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Massive Wildfire

All right, just getting some reps in this morning, waiting for Britt to get ready for the gym. Eventually, it’s going to be too hot to be shooting out here. So I’ve been trying to get everything done early man, I love this boat. I hate these broadheads. Oh I’m thinking they need to go bye-bye ain’t going to cut it like it. Alright, what’s up guys so just about running some errands and had to run over and get some tires ordered for the little trailer we use for guiding and hauling the side by side. So I got those who ordered and Pine Valley Mountain the mountain right out of town here that we hunt on is on fire check. That thing out crazy. Look at that thing, man that thing is ripping it just started today, too I’ll, be good for the gear into the bushes. She goes you out of control, . I didn’t know what to make so I got creative and we have a whole bunch of fresh green beans and some red potatoes.

So I cook some bacon and we’ve got. I cut them all split them all: fresh green beans and red potatoes in some chicken broth. With some bacon and some diced onions and some garlic just going to , let that simmer until potatoes are getting soft and then we’ll open that lid up and kind of cook off some of the moisture. I got rolls that are getting ready to go in the oven right now and then I got chicken well we’re kind of like a chicken nugget. Basically there’s four chicken breasts right there. I just diced up into pieces, as you can see there, how big they are, and then I put them in. I put I’m making two kinds: ones, barbecue ones Buffalo, but I put them in two bags with a little bit of butter and the sauce, and I kind of let it marinate and sit and then from there I take them out drop them into bread. Crumbs put them on the baking sheet, put them in the oven, so there it is right there pretty simple dinner and it tastes good. And since I’m cooking I get to pick and nobody else the same thing about it: everybody else it gets a little bland. They they get stuck in some ruts and but we eat the same thing over and over I hate it. I absolutely hate it, I’m the kind that if I go to a restaurant and they have something I’ve never had or tried or will pick where to eat. Based off of what they have, I like trying new things. I, like I don’t like change. I do not like to eat the same thing over and over. I get burnout really fast and really easy on food. So that’s what god!

That’s where we’re at and pretty much just been sitting at the computer all day editing. We had a lot with everybody, video and now I had a lot of video to go through so that’s kind of what I’ve done today, I shopped my boat. This morning we went to the gym and then I had to run around town and grab some things real, quick, come home. I’ve been editing, video, it’s 6:30 right now and we’re about 20 minutes out on dinner. So see isn’t better. So, as you can see, I’m doing a little bit of shopping and this is the kind of shopping that I like to do. I don’t. I can’t sit on forever 21 or whatever those websites are and just pick clothes like everyday kind of clothes. But when I get to pick out my camo, I am stoked because this stuff, it’s so awesome, to look through and find new things that are going to , be able to help me be better out in the field and first light nails it all. The time like. I love every single thing. I’ve tried from them, so I am starting in the what’s new for women’s wear in 2018 and I immediately off the bat saw this hoodie jacket. I’m not sure how different it is from the hoodie jacket last year, but I wear the heck out of mine. It is the perfect it’s lightweight, but it is just enough to keep you warm, I’m like in the spring weather, if it’s Wendy kind of cold. It’s perfect and, like I said it’s lightweight, there’s not a lot of bulkiness to it, so I will definitely be ordering some of these. I haven’t decided if I’m going to change my camo pattern right now. I have all cypher is my camo pattern and I’m thinking about possibly I’ll show you what the cypher is. This is the cypher pattern that I have, which I feel like kind of goes more with our desert area, and then there is, let’s see, that’s it’s hard to run a computer through your phone screen and then this is fusion.

