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Alright what’s up guys figure I’d give this live thing a try since yesterday was. A dead day because of preparation for the strip and everything so and actually half of today was a dead day too. So I decided let’s do alive today, since I don’t have a daily hunt vlog for you guys, I’m pretty much hunted most the day most the morning and early afternoon today and then came home bought parts from a truck and I’ve been working on my truck all Day visiting with my clients, they showed up in town today, they’re on their way out to the strip right now, and I’ve got to get back to working on the truck but figure. Let’s try this life thing. First time live on YouTube, so you guys got any questions. Hit me up. Man. How big is my number one buck from you, Lee country um? I think he said I think he’s going to go high to mid one 90s HI Allison. This is my office. Yes, what’s up from Oregon huh, what’s going on?

What’s my usual season, look like as far as like pretty much from the start of August middle of August, Utah opens up, and I pretty much hunt from then till this year will be clear into February, because I’m going to Mexico this year produce and if I Have time in October, I’m going to try to squeeze in an on a bear hunt we’ll see, though October’s pretty packed between Britt Havana tag, Brinley having a tag and guiding he’s a typical mainframe he’s got a couple little kickers, but I’m not giving him any credit On him New Mexico I wish I had hunts, in New Mexico I’m just kind of cutting my teeth in New Mexico right now my hat sitting on that cookie, here where’d, my, chats go there we go thanks. Man I appreciate, it thanks for the love do. You approve me being on the stream while I’m at work dude. I don’t know how you work, I couldn’t do it well, I used to do it and I won’t do it anymore.

Thanks man, I appreciate it Donald hit me some questions guys. I don’t want to just sit here and stare at the camera. This is the first time I’ve ever done, live how’s that how has the lack of rain affected the strip? It’s affected it a little bit, but it’s not as bad as people think it is it. We’ve seen some of the bigger bucks go down, but for the most part it’s it’s looking really good. The feet stayed pretty strong. I loved Wyoming, it’s right. Next to my home state of Idaho hit me up. I’D be happy to help here in New Mexico sweet. I appreciate, that, there you go get her in med, school, then she can fund you, to go hunt and and. Follow your dreams yeah, dude ask anything if I mean, if I don’t want to. Answer it I won’t answer. It but Idaho. High country yeah, I would but it’s a pain in the ass. I don’t want to mess with it right now. I hate it. I need to switch that dial over to a push button.

I’ve never hunted California. I got some buddies over in California. They’ve been trying to get me to come, do that B zone for blacktail, and I think I’m going to try to handle that next year. I have no hunts planned with Ben this year with his kid coming, our schedules just don’t align and I’m booked solid from now till the the ball tailed the first week of December guiding. So what made me start a YouTube channel? I started a YouTube channel because I basically quit my nine-to-five job of thirteen and a half years to hunt for a living, and it’s just another avenue to kind of get our name out and and and build a business out of it. I love YouTube. It was extremely frustrating for me at first. I had this channel for quite a while before I did anything with it and then I finally just started to go all-in and I loved it, I’m starting to hate all the other platforms compared to YouTube. How many out-of-state tags do you have this year or are you focusing on guiding?

I have Arizona OTC deer and that’s pretty much it for me right now. I’m like I said if I have time in October, I’m going to try to do it. Otc bear hunt down there shed fest where’s it going to , be this year, don’t know yet we don’t plan that until the week of the hunt Expo in Salt Lake City and we’re always open to guys to anybody that anybody that’s got a company out there, hunting Or trying to make a hunting business or anything like that in another state that wants to post it, we will, we are always accepting hosts, so you guys will get all the love and credit it’ll be hosted by antler trader, shed fest hosted by whoever.

So you guys anybody out. There wants a host shed fest. Let me know, send me an email, antler trader at, we’re chef ever huh organ note, but I fished the crap out of org and I got family in Oregon come down to Colorado. Let’s do it round I need to. We can’t have to get the hunts out of the way. Now what was the 9 to 5? I actually ran a tire company for thirteen and a half years. I did the big stuff yellow iron. You know loaders semI trucks. We didn’t mess with cars and pickups. I actually that’s how I ended up in st George originally was I moved down here to open this open this store for the company. Are you going for elk this year, my son? We bought my son. Another L tag this year here in Utah, but personally I don’t have any plans to hunt elk myself. It’Ll be for my son, dirty tines love the vids man. Keep it up, I don’t miss any of them and can’t wait to see how this year turns out thanks brother. I appreciate it. Chet Vesta Wyoming, that’s a possibility. I’D love to do chef s Wyoming thanks Daniels duck head homestead. I appreciate it man. Thank you very much. My favorite gun to shoot is my Remington 700 7mm mag.

