Rogue Outdoorsmen Elk Shed Hunt “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Outdoorsmen Elk Shed Hunt

Guys it’s Friday afternoon and we are down here with Trent with rogue outdoorsman. I will include a link in this video for his YouTube channel check him out. He’s got some awesome stuff guys. He puts out some great content and he’s a shed finding fiend, so we’re going to see what we can turn up this weekend. We got today, Saturday and Sunday and your wife’s going to be joining us tonight right so we’ll be three of us. Hopefully we can get some piles of that antler put together and have a lot of fun doing it. So, like I said it’s Friday afternoon, we just got here, got everything set up real, quick and now we’re going to jump in and see what we can turn up.

So we get to riding his awesome razor here, so I might might want to get one after this, I’m already in love with it. Alright, what’s up guys, we are about an hour into this hike and I’m just running up this this bottom, this Canyon, eventually going to hit the get up far enough, that I’m going to turn and cut up the other side and check and sweep the other side Of this hill, but I basically just been bouncing from top to bottom top to bottom running up this Canyon and then I’ll get up the other side and I’ll do the same thing just up and down up and down down and around so anyways. We were on the board first shed of the trip down there in the bottom. I was just about ready to make my turn and sore head now. I finished it out. Chalky Wow cool we’ll take it, though. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you about a six-pound horn. All right now we’re going to go all the way back up. Hopefully we can turn a couple more up. Well Here I am again so probably just I found shed and it it’sbrownie baby, heck yeah. I have been on four-wheeler tracks allfreaking day long afternoon. I should say I finally found some country that they can’t ride in don’t want to. Thank said Brown a I see if we can match it up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you should be around here somewhere, maybe even an extra brownie or two all right. Let’s keep looking what don’t what’s going on guys got a deer dead head over here still just two elk sheds yeah, that is a cous pull , and that thing is awesome. Wow. That thing is cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m going to take some pictures of that. That’s cool all right back! Well, hopefully you can see me.

This thing is so cool. I I’ve never found a couse deadhead. I’ve only got one cou shed that I’ve ever picked up, and this thing isn’t awesome. I mean he’s just he’s: got so many little characters on him. The eye guards on this thing are bladed. They got like a big old, ridges and grooves on them. Those fronts just come in just BAM: cool cool buck. I don’t know what this thing scores. I haven’t played with these very much. I know how to score them, but I don’t know, I don’t know if this is a giant or just a nice buck, but for me this thing is awesome. This thing is so cool heck yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh just hauling butt trying to get back to the razor, and I found this little guy, this cute little broken brownie. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you check it out. They’re always shoot up into the razor about half an hour ago. We’re getting close. I think about mile see you guys good morning, guys HI it’stechnically day two, but it’s the first full day of shed hunting.

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning yeah we all just took off from the Razr we’re going to do a three-hour kind of pound. This country and see how everybody’s doing and then from there if somebody’s getting into them, will just keep gridding it until we feel like we’ve got it covered, if not we’ll jump on the side-by-side move to another spot, and do it again so we’re going to go. Tell all it gets dark and hopefully pile up some sheds. So here we go one more to sted heads I’d, be pretty cool, a big bowl or a big meal. Dear I’m not picky, alright! What’s up guys, it’s been about two hours since we left the Razr. I’m actually working up this canyon back towards the Razr right now I have a found squat and I don’t get it cuz, it’s pretty pretty country until now, and it’s a job look at that. Thank you. Thank you. I’m on the board for the day um. It’s not a pretty one, though we’ll keep working it. There should be something else in here or there’s one there’s more hey.

What’s up guys, so we’ve met back at the side-by-side and we change locations just right, pretty much all are not far but anyways. I’m working up this kind of the steep real steep face coming all the bottom of this canyon, and I see two Browns I don’t know if they’re set or if they’re , two individual different bowls first one right there. Thank You Think’s! Thank you. Definitely different bowls, though it’s pretty sure, that’s, not a brown, that’s a hard white cool. Take some pictures and then we get him picked up so that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the first time I honestly thought an antler was a stick, not the other way around. I was sure that was a stick. Look at how that thing’s just a the way crazy, really not the head of an antler either Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Maybe we can find some Browns around here. Another little chalks. Do you think? Thank you. What’s up guys, so I’ve been working up. This finger, I’m on the tip top of it now and we got another shed: [ Applause, ] little brown suede. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, yeah.

