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Elk Shed Country

Vicious predator out here, what’s going on guys hi, we are at it again shed honey that guy he’s just new belt goofin. We are hopefully going to , go pick up some big browns. So if you saw Ben’s video first you’ll know what that means. So now you got ta watch his video to know what I just did there see what I did there so guys. How long do you think it’s going to take Ben to find a brown today? Alright, so yeah we’re shut up and we’re here for a couple days and we’re going to have fun we’re going to enjoy this trip. This is the weather’s awesome right now, so awesome and the company’s awesome, so we’re going to have fun, see you guys later today with hopefully brown elk sheds in the screen, we’re not pulling the trailer. So it’s not supposed to point towards the sky like that. Either put the little Yoda test to get in here: huh, that’s just all an adapter, that’s all an adapter yeah and that’s my plug right.

So that’s good! Let me see if I can find a quick fix now, I’m from we just tied up make the best. We got some craftsmanship right there. Oh absolutely, absolutely all right guys. We had to move, we couldn’t get to where we wanted to be the way we were going. So we kind of burned a couple hours. We drove all the way around this mountain on one side check stuff out. Just there’s I mean there’s a way, but it’s it’s not ideal exactly so we decided we’re going to move. This way it’s going to get us up there where we want to be, but it’s going to be a jog to get where we really want to be so we decided to take this route that way we’re pretty much shut hunting from the beginning to the end.

So yeah it’s late in the afternoon. What 2 o’clock about 2 o’clock and we’re going to go see how far we need to get to be where we want to be and pick up some milk sheds juice cross so see you guys in a bit Ninja Warrior II switches hands with the camera in The middle sorry action: oh, look: they go about 12 seconds of extra cool moves, but take it this Canyon is: we’ve been playing hiking at this bad boy. Our fingers are crossed. It gets this folk long ago and it’s looking good. It is looking good. It’s looking better got a little crazy, whoa dude. That was a long stall Canyon ninja, look at that. I’m going to have to like get a rope and he just flies up it like a gazelle in your environment, yeah bro we’re almost on top look at that. There you go babe, there’s a like a balloon: That’s amazing! We get any shot, hunting done, boys just screwing off, don’t dive in! You should slalom it like a skier slalom. I know dude. I just come down over to lot to you. It was crazy. I slid on my butt. Are you okay? Really, so you didn’t mean to do that? Oh dude, are you alright? I thought you meant to slide all right come straight down like don’t go too far to your left, because it does get steeper. What happened? Would you do the camera? Did you drop it? The turn on awesome yeah? If you kind of come down towards the big tree, you’re good, it was that exciting, [ Laughter ] did I hate that I hate hide those up there hugging a a piece of brush. I know it’s good, Oh hold me yeah. I go this way slalom.

You got it, you got it so you’re that nine hundred million or old tree that’s a nine hundred million old tree that you were just touching you’re , probably the only human to touch that tree. I like most of it off, got a pretty good dinger. It flew about 1215 feet out of my teeth. There got a good little road rash, it’s all good character, part of the life she’s going to haul. These things around I mean you could say hi. Remember when I did this it’s deep. It’s stupid, Steve we’re trying to get on top of this damn thing. So this is what a mess away. We’re going to go up that sheet right there and hopefully, once we get to about the trees, we’ll be able to hit the rim and go around this big waterfall. I mean that looks fun, but it’s a way up. I think it don’t look bad. We just need to be aware of the rocks that we break loose below each other I’ll. Let you go first, that waiting catch you if you fall I’ll be down below you day too. This is breakfast today I got some per been some water. Thank you Walmart for providing us these wonderful bottles of water.

Okay, so everybody’s house was rigged. That was camera trickery. That’s how good I am it iMovie, okay! So goodness having some funny Cream of Wheat, I’m going to have some / put some hotdogs. Some cheddar dogs keep coffee one. Oh, I got ta use my move, my porno, oh this guy reason, though this guy so we’re having breakfast and then we’re heading back up the trail we’re going to go get at it. Oh, was that a movie reference yeah, there’s that one with Andrew Jackson, black Robin big, okay, /, /, milk, ooh, that’s why you had to knock well, you got too much more our canvas cutters touching last night. I hope not! That’s like sharing a bed, you first better get you a new packet you’re , not going to get the flavors. Well, we got two minutes of content. This morning’s just getting prepped. Alright guys! I don’t want to see Ben. I don’t want to put been through more sugar. So we’re going to go then I’m going to kick a hot dog on the fire, it’s through the bush, what a bad spot to do! This thing, alright guys what’s going on, we are going to take off for a day number two we’re getting on top of this thing. Today’s the day, I can feel it. I feel it we’re going to get up there, we’re going to .

