Road Trippin’ To Salt Lake City “Off The Mountain” Antler Trader

Salt Lake City – Antler Hunt

See that death look I’m getting here. Let me zoom in for you guys, don’t don’tdon’t dham dham, alright guys so it’s Tuesday at 1:30 1:30. We started getting ready this morning at about 8:00 and we’re pretty much done and ready. The problem that we have is the rental car. I don’t understand rental cars. I don’t understand how you can have such a great experience with the company that you just dealt with and then turn right back around and want to re rent the vehicle from them, because you had such a great experience and they absolutely ruin it and make you Just fire fire bad inferior, 8th me yeah.

So now we got ta jump through because we do not have credit cards. We do not have credit cards for a reason. It’s not that we can’t have credit cards. We can have credit cards. I just refused to have credit cards. I played that game. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, but then, when you want to rent a freaking vehicle, your debit card that they can have instant money too, is not good enough. They can even pre pull out what they need, but it’s not good enough. It’s even a visa, so we’re supposed to be there at a certain time today, cuz we’re going to start setting up the booth.

My daughter can’t get off work early enough and on top of it, I’m jumping through hoops with the goddamn rental car and we need a rental car to go to Salt Lake. We pick up my truck on Friday, see we’re ready. Everything is ready to go. Dun dun dun duh Maggie, saysshe’s good to go she’s ready, Remy’s going to the pound, we’re going to hope. Nobody adopts her for a week. It’s cheaper! That way, if we just drop her off without a collar and then when we come back, we’ll go bust. Her out, I got to find some paperwork, so we can get this on the road HI guys we got a rental car. Finally, after we pretty much chain doesn’t know this, but I pretty much gave him away when he turns 18 he’s going to go, live in Mongolia and grow rice, that’s if they grow rice time ago I don’t know.

I had to pretty much give him up, though, so I could rent this car, I’m to two everything I Drive I Drive save us. Is that what you like with left and right right, but he says leper right. I was right so now we’re going to go. Get our dog and go drop her off at the pound and then we’re going to stop and grab some things at Walmart, and then we will be on our way. It’s zooming Brinley is off work and we’re driving up to set the booth up for the hunt. Expose their guide be both guys, it’s going to be fine. I like this Expo. We had a lot of fun at this Expo yeah me too, and my mother’s going to be there. So you guys will get to see my mother for the first time and hopefully she takes my kids and I don’t have to see them mom all Wow, all right.

Let’s go get our dog and robber off of the town, okay, seeing bit oh and we got the rental car packed down this little Subaru Outback, actually pretty nice little vehicle. I think I might have to run one of these next year for guiding. What do you guys think got out of her out back out of a subir, ooh man? I can’t wait to get a truck. I still figure out what I’m doing that stupid land overdue and then back on the road we got to get dipped. There set everything up tonight, so we made it to Salt Lake Expo Center Salt Palace. So now we luckily found this close parking spot. We’re going to go in and get set up. Our help Travis set up he’s already in there he’s not going he’s on his phone, so we got it up by an hour and a half left tonight, so we’re we’re going to get as much setup as we can. This is what everything pretty much looks like right.

Now, it’s really hard at work with the dog yeah Britt, putting four together next time, Chay’s over there next time, so now we’re going to get it all set up. So tomorrow we still have stuff to set up, but it won’t be as bad and we could kind of fine-tune everything so we’re ready to go. , alright, guys we are done for the most part. We got a few little things to finish. We got to get shorter posts, so we can get the same kind of setup, they’re going right below the TV. We got the TV up and same thing, another post and then they’ve got to get it. They still got to come around power on it. There it is. We are next wait. Puss Mountain ops, weather beats in the corner, we’re just there phone scope over there pipe a little at thirty one hundred and thirty. Two hundred on the backside. We have a few little things to finish up, but we’re pretty much done some other stuff done and that way we’re ready 100 % for tomorrow’s lot of work lot a lot of work, but it looks good. There is looks so good. It’s right here right on the corner:




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