Rutting Mule Deer Late Kaibab 2020! Antler Trader (Guide Life)

Rutting Mule Deer Late Kaibab 2020! Antler Trader (Guide Life)

What’s up guys what up what up we are heading to the kayab now on the road again on the road again and again again, it iswhat day is it sometime in november, it’s monday in November 2020? We won’t forget that part where we just spent the whole day getting everything all situated and handled in st george and loaded up and now we’re headed to the kaibab a couple days early, it’s been really nice to be able to hit all of these hunts. A little bit really, yes makes it a little bit less chaotic, yes, which helps me out a lot. He does good. He does good when he has time, and so do i, instead of waiting to the last minute to leave yeah drive in the whole line. It’s not that dark. It’s only 5. 30.. I hate the time changed. I hate time change. I really like the sun, and I like it to stamp as long as possible, but anyway we’re heading up to the kaibab driving through colorado city right now and we are going to go, get our camp established, , , and what else some scouting some glassing.

Some spotlighting just a little bit of everything, we’re just going to go, live with the deer. We’re going to just go become come like the deer. Hopefully we can find us a big buck that we can have rounded up and tied up for opening morning. I’m excited this is our last time for thissection of the guiding we’re going to come home and I have a crap ton of work piled up for us, so I’m helping him and then he gets to help me on all my sides, but you guys Are so awesome, thank you so much everybody who has purchased a sign like I am blown away at how many people havesupported us, not surprised, because you guys are so freaking awesome, but super grateful. That’s what we’ll go home and do after these hunts are over, which hopefully will beat least the day before thanksgiving we’d like to be backin time for thanksgiving with our kids. So that’s the goal andyeah then we’ll have a month off and then we’ll be right back at it down in Arizona yeah. That’s how that’s going to go! That’s what it’s going to roll yep! It will keep you guys,apprised of anything if it changesand I will be videoing the stuff before the hunt too, so you guys will get to go along withwith us. As always thanks for watching.

What’s up guys, we are on our first day of scouting here for the kaibab in November mid-november. Already, I can’t believe it, but we’re going to get some hunting in and I decided to drop down a couple levels. Josh is still, I think, up high and I found a shed little guy had a room with the view. You know how to pick pick a prime location all right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now I want to find some giants.

What’s up guys sowe’ve been walking for five minutes from the truck me and brittar out here, shed hunting middle of the day, looking for deer, just enjoying freedom andthe country and the weather, it’s almost too hot, but yeah we got a shed, looks Like a little four point, , yeah, an old little four point. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Nothing big, but here’s a cool look to I him to hide that almost like a three point with a hook cheater all right. Let’s keep looking well we’re . Just making our way back to thetruck and I’m sitting here, just crunching away on pine nuts and we got shut, looks like it’s been kicked over, I’m going to guess something could be over it’s right. There yeah that side’s way lighter cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Little guy we’ll take it, though. Let’s keep looking it’s about time to get on a knoll and start glossing.

What up? What up all right. I just spotted something through the trees. It looked pretty good, it’s pretty! Oh there’s a 3×4 pretty cool deadhead right there. Ah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you all right. I’m going to get a couple pictures and then I’ll pick it up I’ll run the camera since she’s right here too, all right, pretty good bucks with some mass right here. Oh yeah, nice, good g2s on it yeah seriously. Good threes! Look at that bleeding! That’s the crazy short beamed well on this side and then just the three on that side, but narrows all get out, but good buck. I mean he’s not a bad buck at all too bad. He didn’t survive to find out very cool. What my vinyl harness is sitting kind of color-coded, cock-eyed’s kind of the way to go or did something bigger, and that is how you drop your phone hold on a second sorry, guys, sorry about that.

All right we got here. We got us a shed. We got going big three dude. I could be the other side to my four, oh, I hope not. That means it’s a three by four. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let me take a couple pics of this bad boy, real, quick and then we’ll pick it up and see what it looks like all right. Let’s pick this up see what we got going here: oh yeah, not a hundred percent, but that’s a pretty big three that looks like it could be the match. To that four, I picked up, not a hundred percent. It’s definitely last year’s, though. Thank you. Thank you. Let’s walk around see what else we can find holy crap. It’s about time. I found something. Josh is swooping all around me heck yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is my una bomber.

Look, I’m really nailing it. I’ve got a cool shed heck yeah. I got josh off my line. Finally, he’s right above me just like swooping everything up right as right before I get to it. This is cool check him out he’s so compact. Oh there’s my water. He is a tiny freaking giant like see how little his vases, but look at that, sucker goodness hell yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s sweet find the other side got no shed nice, four, not a giant a little bit older, younger buck, buta good shed, not a bad at all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I’m going to take some pics and pick it up. Be right back all right. Let’s pick it up see what we got here. Oh yeah, nice, four, not bad, not bad at all. Thank you. Thank you. Hopefully, the other side’s not too far right here, somewhere, okay, start gridding. This yellow grass can hide some stuff. A couple good sheds so far we’re out on the evening of big rock uh. We have one more day before the opening day of our hunt, so we’re out here scouting around yeah.

We got to go shower today, just spoiled. I did because we are only two days in but the reason why is because that guy spelled a whole freaking thing: a 32 ounce cup of coffee coffee, my whole cup of coffee, I spilled all over his bed, so he he has to leave his drinks at The table from now on my coffee in bed anymore, but anyway, so we went to the laundromat and washed all of that which it needed. We had a sink at the laundry mat, so we decided to shower in the sink yeah and just wash my hair in their sink. No actually there’s so many rv parks in canada and they have showers. So the shower that we took was really nice. It was five bucks and the water was super, duper hot and it was clean so when, when it was way clean now we’re going to get back to work, and I had no time limit. I could just yeah: we could just stop water, which I did perfect: perfect.

