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Small Mouth Bass

Good morning guys we are out scouting Utah for the upcoming hunts and sentence and trail cams, another pretty slow morning we’re looking for something special, though I don’t care how many deer we see. I just want to see the right one, we’re going to go move spots and get a couple trail cams set up and probably check one, so we’re going to check it out and we’ll get back to you guys and let you know got to one of my Spots, we’re going to I’ve had a camera sitting all winter with the trophy rock. Oh yeah, loving that trophy Rock, so we’re going to refresh this card in this camera right here and get out of here and see see what else we got coming in. Hopefully we got something big on camera yeah! That’s when we put that here, no look lick spots in it: yip-yap hi, so Mia che decided.

We got up early this morning, we’re going to , go out and do a little fishing, but to start the day off we’re glass and for mule deer, while the Lighting’s just right, so we’re moving to spot right now. We’re going to set up glass for about. No, no we’ll see in a couple minutes and then as soon as this we’re done glass at this spot, we’re going fishing and we’re going to fish rest of the day right well all day, but good half of it telling kids, embarrassing, yeah and unbearably odd. So yeah, that’s what we’re going to be doing today. Hope you guys enjoy. I appreciate everything you guys have been doing and all the support we’ve been getting. You guys means a lot really does I think you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t I mean if we didn’t have you guys watching in support and we couldn’t do what we’re doing so. Thank you.

Now, let’s go find a giant mule there. All right, we’ve moved spots, we’re going to drop down into the creek here and see. If we can’t do a little better in the creek over the lakes and ponds, I like creek fishing, a lot more than I like fishing ponds and lakes and reservoirs. So getting everything put together and now we’re going to throw a backpack on and just hike down through and see what you do stay down pick it up. In the turn, a little more there you go trying to pull just keep trying pools with it check it out. Look what I found so good. I caught one: that’s not a crappie or a bluegill! Well, Smalley running a little bit fuller and pretty much first cast. We got him so we’re going to head back in these rocks here and see if we can’t pull a few more out we’re up here at enterprise reservoir. Let’s let this guy go sweet. Hopefully we can get into few more another small e, a little bit smaller than the last one, a bluegill on that cast about hand size, not bad. Almost there, it’s unlucky, , the kitchen in the kitchen. I promise you it’s in the kitchen, I didn’t know you ate the ride. You cut the bottom of that flat. It’Ll stay still. When you cut it, you don’t know what you’re doing just kicking back watching a little movie. Muche just got home from fishing Brillion, you don’t get it go back on the movies here.



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