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Utah Archery Hunt Mule Deer

Good morning guys, alright, here we go. It is August 18th, the opener of Utah’s archery, mule deer season and I believe golf so I don’t know those things together, all cotton. It sounds fun. I guess Builders worth that guys so we’re it is 4:30 in the morning. We’re a run down the gas station top off on some ice and some fuel, and then we’re going to get up on the mountain and get set up in our spot and see how many people are going to be pushing deer around. I I’m going in prepared for lots of people and to sit back and kind of let things unfold to make a game plan on the buck that I’m after, but you never know. Who knows there might be nobody in there but me, but yeah so here’s day one everything’s loaded up the word pulling in the Maverick buy the house see you guys here in a little bit, don’t worry get to where we’re going and get the packs loaded up.

Alright, we are ready to go, get the pack load it up close out, put together and now it’s time to start hiking Suns, starting to come up a little bit, it’s just starting to peak up over the horizon. So by the time we get where we’re going. We should be perfect to start bossing top any morning baby. Here we go all right good morning, gangs, okay, so so far, I’ve turned up my number three buck and he actually worked over the top of this hill. I don’t know where you went where he bedded. I know nothing and then I’ve got another buck down here below me, picked out he’s a nice buck, he’s not he’s not giant by any means. Just a real nice heavy Bock and I’m going to keep an eye on this one embed him and then I’m going to go up over the top here and see. If I can’t turn up my number three buck, I haven’t seen my number one or number two buck yet this morning, I’ve seen a lot of deer and a lot of people another in here I just from where I’m sitting and where they’re hanging – and I can’t I can’t see himself it’s like this buck right here.

He’s got like five other bucks with him. My number three bucks got like four other bucks with him this buck. Here’s got three or four doze and a couple of fawns, so I’m going to give it another. Probably 15-20 minutes the wind should start picking up here shortly kind of give us a little better idea as to what’s going on. Hopefully, this buck right here old bed, HI guys we just got back up to the Capac. I’m tried to put a little stock on my number three buck and it just wasn’t happening where he was at he just was. There was no way just playing simple, so I backed out turned around, came all the way back and saw a bunch more people had some guys come up the bottom below me and that’s part of the reason why I decided not to keep going hold on a Second, I see the deer nevermind, it was not a deer, it was a coyote. Just saw him across the draw over here saw some Brown moving through the brush. So anyway, there’s or them Darrel deer went there’s no play on them. I can’t even glass, where they’re at it’s really thick, really steamed, so we got the back packed up ready to go changed out of my camo.

So I don’t sweat it. We’re going to head off the mountain and go hit a couple more spots and glass and push some drawers just see if we can turn some bucks up. I’m not going to touch this country again probably tell this evening, or maybe even just wait till tomorrow morning. So opening day, baby got ta love it alright guys. Here we go going to head up on top of this mountain here. It’s about 4:30 right now moved had some food and put a plan together. So still, looking for number one and number two found number three buck this morning, if he presents himself again, I’m going to I’m going to put another stock on him but hope and really hoping to find number one. But if not no worries, we’ve only got four days total of hunting and that’s Saturday, Sunday, Monday Tuesday.

I got stuff going Wednesday, I’ll hunt and then Thursday, its its guide time and I’m not a hundred percent sure how much of this season will be left when I’m done with all that, but I’m going to just play this, like I got four days so to Get the hiking it’s hot, all right! We just got to the top. We got this straw right here, so I’ve been standing up on this rock just picking it going through it. There’s some deer core down in the bottom but uh. That’s it just some dose. So I’m going to set up over here behind me and I’m the glass off unfortunately were that year. That’s where the Sun setting so and there’s no other way to glasses. So what sucks about right here, but the deer starting to get up and move I’ve seen a bunch of deer. I glossed on the other side of the hill coming up and probably seen 1520 deer see a lot of country right here. It sucks because all that smoke from the fires of California’s volunteer right. It’s seeing a long ways, ways it’s hard. It’s so hazy.

Just focus on the closing tonight see if I can get some on video too. Well, I’m back in a high I’ve been sitting here on this point glass and four minutes ago, just a whole bunch of deer, none of the big bucks, but a whole bunch of your just come Balin over the top run down all the way down across the Bottom, I could hear coyote panned, but I didn’t. I didn’t think it was coyotes. It scared him Mike said. Four minutes goes by and this guy comes walking up over the top. Oh wow, that’s public land got ta, love it. So we’re going to head down to the truck right now and we’re just going to kind of still hunt the way down glass and some drawers that we got over on the backside.

What’s up guys, we made it back. The truck opening day is done. Thank God. I hate opening day. I always have the jitters, the frantic, the the panic, the distress, but it’s done. It was a successful day as far as finding some beer we found like I said it, we found our number three deer. Never thought number one never found number. Two, but I saw a lot of deer and had a good day he’s really a good day. Good drive home, get some meat, get some sleep and tomorrow my see a Brit wants to come out with me and give me an so she’s. My good luck, charm, but guys. I appreciate you following along with me today: I’m going to post, one every single day that I’m hunting back-to-back-to-back-to-back so please subscribe, follow along and we’re getting started day ones down. We’re going to be doing this clear through January . So we’re February actually we’ll be going to Mexico in February. That’s the plan, at least, like I said things falling along. I appreciate you very much and see you tomorrow.


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