for a specific deer, so we find stuff like this awesome, especially start today I mean we’ve probably been going – maybe 3040 minutes total and first find of the day. For me, stud stud stud got ta love. It love mule.

There mantel Emile there what you guys his favorite elk mule deer. What do you like shed hunting for the most me? It’s mule deer, 100 %, alright guys. So I’m on the board know it, though ethic the way that works. Oh look, Randy found it um. The way that works is I’ve got it out of the way. Now I have a shed now, there’s no pressure. We won’t sorry. We won’t be going home empty-handed. Post Josh founded a giant deadhead witches that should have been my deadhead, but I’m feeling good about this place, real good. You got it. Thank you, yeah, oh good. I found one I’ll find it where get over to it: fine shed roof. Are you going to find [ __, ], yeah man, I’m so excited? I was feeling super good about this area over here. It’s got lots of buck brush in it which the deer love and I found that little choker, and I that was only that wasn’t very far ago. She found it I’m going to . Take it yay. Oh look at you, proud girl. My mom has no ball for you.

Let’s get a match: stepsister, I’m freaking. Looking around looking for sheds and videoing the tree, pretty magical, there’s rubs everywhere. I just found another shed. It was old and chalky, but the nice thing about finding old and chalky is that nobody has been in here because those should be gone by now so whoever’s boot tracks. We were crossing this morning. They didn’t come on this path or maybe they just left them. I don’t know, but I’m feeling super duper good about over here, it’s hard for me to pay attention to you. Sorry, okay. I think I just spotted the first shed of the day. I don’t know what it is. I can just see one Tainan it and grid around as I’m walking down there for the other side. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A little hard white three-point, pretty cool and take couple pictures on that bad boy and there’s another shed, I’m not even mad that it’s chalk, like I told you guys, chalk, is a good indicator that nobody knows about this little hole now. I just want to start finding hard whites in the brown, so, where me just kept my horn, how dare you I saw on Instagram the other day debate about whether people should call it and well not not necessarily like this is what we should. This is the term we should use, but just as a whole like what you say more often antler or horn.

So what do you guys say? Do you say antler or horn? I say horn and it has nothing to do with being like correct about what it is. It’s just I like the way it rolls off my tongue. So that’s why I say it and that’s why I will continue to say it. Even though people are like it’s, an antler horns are for antelope, I’m just kidding, but they do do that. I love those ones that know everything. I’m sure you guys know a few of those. Ok, deaf, I’m more sheds got to keep my head on full rotation plus and supposed to head back to the truck. Oh there’s another said, ah guys I don’t want to leave over here. We have a meeting time, but man I’m feeling so great about it. It’s a chalk, you know it is a chalk, but and it’s not giant, but it is another shed all right. We got another. Try look around see if there’s any more layin clothes, no right there walked out upon it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Chucky. All three, not too old, though we can keep this luck, going wonder how Ben’s doing we’re all heading back to the truck right now to meet up we’re going to move spots, see if we can stay in them on our second half of the hike.

Today we went back to the truck at noon. A little bit come check out some other country. So far I haven’t found my zone, but just right ahead of me: there’s a bunch of buck brush, so I might be in it now and it’s nice overcast, perfect weather, no wind, it’s a good day. So, let’s hope there’s some sheds in here folks. Well, what’s up guys, okay, we got a shed. Finally, we’ve moved spots from where we were and kind of gotten a little bit more thicker stuff, just trying to figure out where all these deer, at and kind of, hopefully get an idea of how they’re moving through this country we’re close to water. But yeah. We moved spots, we moved about five miles away from where we were so we drove to do that, but anyways we’re like thirty minutes into the hike again and I got sheds.

So I’m pretty stoked. Thank you think. Thank you. Another young three-point hit this one that probably two year old one it might be sitting out in the open yeah. This is a two-year-old horn for sure all right, let’s keep looking. There’s got to be more cool lines, these just right in the same exact area. So I come around the bush right here and I look out in front of me and my dog is laying under the tree with shed. We got real. How come you didn’t bring it to me or mom? You can’t just lay down with it all right. We got another shed another little guy, okay, guys it is nearing the end of the day. I have to keep my eye close to the ground. There’s lots of whole suckers. They like to sneak up on you, so I am working my way back to the truck. Oh , oh hell, yeah, rmi, new Rubino right on dude ethical horn, yay, that’s crazy that I just decided to start video and that’s going to tell you guys. I had a dandy like yeah. This is our third stop yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

That’s awesome now I might sing around through here for a minute. I’m just heading back to the truck the guy’s been in JA, sure miles away from me. I don’t know where they’re at but they’re working towards the truck yeah right on good girl, heck, yeah, good job Rosie, I’m so proud of you, baby girl, good job. That’s yours! You found that Oh mom, let me see, Billu, hey Remy, show mommy Remy. I know proud of you hi, what’s up guys so gates coming to an end, didn’t find didn’t find anything. Actually. I found three little chalky bases, but didn’t find anything else since that last little three point meeting bit Brit and Bend back at the truck right now sends pretty much down so we’re not too far Britt’s not far from me. I just talked to her. His radio died after he lost it and then found it. Yeah just got warm today, you’re waiting for anyway. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What up?

That’s the og shed crazy hat. My turn alright, so there we are. We finished up with as Ben was just on you guys a pretty good day. I’m not going to complain one bit for the strip. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We guys think was the worst coming. Yeah, there’s some of them fatty strip mass that we like to find problem is: there’s nothing over a hundred inches, there’s one animal in there. Well, I had the spine hooked up. The spine was still hooked up to it and I was going to keep it and I was like now. I took it off yeah, usually the jaws off I’ll, chew the video all right, guys we’re done we’re going to load up and hit the trail. So thanks for watching appreciate you very much please like subscribe and comment, and I will see you in the next. You



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