Part Two Shedcation Colorado Shed Hunting Trip & A narrow escape from a major forest fire.

Colorado Shed Hunting

This video is part two of our 2016 “shedcation” to the beautiful state of Colorado. Stoked full of adventure, shed hunting new country, encountering a lightning strike fire, test driving the new Polaris General, and having an authentic Louisiana style crayfish cook out with new friends.

All right we’ve made it to Colorado few more miles still to go, but we’re in Colorado. So that’s a good deal. No issues smoothly got 26 to Grand Junction, then we’ll meet up with West and then guys and get out and get after it here goes adventure part 2.

Alright, here we go. We finally made it we’re all set up. Got camp set up we’re doing a tarp in the back of the pickup tonight to make it easy, we weren’t even going to , do a tarp, but it actually rained today, so we decided set it up. Got the dogs got a camp set up good fire pit over there we got camp set up, we’re going to start shed hunting, but first we’re in cooked dinner. It relaxed so stay tuned right here. Just got out of camp right off the main road just find a little guy. You find a little one again head and shed by each other yeah. She was screaming like it was a giant all right good morning.

Here we go first day in Colorado. We’re going to start hitting this burn here. What’s the Kobe pull this up? They know this country a little bit and we got a big burn, we’re on private and hopefully we can get into some elk and deer up in this in this country. It’s amazing, looking country we just it’s new to us, so let’s see how it goes. Stay tuned, alright found the first share of the trip and walking for a while. Alright, we are on our technically the first day of our Colorado, shed hunting trip and odd luck. Until now I found one. I think this actually might be the match to the one hope you just picked up, but it’s good to have one fine stay. True, hey drew bring here, get the shade. Did the shed bring to me yeah? She listens real good good one. Ain’T complainin just go back the truck and, as you can see, I’m the only one back. I didn’t want to stay out in the rain. Lightning. That’s pretty much the lighting jacket, my pet pack, but I didn’t really feel like staying on the lightning.

Well, I found was this so pretty neat, though I wasn’t going to stay out in the rain for more of this. So hopefully they come back with some. Some good stuff we’ll check back in later, all right, walk in now from the truck after sitting there for a little bit family, pretty chalked up four-point been there for a while. Take it pretty cool book right there, okay, trucks, just right right over here, so see. If we can’t match him up, maybe huh all right. Finally, first shot of the trip for me here in Colorado and older one young one for sweet, we’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’M really. I really got into him yeah.

It’s still just kind of pretty sparse, but new place will keep pounding. It will figure it out. We’Ll have more sheds in a bit we’re heading back up the camp here and got a strong whiff of smoke all of a sudden come around the turn and see the smoke right here. I’M literally like right off the road looks like a lightning strike. As you can see, the clouds and we’ve had off and on rain here, lightning strike pretty wild right yeah, it is hi. Here we go. We got back camp after fighting a fire. We’re we’re over here, cooking cooking. Some dinner now got our own fire going.

Okay, cam chef going West is chopping up some magic potatoes there. Oh yep, okay, wait! Let’s look boys chopping up some a potatoes right. There got them all on the grill cooking now chopping up. We are, of course, the dogs. Look at this. That’s that’s an official shut and Chihuahua right there hey to the camera, clip following me: where’s the sheds. I think the sheds look at this technique. He learned that at the at the Japanese Steakhouse right Kobe’s, the cooker he’s frying. It up he’s got the Camp Chef utility kit right there yeah I mean. Obviously these guys don’t like hot dogs. Like idea, you know me, yeah frozen breather recipes will show you that one one day, oh there, you go first days down now we’re going to relax. I have some good food share. Some stories around the campfire and look forward to tomorrow maybe make some plans, though. Besides the actual shed hunting, what’s your guys’s favorite part of it, I mean I’d like to hear a comment.

Let us know what you guys enjoy the most about getting out and enjoying everything you know God has created for us. Besides the sheds, I mean don’t get me wrong. Everybody loves that yeah comment below tell us what you like we’re going to run up the road here and check on the the lightning strike tree fire and Kobes going to . Let us roll in his brand new Polaris general 1000. He just picked up this thing’s pretty sweet guys. I mean it’s like a mix between the utility and the razor I mean come on players don’t hold back. I need a sponsor hook it up. I will test your stuff out to the point that if it handles me, you can guarantee selling it to anybody. Okay, so we were just having dinner talking at the campfire and heard the tree crash. So we thought we’d come down here and see where we’re at with a fire cuz. There was some dry wood, we weren’t quite sure, which way it was going to fall. You can supervise, like me, sure, brought some marshmallows boys and how dessert? What are you doing to do the bag of chips? Right, yeah, you there’s! No more!

So your eyes are a lot more open all right, so you just see what we got going last night in Colorado at this little get-together, crawfish cook of Wes and Kobes buddies. Put together every year that we were fortunate enough to be involved in so be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram, so yeah Colorado times check them out on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You know give them a like for us and see what they’re about! Let’s put together some killer, video yeah, we try, they do a damn good job at it. I mean it’s nothing like what you guys watching with my mind, yeah. Nothing like yes, you know I find horns in mind. They don’t so absolutely good people a lot of fun, probably one of the best trips we’ve had in a long time. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s what it’s about right here guys. It really is it’s not just always finding antlers it’s getting to meet if it wasn’t for Instagram and Facebook and doing what we do. We wouldn’t have never got to meet these guys and they came to chef Fest this year, which we appreciate very much so yeah check them out, give them a life for us and till next time.


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