So many damn out sheds on our packs, we’re not going to know what to do yep. You know he’s going to carry sheds for me. He said he would yep. So here we go, it should be fun, beat the cross. This awesome babbling Creek we softened. We need to make a dam. Sorry excuse my language well check this out guys. I thought this was cool shell. The hoof marks scratches in the sandstone and that’s fresh, it’s crazy! If the I mean it’s old, there’s old sign of it, that’s new stuff scratched into the rock the sandstone, then you get up in this spot. There’s a whole bunch. Look at all of it! Wait! No! What’s making it yeah. Would you go man all right guys day? Two, I don’t know what time it is one two somewhere in there we’ve been hiking up and across just trying to get where we want to be, and it’s just not working. So we decided we’re going to go ahead. Some new country, that’s kind of close, because we don’t have much time left in the day, and I got my first shed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for , though cool [, Music, ] cool ball. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now, let’s find some more some big Browning’s, we just seen a bunch of holes in here already growing, full bunch of him. It’s cool check out this rock things giant sitting on a little mound right. There HI got another one. We have put some miles on today. We have climbed the top of the world. It seems like. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. No football. It’s been up here couple days, I’ll, take it off for sure thanks hi. Hopefully we can get nap grab a couple more it’s getting to that time. We got. We are close, but we’ve got a long walk back to the truck and it’s getting about that time. We should probably start working. That way then go find Benjamin. Mr Benjamin got himself a couple sheds.

Finally, after working like all day climbing to the top of the world from the pits of hell, that’s for sure we’ll kill it tomorrow. We pretty much have decided the distance that we have to go back, that we probably should start working back, which sucks, because we’re really not that far from where we’re back is if we could literally just dive off this finger, we’re on, but that’s impossible. So we’re going to go up in elevation and then loop around and come down in elevation super super dumb. I had a couple on my back feel pretty good, though dude I mean I looks like a water broke, this stuff man, bungee cords, color-coordinate that , that’s worth that it’s kind of an engineering degree to run the backpack slap some aluminum foil, some duct Tape some electrical tape and some bungee cords and you’re good they’re like all day long and that’s what I love about them until you load them down. So we’ve seen a bit what a day, what a long hike before shed telling you it was. It was cool to get that high and to see some of that country was. It was pretty awesome, but man I wish we could have really piled up the sheds, so we got one more day, one more night, one more try and we’re going to get into him. We have to get into stout words how it’s supposed to work. I’m just kidding, I’m I’m fun dudes. We have seen some awesome country some unreal country, and it just makes me like drives me crazy, because I’ve concede the country that I want to be in. It’s still just right there. Out of my grasp.

This whole trip has been about trying to get into it and we haven’t gotten into it, but we have seen some awesome stuff. This country is amazing, it’s kind of getting addicting to me. So we’ll see you guys in a bit go get camp set up, get some food in our bellies. What you guys think good trip so far Hernan. I think it’s been a good trip in a bit all right. What’s up guys, we are where we’re going to be for a little bit going to get all ready, Ben’s getting his boots on shape up shape. Up. Look at that nice paint. Those yeah dude, actually custom custom colored these for Easter. Were you getting them colors? Are you buying them like a nice pastel, you can always get the best color of these things, a hundred Hummers clearance. Look. You finally joined us yeah that guy yeah I was supposed to be here like six days ago. It just showed up today. We don’t have much rent where, though you yeah try, spelling it for a while we’re going to fix that we’re going to fix that today, today’s the day we’re going to hate. What’s on our packs, alright, so that’s a plan. Fingers are crossed and it’s time to get to pack load it. So we’ll see you guys in a little bit, oh well, it’s not like I’m still messed up right right. I’ve still seen some cool country, some new country, that’s cool! That’s cool, go home and check it out. Put them side by side. Show you guys what’s up match them up, time’s up chalk up, so I stack them up.freaking hot dude, so hot hey my face is a pill. Sunburn and windburn. No miserable got a trash kick unless everything was picked up today beside therefore Joker’s.



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