Scouting For Mule Deer In Southern Utah “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Mule Deer In Southern Utah

Good morning guys it is about 4:15 in the morning right now, just getting some fuel real, quick and then I’m heading up to the hills. When we go meet up with snow and we’re going to do some scouting this morning, it’s a July 5th. They have. Fourth of July, so we’re going to go, see, see what’s kickin and hopefully start putting a game plan together. We’re going to go, look at some Springs and stuff see if what has water, what doesn’t and make a game plan for trail cameras this week. So, let’s uh, let’s keep our fingers crossed. We could turn up a stud for the arcturion I good morning, guys so we’ve been sitting here, cuz the sun’s coming up glass and seen a lot of deer, a lot of doze and fawns. We have about six little Bucks and one cow elk so far, nothing big! Yet a lot of stuffs, starting to move through the oak and coming out of the trees heading to bed.

So we’re just going to sit right here for a minute and continue to cover some of this stuff and then we’re going to move to another point. So we can continue to glass the shady sides. Everything should still be feeding they’re way too bad. So that’s one thing: I love about the archery hunters. You get a little longer longer, look in the mornings and stuff and earlier in the evenings, stuffs up feeding a lot more, but that spotter in the bino set up. I got my 15s in my 80 gold ring and we’re just going to continue to sit here and pick the country apart snows over the hill. This way a little bit gloss and some different stuff, so he’s been picking deer up, but nothing big. Yet we’ll just keep looking see you guys in a bit all right, what’s up guys so we’re just sitting up, we hiked up to another hilltop and we’re just sitting up during our class and it’s about it’s almost 11 o’clock right now.

It’s getting to the point where everything’s pretty much bedded up in the thick oak and stuff, so we’re going to probably spend another 30 minutes here gloss in this country and then we’re going to head back down to the truck. I don’t know if we’re going to move or if we’re just going to call it quits for the day and then come back out in the evening, got a lot to get done. I’ve got batteries showing up today for trail cams. I get all those set up and programmed and ready to go and decide if I’m going to leave tonight or tomorrow, we’ll see John depends on how much I get done at home today in the office good morning good good morning, seeing a bunch of good deer Come on a bunch of deer one one good buck, we got a short look at him. He was wide. He was heavy we just by the time he got in the oak brush. We couldn’t see what he had. He just he looked like a big heavy 4×4. Is what he looked like? No clue how big everything still got a lot of growing to do, butdefinitely a deer that we’re going to have to come back and see if we can get a better look at probably give him a couple weeks. So we know this country pretty well so snow took off over the top of the hill here, and I haven’t seen him for about 30 45 minutes might have to go check on him.

Maybe he’s got something big bound see you guys in a bit finally dropped off. Who knows what that means now bad cameras and get them all set up? Those are got, ta, love choke, a murse, especially when you’re running over a hundred of them piles and piles of batteries yeah morning guys. So we are out scouting this morning and been going pretty good. We’ve seen quite a few deer finally seen a decent buck about five minutes ago caught him just before he went in the oak brush again and he’s not very wide. He’s he’s pretty narrow, but he looked heavy and tall and he’s already split and he’s a big four already everything else that we’ve seen hasn’t even started. I mean it just barely barely barely starting splitting on the back end, and this hey guys this guy’s, like a month ahead of everybody else, fight come on yo, I’m always afraid. They’re going to , like kick back fight yeah, so not a bad morning, still telling the buck that I want to keep tabs on. But we still got a lot of country to check to Shawn’s out putting out cameras and he’s going to be gone for a while, and I’m going to put out a few more cameras and we’re going to just pretty much pick sides of the mountain to cover And watch and work together on it so fingers crossed.

We find something big and hopefully the adapter piece, the adapter piece that I need to start video on some of these deer shows uh. Then I can start showing you some of these deer kind of pissed off that I got the wrong piece to video through my spotting scope. But oh well, I guess seen a bit now: that’s fishing bait right there that thing: [, Music, ]! I need a creek. What do you think real turn her head? I can’t see it all. I can do the back of her head. What is that Lisak? Do you eat it? You say dad. What do you want me still hit going to gim me, your dad. You look like a dirty puppy from all the wizard you been chasing. Huh is nap time: we’re out here checking on the Pine Valley. Fire looks like they got it pretty well under control, hopefully almost out that would be awesome. Ah, here we go round two for the day. Nate just showed up he’s. Picking me up. You ready we’re heading out for the evening. Scouting trip me and Brit Wentz morning.

We’re going to see if we can turn up this afternoon. Aha, I love a/c, it’s so hot whoo miserable here we go you guys in there HI guys we are set up on the mountain and we’re starting to glass now about 7:30. So stuff should be moving here in a minute and we’re just going to sit here and try to turn something up before dark fingers crossed. We could find a good back pretty country lots of deer yeah, a couple dos spotted already. You HI guys we’re moving spots when Sun come out, wind picked up and our look just went to hell in a hurry, so we’re going to readjust and sit back down behind the glass you



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