I love that gun. Can I bring my group hell yeah bring that thing. I always wanted guys if I’m going to be anywhere and – and you know what I’m going to be or have the opportunity to bring antlers. I want to touch feel love, hold them all shet best in Idaho who’s that Sharon Corbin person. I think that’s my mom. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 300 Win. Mag! That’s a good gun! I like that caliber too, but I’m still rather shoot seven mag or go up to a 33 78 or a 338 ultra mag. That’s my next favorite caliber is 338 Ultra Magnus trying to keep up Alison. Do you ever go for Moo sheds? No, my wife has been hounding me for the past couple years to go after Moo. She wants to go after Moo shed so bad, and I just haven’t had time to do it. We’ve got a lot of people that want to see we’re going to try to get it and get it in this year. We’re actually thinking about hitting it up during the hunt Expo two times yet: fest, Idaho, that’s a killer, gun man, yeah dude, I’d love to see that Kayden send me some pics, I’m trying to make sure I don’t miss any questions here. I took a pause to do this live I’m literally in the middle of working on my truck. It’s completely completely tore apart right. Now, thanks. I say I appreciate it.

Man, I’ve done quite a few collaborations with Eric I’ve known Eric a long time he’s a good dude he’s a really really good, dude, Casey and BMAC same way. Studs. We do need to do a hunt together Eric and the problem is because of my guiding schedule. It really throws a kink in in the hunt plans with with guys, so the plan is to grow this YouTube channel. To the point where I don’t have to guide anymore honestly, guys if I had it my way, I would do nothing behind what is your most favorite hunt, any mule deer hunt, my favorite hunt of all is 13b, even when I’m done guiding – and I don’t guide Anymore, I will still guide a hunter or two on 13b every year in Arizona just because there’s no place like it absolutely nowhere like it can’t wait for the strip videos, you get the best footage around and did you bury the the Rovers it is in Arizona, But it’s not buried. I need to. I need to go pay it’s out of buddy’s place just sitting there. If the are so expensive. Thanks Eli, I appreciate it yeah, I’m with you John yeah. I spent some. I spend time depending on how far south I don’t – I don’t get too far past, like Prescott and in the Mogollon Rim.

So thanks Ian, I appreciate it. Man yeah, I do for Wyatt Ford’s the only way to go. I like Toyotas, I like dodges Chevy’s are garbage. I’m sorry if you own a Chevy, and I only like certain dodges but Ford man, Ford, like mule deer. For me, thanks Brodie, I appreciate it man. That means a lot I haven’t looked yet bud. I’m right in the middle, the alt muley country, I’ll check them out as soon as I’m done with alive John. I really want to take you up on that man. If I can get free time, I’m down that’s right, ElI Ford, f-150, all the way any Ford pickup, I’m picky, I used to drive a pallet. I used to have a power stroke it just. It was too big of a truck too heavy and the dirt roads. It just if it wasn’t good on the strip. It’s my wife’s first archery hunt go to see Arizona, ooh yeah dan we’ve got. We’ve got a few spots open in December and January into February. I’ve only got. I’ve only got a couple booked in January right now.

So we’ve got quite a bit of openings, sent me an email. We can talk I’ll, get you some info, yeah Phil! You got to do it, man, it’s it’s the best, Mario I want to hug Colorado. So bad. I’ve got so many good friends in Colorado that have been begging me to come out there and hunt. I just got to make more money see. If I can make more money doing YouTube, then I cannot guide and I can hunt more places with people. I’m always willing to go places with guys anybody, I’m I’m not you don’t have to be anybody special. You don’t have to kill anything or find anything. I just I like meeting people and spending time with guys that have the same passion, Kayden Bell dodge Rams. I, like the 2500 gasser I want. If I buy a Dodge, it’s going to be a 3/4 ton. Gasser come to Oregons some bulls on the klamath res dude. I’m down send me an email, antler trainer, ElI Phil. I will keep promoting you guys.

