Run Casey Run!! Arizona Archery Vlog# 14

Run Casey Run

I good morning guys so first light this morning, damn cold first light this morning I picked these deer up again and they’re exactly where we left them last night, so we’re going to set up pretty much two two spots with both of them to where they’re going to just wait, and hopefully the deer work to either one of them just going off of what they’ve been doing all week if KC busts them or they bust him or whatever and doesn’t get a shot. I’ve got. I’m going to have Corey down across the valley.

Basically, to where he can cut them off, so hopefully one of them gets a shot. At least I got fingers crossed it’s it’s the last morning of the hunt, so we got this morning in this afternoon and then we’re done with it. So this buck has been a nightmare and the other two big ones. I’ve just disappeared completely so lease we got one good buck to work on and there’s a couple smaller ones. So here we go. Okay, guys. I got him probably 150 hundred from him right in there right now. I know he’s covered. They can’t see him, but that Lido’s looking that way, jeez the winds, perfect, I mean everything’s perfect. I don’t know how, if he’s being loud, I don’t know what the deal is, but he’s he should be so awesome, hey, Casey there they’re kind of getting skittish. I don’t know, can you see them? Don’t talk but they’re they’re milling around the buck is back a little ways from them.

There’s so many eyes so many eyes and now they’re . Turning and going the opposite direction come on. Give us a break. They’re stopped now now they’re going again, they just bust it out Cory, get ready. I’m going to tell you what they’re doing okay just watch them. Casey just hold tight hold on saying I was going to . Have you do something, but now they’re changing direction? Okay, guys seem to work hi.

What’s up guys here we go it’s the last evening of the hunt and we’re sitting up here. Hopefully, we can pull this buck up out of the trees and he steps out into the opening and we can make another play on him, we’re so close this morning. So close just too many eyes too many eyes. We haven’t had too much of an issue finding deer. It’s just been getting a successful stock without one of the dough’s busting us or the wind swirling, or just something something happening. But tonight we got our fingers crossed. We’re praying that something happens in our favor, we’re starting to see deer moving right now and we got a little bit of time left so I’ll keep you posted.

So thanks thanks for watching and tuning in seen a bit. Alright, the buck just stepped out. We probably got maybe 30 minutes of shooting light and we probably got about 20 minutes worth of walking to go, but he’s going to run aim high. Let her fly bro, yeah they’re , going across flat, so yeah I just run get on the other side. I mean. I don’t, I don’t know what to tell you because of where we’re at with light. You know he could there’s not going to , be any sneaking like you know what I mean: you’re , not going to have time to take your time.

Oh you know what I think. That’s a different deer hold on a second, oh! No! You go all right, so this is actually a different buck. This is a buck that we’ve been looking for that we’ve seen earlier in the hunt. He just appeared with all these dough’s that that the number three buck was running with. So it’s a cool buck he’s super wide he’s pretty much. Just going to fly, he’s going to run, he’s going to get on the other side of the wash there’s lots of trees and he’s just going to run we’re going to cross our fingers, something happens. Okay, go KC is literally running. We have him running at these deer. This is a different box. This isn’t about. I thought it was this Bucks actually a 4×4 and he’s really really wide he’s running. Okay, like crouch down cuz, they’re kind of up to your right.

A little bit so start angling to your right, find a big bush and get behind it and just keep walking he’s walking your direction, but but out into the fly he’s just on the other side of the road. If you look to your left, you might see him like yeah like that direction. She’s looking at the buck, yeah keep going that way. You’re going right at him, stay down behind one of those bushes in front of you. This might work. How far can he shoot? How far can he shoot he’s going to be right, close to 60, I think come on baby you’re going straight at him, they’re , not really that far. I don’t know if you can see him or not, but I’m just going to can’t talk. Don’t worry about me, you just do your thing just know that you’re going straight at him. Oh suspense he’s, I mean he looks close to the vine through the scope, but I don’t know how close he is he’s just right. He’s now he’s walking to the right from behind that tree guys I got ta, I got ta pay attention, so instead dairy walked out. How was how was that last minute run Bret bud?

Actually it wasn’t too bad dude. I can’t believe me round the whole way. I was from, we were up there going oh he’s still running. I thought what I say: he’s going to have an asthma attack you now. How would he ran more, but my right side was about to explode for a little bit. I had to walk yeah. That was a long ways: dude didn’t man, that’s a new body! That’s a big buck super wide over 30 coupons yeah over 30, so, oh, so close, let’s go get.

Some food sounds good, never good, hedaan, Wow that sucks up everybody’s okay. Somebody not paying attention almost slowed us down from getting Mexican food last night here, so we’re doing a little Mexican food Tori’s going to get some some margaritas the sugar on the rim, not salt, because Maine have salt, not sugar, strawberry, margarita sound, like Travis, no Casey’s going to get an O’Doul’s and I’m going to get me some camarones de Teresa. I said that as wide as I could so good, so good haven’t even tried anything else on the menu. The first time I came here. I got that and now every time I come here, I get that in the chips incessantly smile, you’re going to be on YouTube. You’re going to be on YouTube. Thanks, bud basic basic fajitas, Chili’s, husband eaters and a margarita




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