Okay, all right see if we can keep adding to these, there’s got to be more in here somewhere. This onesie twosie things little old where’s the big sets at well. That was pretty crazy. I wish I would have got my camera out of my pocket faster and and got some video that I was just sitting here talking to him on the radio about where he’s that and where I’m at and what the plan is yeah that thinks dry yeah. I walked up to it so anyways, alright, so anyways we’re talking on the radio and I’m getting water out of my pack and out of the corner of my eye, I’m sitting there talking to him and I see, move my turn around and there’s this big ol. Pretty just cinnamon burgundy ish bear running right at me and she come within ten yards and I whistled and he just stopped and booked it and took off running through the trees. It was pretty cool. I wish I wish I would have had my phone out of my pocket, so I could have reported it. It was. It was wild, pretty bare, so that’s not something I run into every day, honey. That was pretty cool. I just made it back to the razor. No look. Look who’s coming your Trent! Oh he’s, got a dead head cool check this out, flip it around thank ya. He is why DainI that’s crazy, yeah! The idlers way out. Yes, smallest suit! I’ve ever seen.

It’s like my boy, yeah right on sorry, all fouled antler bad day so far, , [, Music, ] just work. Those fingers – I won’t touch on that at all. We are we’re actually shut hunting. Just despite what you think you we’re doing it’s Sunday. It’s the last day down here and we’re going to go fill some packs. We’re going to try to keep up with her she’s the one that keeps filling all the packs yeah. It is her birthday weekend. She deserves it. So all right guys, let’s go all right guys. We we’ve been going for a bit. We just kind of Rim in this big Canyon. On the other side – and I finally decided I found a spot – I could drop off it without getting alleged up and I crossed it and pretty much I’m almost to the top. The top is like, maybe 50 yards through these trees right here, maybe a hundred. I don’t know I’ll probably get up there and it’s like another mile, but oh yeah. I finally hit these trees and they come up on all these bones right here I mean there’s bones over there under the tree, so I just kind of started walking through him and there’s a dead little Bowl. My dad died in velvet. He did a little guy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We’Ll keep going all right guys. It’s been, it’s been a little slow today on the antler count and it’s been hot, I’m actually running a little behind as far as where we need to be at what time it is, and I decided to drop down in this canyon where now it’s a little Steeper but it’s going to be a little bit quicker, getting back and high just at the bottom, and we got a man slow, hard white, oh yeah, another little guy yeah! So now we’re going to go we’re going to go all the way up over here and loop right up to your razor, see you guys in a bit. Well, we made it back to the razor shrimp picked up two old rag ones, and that is it for the afternoon hike. So we are done we’re heading back to camp and we’ll get everything packed up. Alright guys we made it back to camp. It has been, it’s been a fun day, it’s been a grueling day, it’s been a hot day.

We didn’t find quite the amount today that we found yesterday, but yesterday was a good, an update made up for it, so it was a lot of fun. This is new country for me, so it’s a little bit different than what I’m used to as far as looking for spots for elk, but it’s these elk are a lot the same. So I had a lot of fun with some really good people make sure you guys go out and go check out their YouTube channel. It’s rogue outdoorsman. I will I’ll link their there, one of this video or one of their videos below, so you guys can just click on it and check them out. It’s got a lot of cool videos and then, of course, hopefully I’ve shared it on Instagram too so but anyways. Let’s show you guys where we finished and how we did, I think, would you say: Trent, there’s 44 44 antlers total how many Brown yeah that cool set right there, that cool set back there another set right there. I found a lot of singles if it wasn’t attached to their head. I probably wouldn’t have found him matched him up, but I that’s the highlight of the trip for me right there that thing’s, so cool yeah, a lot of fun, not a lot of fun and the weather didn’t slows down too much. We still covered quite a bit of country, so thank you guys. I appreciate you very much please like subscribe comment and let us know if you want to see something special. So I appreciate you take care later.



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