No Such Thing As A Bad Day On The Mountain! Arizona Archery Vlog# 12

Day On The Mountain

Good morning guys so we’ve we’ve had a pretty good morning, we’ve seen quite a few deer and we actually, we got up on the same Hill. We’ve been getting up on to Glaus and once we got up, we all went three different ways, so we could cover it all the way around and it just so happens the spot I go to I get down there. I set up, it’s dark pretty much. It’s still pretty dark and I look down below me and at 39 yards one of the Bucks we’re trying to kill it’s standing there with nine dough’s and then probably another 50 yards below him.

There’s another 20 dough’s and they’re just standing there. Looking up at me, didn’t care didn’t run, didn’t do anything most of those went back to feeding the buck, went down the hill to about 50 yards and then turned and whipped behind some trees and started feeding again as soon as I got them on the radio And Casey got come over. Did the radio talking to him on the radio kind of made him pushed down a little bit lower toward there out of range, and the buck would never come back out from behind the trees?

So we had to sit there and just watch him feed into the thick stuff. They knew exactly where we were. It was pretty frustrating, never fails. We’ve been sitting here now trying to catch this one buck that we’ve got across the canyon he’s every time he steps out. He goes right behind the tree again and we had to get a good good eye on him. We just finally got to see him here. A little bit ago, enough of him, it just looks like a young three-point. It’s not very windy. This morning, super super cold man,I’ve got sweaters coats jackets, two pairs of socks on I brought the big guns for gloves hit mean it just is cold. My wipes are frozen, that’s not a good thing, but that’s a bad start to the morning when your wipes are frozen.

We’re going to pick this apart a little bit longer and then probably head down and make another plan for this afternoon, and if this afternoon doesn’t pan out we’re going to get aggressive. I got a couple ideas of some ways to go about it: to try to force that the hand here so see you guys in a bit, that’s what we were doing with today and it’s 10:59 right now, so it was. It was cold this morning with that wind had to come into town and restock on some supplies, we’re out of lunch, we’re out of water, we’re out of coffee, we’re out of creamer. We still got three days, so these guys can decide what kind of meat they want too many too many choices. We’re going to get some lunch stuff stock up on some other stuff and then we’re going to head back.

What’s up guys, we have moved to a different spot, different glasses in point tonight, just trying to see if we can find something else, maybe make something happen since everything’s in the trees, in the other spot, we’ve seen some more deer, we found another buck he’s in The trees and he’s not coming out anytime soon he’s just milling around and feeding taking his sweet time. So I don’t know what we’re going to do tomorrow. We might get back up on our other point and I might try to do something. A little unorthodox in different, we’ll see we’re going to talk about it tonight. But right now is it’s it’s the sun’s going down and all three of us are in different spots. Just covering country with the glass we aren’t having a shortage of deer. That’s for sure we just we’re having a shortage of stock, able stock able bucks it’s pretty much impossible to go after them in these junipers.

So just keep smiling it’ll work, it’ll work. I have to these guys have been on quite a few stocks already super close just something goes wrong. Every time, the deer, the doze, the wind and just you name, it can’t see change directions and it’s archery hunting. I wish there was a guarantee to it, but there’s not I’m ready, get my hands bloody, I’m ready to catch something up and cook some back straps or some tenderloins right now, I’m just getting burnt out on just glassing the same stuff trying to find something new. I want to be going going going going what stocks to happen. I need to see about having to have a lean attack next year in these in these units.

So many javelina, I can’t wait to snot over-the-counter. There might be leftovers, though I haven’t checked. I don’t know, but evenings winding down I’ll, see you guys in a little bit all right guys. I got a question for you who does campfires or little fires next to one the glass when it’s freezing cold, I want to know, I decided to light a little bit of grass on back. It’s like somebody before me decided to do the same thing, so we do it quite a bit in certain parts. I haven’t done it down here, just because there’s too much yellow grass to have a really big fire might get the deer moving. Now, let’s start flushing drops what the yeah, who does who does fires when the glass, let me know so that was secret, Nick colorado’s, dear deke, away, wonder how it worked for today, there’s dinnertime guys, you guess what we just got back. Let me show you what we’re having for dinner here, what I’m going to be cooking up.

Oh look at that bad boys. Yes, sir eating good should do a cooking video on this, a cooking blog I like doing out there. It’s eight blog okay, showing my tricks and secrets: I’m Gordon Ramsay, stealing it alright, I’m going to get everything prepared and then I’ll kind of show you guys what I’m doing so. Okay guys the first two are done. I just did a hot sear on them. going to , let him rest for a minute and now the second two are in, but a bunch of butter in the pan. That’s it and let him steer for about a minute minute, a half on each side, these guys, like their prayer and all works seasonings, were using well garlic, salt with parsley and this stuff right here. I’ve never had this tell this year from the deer camp.

On 13 B, that stuff is so good and it’s good on everything I was putting it on chicken, pork chop, you name it, so I did a little bit of seasoning on that about. I know 10. 15 minutes before I decided to cook them kind of let the steaks warm up a little bit and now we’re just going to dice. No we’re just doing the hot sear and butter and we’ll flip them in the minute pop him down and sear the other side and let him rest cut some cord in there added some butter and some garlic and parsley to that. Also we’re going to do some salad and some potato salad and some bread and butter, then one so that’s going to be dinner tonight there it is guys dinner mmm. I don’t know. If all you do any sides that steaks going to take a bit


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