This is the pattern that josh has, which I also like I’m kind of torn, because I already have lots of the cypher pattern and I feel like like. I was just saying it matches a lot more of the environment down here, but I kind of want to mix it up too, because pretty much I mean, as you guys know, from all of our videos. This is what I wear the majority of the time. This is why I get so excited about this stuff is because this is my wardrobe eerily like we’re always in these clothes, and so that’s why I’m kind of struggling with. If I want to decide to change patterns or not we’ll see towards the end of this, video I’ll have to make a decision, they also have solid colors, which I really like too, for just everyday wear honestly, this stuff is so well built, so well thought out. It’s definitely worth checking out and worth every penny it. So the women’s kiln hoody is going in the shopping. Cart, I’m definitely getting one of those I’m going to get it in a solid color and a camo color because, like I said, I love this hoodie and another thing is it’s a hoodie, so it’s super nice to be able to pull that up over your head When it’s cold or when the wind is blowing, it totally bugs my ears, so the hood is a plus for that for Shiell work.

So I’m adding that to the cart. Some of the other new things they’ve got is these along Jane’s. Instead of long johns, I’m going to get a pair of those in my camo pattern, I’m throwing a pair of those long Jane’s into the cart as well. This new jacket is very interesting to me. One thing I have to say is: I grew up in Idaho, and so I know what cold winters are like, and I’ve had obviously lots of winter coats. The sanctuary coat that I got from first light for last year. It’s actually a men’s coat. I just got a small. It is still a little bit big on me, but it is the best coat I have ever ever ever had it is so awesome. It keeps me super warm and it’s nice and it’s like snuggly, it’s soft, so I’m going to get one of those too. I’m kind of all over the place, I’m thinking of all the stuff that I already like, plus I want to get get in and get some of this new stuff as well. So I will be getting one of these women’s sawtooth hybrid jackets, which are also new for 2018. That is added, ok now, oh, where did it hit? Oh it took me to all of the new. I want to only see the women’s new these.

How cool are those I’m excited about those women’s wick active brief? Definitely going to get those a try, throw those in I’m going to get one of each color and I’m getting my pants. They are the alterus women’s guide pants and I did an Instagram poll and everybody thinks I should change my pattern. So I’m going to go with the majority and change to fusion this year. Give it a shot kind of mix it up. So these all over the place come on really okay, so these are the pants that I’m going to be getting. These are the pants. I was telling you about the have been through a beading and still I mean they’re still perfectly fine for the mountain. So let me get some more of those and I’m going to get a pair of a solid color, which is like a kind of a green color called conifer and yeah. That’s where my my shopping spree. This is. What’s in my cart, I got my guide pants. Some hoodies some solid shirts jackets, a briefs t-shirts, I’m in traps and Gators. These gloves, josh has a pair of these. They are bomb I’ve loved them. They keep my hands so warm some socks. Some other gloves that are lighter weight, yeah, so pretty excited to get all of that fun stuff in the mail and yeah start sporting it I was going to show you guys real quick before I sign off about my pants. I was telling you about the all tourist guide pants, and these are them, let’s see if you can tell like they’re still in like really great shape. These have been used for a year, see and as much as you sit on rocks and all of that they’re really not even filled up or anything they’re in great shape.

So when you see the initial price tag and you’re like oh, I couldn’t spend. How much are they? Let’s go like a hundred and forty five dollars on a pair of pants? Think again, you are investing in quality you’re , investing in something that’s going to last you more than a year, those pants they’re . They would they’re still good. I’m still going to wear them all. This have more pairs to wear out, but yeah, it’s so worth the price. Honestly, I mean you, you would drop 80 bucks on a pair of jeans 145 dollars for a pair of awesome, fitting first light hunting pants that can withstand pretty much anything. I don’t even think. Josh has ripped his guide pants, and that is a lot. That’s saying a lot because he rips and tears through everything he’s a really good product tester but anyways so yeah. These guide pants are worth every single penny. I would get them over and over again they fit perfectly and they will withstand the test of time. So don’t let the 145 dollar price tag scare you which isn’t even actually, if you look at other camo lines prices, it’s not even a bad price at all, so it’s definitely worth looking into and yeah thanks for shopping along with me today, guys yeah



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