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Weekend Elk Shed Trip

Hit the hills a couple days before Easter weekend for looking for Elk Sheds!!!

Okay, here we go again it’s March 24th. We’re going after elk should be a bunch of Browns on the ground dead. There’s a couple big bulls in this country that I’ve picked up in the past that hopefully hopefully be added this year. So we can have a little better chance at breaking, for I don’t know one of them. One of them could possibly do it. I don’t know we’ll see if he’s still alive or if you digress or not, butyeah. So here we go stay tuned.

Okay, so we’re probably about an hour into the hike here and we got into some super thick country. It’s got a lot of sign in it a lot of signs, so I figure this time of year. We’re endure the signs at and just been working through. It fall on the trail has been getting just started. Getting sorry just started, getting really strong whiffs of elk and some of this brush and I spy through the brush right here. Big brown set there. It is okay thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you think he is cool better. That might be my ball right. There. It sure is man, oh man who broke he’s gone down all right. Well, there is. That was the bowl I was hoping to find in here, and it was actually the first verse says. I find his him just a goofy. Goofy Bowl he’s definitely gotten smaller. It looks this year than last year’s. I mean this side last year. Was God I think it was a hundred 185 inches and then this side this side was hurting. It was like 150. 160.

Last year, but what was cool about this bowl was – and I don’t know if this one will do it or not, we’ll have to get on flat hard surface, but it would stand on the pedicle. Just like that. Free stand. It’s just a super cool goofy bowl, Wow cool man. I was hoping he could. He could be that 400 mark this year, but he’s older than I thought I think and kind of went downhill, but that’s what we’re after right there baby. Thank you thank thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you good morning here we go day. Two yesterday was a great day, but it also sucked for count. So I didn’t find anything but the two Browns off the ball I was looking for, which is awesome. I mean that that’s what made the day worth it for me to find his Browns again this year, so, but I didn’t find anything else, so we moved spots this morning. This is country. I know I know it gets hit pretty hard it. It’s country that can produce a lot of Browns, though, if you’re I mean it’s, it’s luck of the draw you’re , either going to hit it right or you’re going to be late.

So there’s been people in here, but I haven’t seen a lot of sign for at least a couple weeks. It looks like maybe so hopefully they were in here too early and we’re just right. So we’ll see all right. So it’s late afternoon got back to the truck at Lakehead. I was like 132 o’clock right in there found the two older chalks she’s seen so excited I’m going to move hitting lots and lots of people signed fat cat tracks stuff like that, almost everywhere I went so. I bailed out of there and decided to gamble and head for some just some nasty, thick stuff and home for about past half hour 45 minutes. I’ve just been busting through this and we got a shed big thing. Thank you. It’s chalk! Even okay, take him! Alright, we’ve been going for a couple hours now and we’ve gone all the way at the top of this. We hit this hill. This mountain behind me and we’ve hit all the drawers coming up and where they all meet together and finger together into the pop-up and just haven’t, haven’t found anything since my little Chalker at the base of this thing.

But I say when, when you’re feeling like that and you go and take a right turn around a tree and have this site that we have right up here, it helps. And so, while I was standing there where I stopped in my tracks, I turned around and looked get my phone out of my pocket, and you can almost see it from here, but right behind me almost right by. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Guys. A people get these together. Five in France are huge yeah. Thank you thanks. Thank you that I need to do a segment of it. There we go hard work, paying off good ball, big ball, okay, low heck, yeah man. This just been his big round again this year and nothing else all day and then today, late in the afternoon now I think it’s almost five o’clock we’ve been sitting at just those three, those three shockers and now finally stumbled on a good set. So these are heavy heavy Bowl. Hard White’s looks like last year, just a big five by six and he’s got killer fronts killer, tine length. I mean it’s big six side good time length on everything, they’re heavy heavy to man. These things are heavy heck, yeah right on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Stud bull, cool beans, it’s good to have both on the pack, but I hate walking through the streets with big elf shoes on my back goodbye you well there. It is the end of our today or is done did alright. I would like to have found a lot more than I did, but I’m happy with it hike my butt off gone set off the bowl. I was looking for the whole reason I had come just sucks he’s not as big as you. You know, I was hoping he’d be and found another really cool Bowl about same size, a lot of fun. So I think think thank you, but here it is who’s that bull. We just picked up a couple chalks back there. Now now we drive home, get some sleep load, the wife and kids up and come back out for the weekend for Easter Show, hunt which I’m stoked, because I get to get out with the family and things are so hectic right. Now we don’t get out very much as we want so yeah, it’s going to be fun. Hopefully we’ll stack up.


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