All right guys. We’re back to camp today is the day before the kayab hunt opens, and so everyone is getting here and setting up and josh, and I just got back from doing some pine nut, picking andyeah they’re getting everybody set up. So I’m just chilling getting our camp set up and organized and cleaned up for the hunt as well see we got some sheds. I don’t know what josh did with him. He’s already found a home from him. Apparently I think he’s just stacking him. Oh yeah he’s just stuck in him: it’s not even giving him a nice home I’ll fix that all right, I have got our littlehome away from home set up. This is where we’ll be living for the next 10 days, hopefully a little bit sooner. We’Ll get off of here, though, because thanksgiving is coming so here is our locale. We’ve got our nice living room here all set up complete with an end table. Yes, you’re that fancy there’s our house our table with food, some cooking stuff hand washing station and our palace, so fancy got our beds all set up. That’s our first stash of pine nuts that we got. We got a whole bunch more now and oh, yes, look! How fancy we are? We have coffee, a coffee maker in our tent. I got this little shelf system set up dollar store, mirror. Oh, yes and josh’s. Stuff hasn’t exploded yet, but I will update you because, yes, it will let the hunts begin. You 40 yards. It says break it now, so we’re just leaving it in drive now I guess no biggie shaky as , not too bad for him. Oh yeah, oh my trash, there’s a good picture right there, huh yeah! So pretty is that slow good morning guys. We are on day three of this kayabab hunt. We got our first dead deer, go check it out.

What do we got here? Giant? Butt, hey! Is this your first deer josh uh? This is number two heck yeah man. What’s the difference, though, first one was a little forky. Well man, you totallyraised your bar yeah. Now you got an even higher bar to go bud yeah! You should have bought it. You should have shot a three point, make it a little easier on yourself. Next time, congrats man – that’s awesome, extras palmated, bladed heavy he’s got it all. Well, we broke the ice good job josiah. Now I am going to walk through our little town. I’ve gotten lost going to our tent almost every night, there’s like nine or ten camps over here, but now I’m going to go to the best camp of all, which is the kitchen here. I am guys, swear all the magic happens.

We got a big old snack box that we get to take with us. It’s pretty awesome, pat’s been taking great care of us. This is the kitchen area. Lots of good food has been made here so far. It’s going to get so good cameraman will go through anything to get the shot dinner. So I had these ribs in the freezer tonight and I forgot why i, how many times you going to spill, up there. Oh, I missed the spot right here. Yesterday, he’s built this coffee creamer holy sh, hot coffee, creamer, you caught coffee, creamer, all over the seat. You get your together man, please , , so , glass from the road look at this cool bottle. It’s freaking awful! I wonder how old it is. I love old, , , bottles at its finest look at that butter and then pancakes, right, uh.

What’s that back up is that a it’s, a doe back up on the side of the hill, better down, no he’s stumpy and heavy with trash, yeah he’s got character for sure. He’s got a hook. Cheater on that right, a hook cheater, oh cheater, he’s got a hero. Your attention spans getting the old dials going up guys, that’s what we want, but beager. Here we are day nine morning of day nine andsteve just got her done on a big, pretty tip non-typical. Actually just moved steve’s got a champ tag, so it allows him to shoot from the truck. Oh look at that hole. he’s got some trash going on. That’s for , sure. Thank you. He wasn’t going far got ta love the seven mags had a kid dusty, dusty found him for us this morning. Couldn’t have done it without dusty’s help. You were the man dusty, , , , awesome, yeah,he’s twice what I thought he was. I thought that is, that is just a cool cool deer right there, oh wow, big old boy, eye guards, good eye, good eye card, wow some extras here, we’ll back over here and we’ll load him up and take him to get pre. He wants. He wants the vermilions in the background: ,

I’m steve urquhart been a member of zgf. Since junejoined paid, the membership fee drew this hunt, and this is the animal that we harvested uh. Since we saw him last, hehe’s broke a few at about another six inch coming off this side.another little couple: little breaks quite an animal hunt: 12b west uh. How much did you pay for your membership paid 350 for the membership and 350 dollars? You got how many days paid for by zero guys fully guided fully furnished by zgf with Arizona strip guides. It’s a deal you can’t be so it works. It works very well. It worked very well for me. It’Ll work very well for you right on all right. Steve it was a pleasure having you in camp and congrats on the stud buck. Thank you. It’s a dandy, heck, yeah, so much character missing six inches here, yeah yeah. We can fix that that’d be about 33 wide, counting yeah yep, goodness for something better guys. Heck yeah congrats bud. Thank you. We are done. We are well we’re done for the month of december, but for the most part we are done. The hunts are over. Wefinished on day nine of the ten day, hunt on the coyote blade and we killed a stud bug that we probably should have killed opening day. He just he wanted to see what else was out there and we did everything we could for.

What we were able to do. Steve was awesome. He’s awesome to have in camp he’s awesome to hunt with his son was great uh. He was very limited. He had 14 discs removed from his back. He was on oxygen, the whole time and he couldn’t walk very far. So we really couldn’t we’re really limited on what we could do butafter spending 23 points. I think he said he had. Hehe. He wanted to hold out and see what there was and try to get the best buck. He could so we shot a great buck.brit flew home just before thanksgiving to spend thanksgiving with the kids and the family. This is the first thanksgiving that I’ve ever missed in my life and it sucked granted. I was hunting and doing what I love it. Just it’s stuff: it sucked I’ve never had to be without the family on thanksgiving so but we’re on our way home now and I’m excited andwe’re going to get some videos edited and we’re going to get some stuff posted and then we’re going to go. Do it again in the month of January ? So thanks for watching guys, I appreciate it. You guys are awesome and we’ll see you on the next one.




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