Scouting For Elk & Mule Deer Shed Hunting Spots What to look for In Idaho Antler Trader

Mule Deer Shed Hunting Spots


They’re , literally out of their minds,and cloudy mastery, other ones – must have bumped over any big. It’s that cat, that’s like it girl fat belly on him, yeah, just walking back and forth. Oh look! There’s another yeah! We get out dude soon, as we’ve been here long enough to buy a hunting the top I’m a. Do it I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl? I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So, let’s do you know I’ll treat you right, let me prove it and let it go. Oh, I’m sick of being nothing all right, I’m going to be something all right with every breath. Trust me I’m a, be the one at the top. You can’t touch me good morning all so today we are doing something a little different. We were actually out scouting we’re going to try to cover some country today, hopefully find some, maybe find some country that we can go hike in lacklustre for sure this is country. I know yeah and it’s not like I remember it at all. We haven’t even seen a deer like since very very early at the start on private, where all the pastures and fields and farmland was. Since we left that we haven’t seen a deer. We were kind of hoping to find a bunch of elk, so we can kind of hear cuz it cut within a couple weeks: they’re going to start dropping.

So you know everybody’s asking for tips this one’s pretty obvious, but I get asked it a lot and I’ll tell this answer and people are like, oh just to be watching the populations right now before they shed huh or I mean before they said you can’t just Like pull over and start hiking because they’re , not just everywhere right, especially in this country, this country is so big, so vast. We could go for days and days, so you really want to narrow down your population, which is what we’re doing yep, and since this is all new country to us, we’ve got to learn it all all over again and the knowledge that he had. It’s all changed. It’s not valid mm-hmm, so we’re going to put the time in that way when, as you know, time goes on it’s it’s going to get easier and easier, and better and better for us. We’re going to have our our little holes and our certain units and our certain parts of state that we absolutely just kill it, kill it in and we found and we watch, but until we can figure out where those are at. We got to go out and just pretty much burn burn through gas and tires and and glass until our eyeballs hurt, so we’re really unpaid biologists. I really, if I didn’t have to do all that school. I would be all over that the schooling is the biggest reason why I didn’t. You know continue going after that right, because that was like kind of what you wanted to do. Yeah man, school, just don’t get all, will be our own wildlife biologists. We don’t need to pay yeah, we don’t need to pay for degree, so we definitely spend as much if not more time in nails is the most of them.

So anyways we’re going to do a hopefully video a whole bunch of cool stuff. Today, for you guys and and we saw all those turkeys, mm-hmm yeah lots of turkeys, coyotes some deer – and hopefully we can find some milk, maybe you’re going to Hot Springs, or I love soaked in hot springs. Just based off of the very little knowledge that I have so far, I feel like we need to go lower that we’re needing to push down farther, which is possible. That’s why we’re doing this, so I want to check what elevation really yeah. We need to okay, , safer there, you [, Music ], see that’s how I get her smile on you for every video. Okay.

What’s up guys so today has went from being a scouting trip to we’re . Gettin snowed out trip, yeah it’s coming down. Visibility is horrible. Look out there. We couldn’t even last four animals if we wanted to so since we’re getting snowed out, we need to find something else to do why we’re both off today, together in the hills. Glassing is not going to be a fun task and hiking is definitely not going to be a fun task, so I guess I’ll just keep driving and exploring. I couldn’t even see where I was going to know my landmarks to get my butt back out of there. That’s stupid. We tried to find the hot springs today and the only one that we could find to get to it. The road was snowed or so much snow. Once you got up the mountains, not a commercial yeah. We went a little Springs, an all-natural seeping out of the ground, but we couldn’t find one so we’re going to plan a trip. I could use this yeah and there’s a ton of them here, there’s so nice. My muscles are so yeah.

It’s been a long long couple months, we could use a little spa day at the all natural hot springs. Yeah that would be cool. I could go for a hot tub, all right, guys, This is those places are really expensive and I don’t pay the big bucks. I know, but you’re always looking for something good, that buried treasure yeah and in the rough something cool to put in the walls, the motif whatever it is, and today she found some things and I’ll show you the two that she picked up. She got these really awesome, really beautiful, he loved. I love real metal real. I love little vintage old things. She does. I paid two bucks for him. We have so much a little old vintage. I like them they’re so dirty cupboards and she doesn’t even reuse. It sometimes and next let me rephrase that she is not a hoarder. If you wait.

The next few things that she found is one this little mighty hub. It’s a little, I was going to say T something else, but I like little houses hips. It’s actually got little gold lined every it’s so pretty, and this awesome plate that does not match it. That’s close, I just like it because it’s like a farmhouse style boom. Would you like some tea now? Let’s show me your your surprise and now the best one, the bet by far it is the best one out of the day BAM. I found me an old school pack frame thank ya, it’s an old for service pack frame, or so I was told. I believed it because I did do a little google searching a lot of these were customized and changed by the individual, oh yeah, 100 %.

You can make it the actual thing that they were using a lot of this for was trappers, and I can’t remember the exact name that was given to them, but yeah they’re , all trapper frames from the the price tag like what somebody paid for that. Oh, I took it off so this was originally tagged. $ 25.99 and you’re truly got this bad boy for $ 17 yeah yeah, even though she wanted 1750 cuz. I told him I was like yo, you don’t just pay the first price. It says you go up there and you’d be like hey girl, I’ll, give you this much yep and she said she countered. I countered she countered again, I countered again. No, you know you were going to put it back like you, this is the tactic you used. Okay, that’s cool, I don’t need it, you go put it back there like oh wait, a minute cuz. They don’t want to leave, but anyways, I’m going to clean it up and it’s going to be a piece of decor in the house. Yeah, like it probably is, but I’m not going to blow, we got that space open, still yeah cuz. That is a beer space. That’s cool! Actually, you know our sign that we’re going to put in the office. Oh, oh, I can’t show you the office. It’s still a surprise yeah. I got ta clean, my fines up to they’re dirty, but I’m still stoked I paid like three bucks for it all. So we didn’t find the antlers, but we still found some cool stuff. Yes, we made memories today, yeah we did. Thank you. Thank you.


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