Meeting Roman Atwood at Shot Show 2017 Vlog #3! Antler Trader

Roman Atwood at Shot Show

We are at the 2017 Shot Show in Las Vegas Nevada!
We meet Roman Atwood and Add First Lite & Leupold to the family!

True, but I wore high heels and I was not expecting this vast property and say: Oh and today I’ve got my accomplished. I am going to. We got big names coming today too, so when it’s all said and done we’ll be announced that will go down. One of our milestones, I’d like listen. We plan on introducing everybody today to the actual the owners of Schwartzman pause.

We’re going to actually do with their lunch box yeah and get to know a few of the vendors like pharmacy will be. That’s. Those are two companies that we’ve had twice in our boxes and I have softener you read through. I love them. They are so nice, we’re heading to bacon smell towards our house, but anyways good old check back and as we get closer, take guys. Alright, what’s up guys here, we go another day shot show shooting here, get ready to stroll in and got some meetings planned today. So big things coming good day, so we’ll keep you going. Okay, guys, we just got done with our meeting with our newest partner.

The big announcement that we were telling you guys about today, we finished up with first light: we’re going to be first life this year and then the newest one, the one that has been all the hard work is paying off all the love from you guys and Help from you guys – and it’s I mean guys today’s unreal – it’s absolutely unreal – we’re at shot we’re meeting a lot of great people. We’ve got, we’ve had some really good meetings and one of the biggest ones one of the most important is this one right here, guys family. We are luke old now, so we’re pretty stoked. They make a killer killer glass, some of the best scopes in the market industry and they just come out with 15 15 56 by nose and, yes, they are bad. They are they’re high high-end guys this stuff’s unreal, so we’re stoked we’re happy. Thank think. Thank you.

We we couldn’t do without you guys, and we appreciate you and love you for it. So let’s keep going now we’re going to go. Do a sports news box, opening at shot with sportsmen box and browning and all the guys at Sportsman’s box. So you get to meet those guys and see what they’re about, if they’re awesome awesome guys so stay tuned. All right guys here, we are shot, show 2017 with our sportsmen box, which we decided we’re going to do we’re going to do the opening of it here with will Adam just kept all our arrow, and we even got folks behind this thing.

They don’t want to be on camera, but so what we’re going to do is we’re going to set up we’re going to do the opening? Let you guys get to know and meet these guys with sportsmen box and see that I mean they’re , just they’re part of what makes this box really awesome, guys the good people they have their great products and companies supporting them on this bill. And it’s a lot of fun so so here we go hey guys.

We just finished our meeting with rupal family who’s. This and we did a sportsman’s box yeah. We just move on. I just yeah. We just met really awesome people that we’ve been wanting to meet. Just follow her arrow Hanna at nature, blends, okay, so fun! This has been such a great time and yeah yeah. It’s been unreal unreal unreal yeah, I just I’m still kind of in a little shock. Sorry we just had a whirlwind of stuff going on like within the past two hours, yeah two and a half hours – I mean it was bam, bam, bam and now we’re done so we’re going to go downstairs. We got a couple more people to meet with and then we’re going to dinner with everybody tonight and we’re just going to keep filming showing you guys the mean it’s yeah here it is shots no 2017. So today has been, like we’ve said how many times unreal, but we got to meet one of our favorite youtubers and everybody knows who it is. Mr

Roman Atwood and his dad and Brittany wasn’t there. She was in hotel, not this Brittany, his Brittany, so yeah I getting meat at Roman was was pretty awesome. Yeah he’s a good guy man. That guy is that guy’s stand-up so inspired. Hopefully we can do the same. So, what’s up guys, so we’re rounding down the day here, shot show 2017 coming to an end. It’s been an awesome day. I just I can’t get over how great today’s been.

So we are going to check outta here and go meet everybody with sportsman’s box yeah and we’re all going to go, have dinner together and talk about business, see what else we can get going for you guys. So here we go, we’ll keep you in touch. We’re not done yet. Today’s vlog has been really short and sweet, but it’s we’ve been busy and some of its not that interesting, not until the end result, but it’s uh. That’s why we’re here the Hun Expo in Salt Lake is more we’ll have fun, will be there having fun meeting people hanging out with people, so you’re not going to the hunting Expo or we didn’t know about it, make sure you show up we’ll be there. The whole time and yeah and Britt’s going to bring her big sheds to it. So you want to see those come check, those out so to you here in a minute hI guys. Here we go where you are your frogs in Treasure, Island, we’re meeting fortunes box, family and we’re having dinner tonight. So how are we doing all right? So here we are. We got dinner: [ Music, ], [, Music ], you


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