Remy Finds A Sweet Inline Shed Dog in training! ” INQUEST 2018 ” Antler Trader

Shed Dog in training

Oh she’s wet yeah. She got in the pond yeah good thing. We brought a sheet for the truck all right. What’s up guys, we are out shed hunting enjoying our public lands and everything fine Wednesday and it’s better weather than our last trip out kind of an overcast, but we’re going to have it’s going to get hot today, Remmy we’re going hunting, yeah Snow’s with us again, But he couldn’t contain himself and no snows already left keep an eye out for anybody cross-country ride and if you see him record yeah so he’s already out and I’ve been getting my stuff ready got my boots on forgot my belt really pissed off about that Brits. Ready to go, I’m almost ready to go good. She just brought me dude. We just walked away from the truck Remmy. There’s a ball on the truck. I’m going to walk back and get it yes, she’s, so excited roo-roo. I was like fine, a true witch. I say all the time you know and looking here she comes hey guys. How does it go? We are out here shed in tune and it’s actually the first, like relatively nice day we’ve had in a while.

So I haven’t been filming very much. Cuz we’ve been in windy, cold and it’s really hard to hear when it’s so windy, so I published a video anyways, but I do admit that I have weighed it so today, I’m going to try to be better about that and film. More of what we’re doing you already saw that ReminI found a shed today, so we’re feeling good about this area, we’re up to like 1:30 last night researching, and we all felt like this was a pretty good choice. Sean there’s so many white sticks in here. Can you drive and make it the same? Anyways sean has found two little sheds, so hopefully we’ll just start getting into him. It’s going to be a good day. We are about 30 minutes in since Remmy found that brownie that Britt got and we’re going to we’re . Making a big loop in this – it’s just super super thick country kind of a long shot as far as which line to pick, but for the most part we’re trying to stay in this buck brush anywhere. We’ve got piles of this out here. This is where we’re going to be because this is what they’re feeding on and I got a shed golde, but it’s a goody-good young buck old. So we got a brownie Shaun’s found two so far Brits. I think just got done picking one up. She it’s! It sounded like that’s what she meant when she was just on the radio, so cool cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am feeling really good about this little basin. I found two sets of bones. No heads rubs tracks beds like everywhere. Hopefully some sheds will start appearing. This is a collab. I wish there was a night out there. I’m looking for my dog, too she’s out exploring somewhere all right sheds come on. Where yeah did you find a bed? I just found a giant holy crap. This thing is not huge, yep Conan Exide. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, we’ll take it. This is a good carrying around shed hi. What’s up guys, we got another one, it’s a little one, another little guy, but and we’ll take it hold you up on him. Thank you thanks. Thank you. Everything is gone through that gagger. He just picked up. I guards busted one off split G for cool-cool shed hold that thing. Sweet! Try to find the other side now yeah. Do the horns, bad right on dude congrats, oh yeah. I finally found a shed. My allergies are going insane. I do not know what I’m allergic to out here, but this eye has just been like constantly crying. It’s not the match to Shaun’s. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

No, I want to match. Shaun’s up he’s got a big set. Probably break 200 go find a shed yay good job. Everyone! Good luck! For me, man, it’s a smiley face. I want to have a smiley face on my face from finding a shed. Everybody else has found some. My turn you just in a super thick country and trying to match up that horn Shawn just found in the big five in this country just so thick. He almost have to you have to have a map, so you can keep tabs of where you’re at and what you’ve hit. What you have in here, because the way this stuff is it’s so rolling and thick you’ll sit there and do circles on yourself all day. Long, I can be anywhere so we pretty much just try to follow the way the lay of the land follow. The draws follow the feed lines stuff like that. This is all bedding country right in here.

So it’s thick we’re heading back to the truck and I just said show you guys this sunset, so rad keep walking HI guys. We made it back to the truckhad to plug a tire. Just got done doing that got air in it everything’s good to go now, but we made it back and we got everything laid out here in front of the headlights here. Show you guys rubber out what we did and how we did. It was that one right there, Britt and Remy, found this morning right off the bat. When I found two little ones. I found the center one right. There’s the one Britt found and then snow found all those, including that gagger that he couldn’t match up. But we’ll be back we’ll match that thing up. It’s in good shape, hard white plus snow. Oh yeah Britt’s had enough of the cold she’s in the truck, so you get everything packed up get on the road thanks for watching guys. We doing bad scoring Shawn’s trophy here, Jagger driver this is my brand-new truck should shine you’re wrong and you’re wrong. Did you want to give it a little more


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