So hopefully you can get hunting a little more thanks bill. I appreciate it man, ok, I watch videos a lot I’ll try to get my get you my info. Maybe goose tears, hell, yeah Jon. Let me know man what’s wrong with the Ford. Let’s see it. I’ve trashed the sway bar in links, tie rod, ends, rear brake pads, and that’s just this start and then, when I get back, I got to do a few more thing. I got to get it aligned I’d really like to do a full tune-up on it plugs wires. Coils all that story of probably everyone here, would love more money to hunt yeah, that’s for sure, Phil, Mario I’d love to meet you to bond. I said I love. I love spending time with anybody that shares the same passion he’s always in a good, always has a good attitude and loves what they’re doing you ever thought about hunting black-tailed deer in Southwest Washington, it’s different ballgame, but all my time, species to hunt, no, absolutely dude! I’m I want to hunt every deer I can hunt will do thanks Josh, it’s aunt Dan antler trader at I think it’s in our description too, on the videos Kyle I haven’t. I have buddies that do. I have buddies that run dogs down there. I’ve uh, I just pretty much stay up north here when it comes to lion, but every this year it was tough because every time my buddy we had snow, I was out looking for sheds when he called to go, treat when he’d go tree cats.

Good evening. My friend Joe I’m, your new one-week subscriber thanks man and I love your vids. It’s always fun content, whether it’s shed hunting and family times. I always can’t wait for a new one. Come thanks Joe. I really truly appreciate that man. It means a lot I bill. I actually want to do this once a week I want this. Is the first live I’ve ever done? I want to do. I want to do a series that will call it live 30, where once a week at a certain time, I’ll get on here. It’s just where I hunt and guide, I don’t always have service like the strip, is going to , be a nightmare trying to do a daily vlog, because there’s no service except for in a couple spots. So that’s the only thing that ever slows me down on on doing lives, but I’m going to start doing more. I promise is their guy he’s worth it. Do you think, also? Is it only for Arizona or could think I don’t? Actually, we will be expanding to New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado. We’ve got Utah, Arizona now yeah, it’s worth it I mean. Actually. This year we have just north of the Grand Canyon, so the kind of app in Arizona Strip.

I think we’ve got 20-some or 15 yeah 15 cut zero guide. Fee members drew tags this year that we’re taking out fully guided fully all expenses paid toss them $ 350. They all do tag they’re all getting 5-day fully outfitted hunts, it’s worth every penny doc. That’s a $ 6,500 value. My favorite kind of hunting is archery mule deer. I love archery mule deer. What rivers have you fished here in Oregon? See I fished the snake. A la Hells Canyon. There’s been a couple little creek sand, stuff up by Albany Oregon. I got family in Albany, I don’t know the names of them fished, a bunch of stuff on. What’s the name of that, the big river drawn a blank man, I’m struggling, I’m good friends with Ben Gorman, hmm Ben Gorman name sounds familiar I’ll. Have to look.

I’m horrible with names I’ll, never forget a face, but I’m horrible with names all right, John I’ll. Take you up on that. If I make it down there, yes, Willamette I’ve fished. The road too, there’s no way out ruin the five-o staying putting forward by 400. All right guys, yeah buddy things down. I appreciate it. My biggest meal dear was with my muzzle odor. He scores two hundred and three eighths, my biggest archery mule deer’ is one then my biggest rifle mule deer’ is 185 thanks Phil. I really appreciate him and take care good night thanks brother, we’ll do mario biggest elk. I’ve shot a lot of elk. I have shot three little Bulls, nothing big and I have shot nine ten ten cows, my family growing up in Idaho, we’re all Cal hunters. We didn’t shoot bulls I’m done with. That, though, sounds good John thanks Pole, all right guys. I appreciate you guys tuning in I got honestly. Wouldn’t couldn’t do this without you guys, your support means a lot. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and I got ta get back to work. I get a good truck fixed, so I can take off tomorrow. So love you guys. Thank you.




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