Shed Fest 2018! Shed Antler hunting With New Friends Antler Trader

Shed Antler hunting

Are y’all ready to go very going see some Cowboys and party a little party? We got we’re all loaded down. Look at all this death. Those are the antlers that we bring for the kids shed hunts and we are all set. I spent all day yesterday, cooking and cleaning and preparing actually I’ve been spending. I’ve been doing that all week, but yesterday was eight up the whole day, so we’re getting on the road, and we did get word that it has snowed where we’re going. So I’m super excited about that. But it’s it’s the sun’s coming out now here and we’re only two hours away from where we’re going stuff, hopefully it’ll dry out and we’ll be good and it’ll, be cozy and not freezing cold. But we are prepared for the cold right Kenny, we’re ready for the cold that kid. I don’t know who he is great.

Let’s do it should ready you’re going to use your old shed crazy hat you’re , not going to break out the nice clean one. What has to happen for it to retire right? Look at my roses. I got ta trim them, but look at this. How pretty are those yeah? I wish they’d stay like that, but the 120 degree weather that’s on its way, puts the next to that yeah. Remmy, are you ready, yes, god there’s macaronI and cheese in and Kenny a by my and we’re ready? We have no idea who is here yet is anybody here yet oh yeah and there’s people we’re not even here. Why did they all beat us because we might have left here? Can you see Remy moving her head over there in that water? She has to actually get in what a doll she’s so muddy already, and we’ve only been here a few hours, hey Kenny. What are you doing serious to like this is like a real job for him. Okay, then, take this thing down. Aye aye captain! Well, that’s fun! It’s well! It’s not raining right now, but, as my boys, the troopers straight, oh, I have to write the past three days. He said’no fire in this lay down dead, muffin and there’s penny and he’s got his jacket on now. What are you doing? Organizing easy? We have freezer bags that we owe paper please. I was like great Maggie you’re like a mode in their girlfriend. I can’t even see you, oh you look so pretty.

Oh, my yeah, just as we got this all set up this stuff, I mean it. It started this in the first time, but it wasn’t this bad. I do not know why he’s starting said that biting so what I’m going to say that is determination, sometimes see where everybody else’s. That is nice. When you have a like a campers, I’m actually got this nice melt rod right through the middle of our Tech’s, really hoping thatyeah, we don’t get any lightning. I just heard some thunder. I did not think they are going to be able to get it, but they got it good thing. I didn’t bet any money on that. RemI is having the time for life. [ Applause, ]. Are you having fun? You need yeah, you’re going to need a bath. Nice work bud, hey.

Oh, we can’t even look at the background [ Laughter, ], they’re staging the campsite. He needs full-blown trees in his roof. Nice job boys Virna, I’m going to – admit that I did not believe in your work, but now I have to I have to take that back hold on hold on hold on so earlier we were cooking hot dogs and shading knocked mine into the fire cheeping. You were making hot dogs and I just pulled and pulled it out of the fire. It’s very well done Kenny, just spit on me, you’re spitting on yourself on camera, all right. What’s up guys, we are getting ready to kick off the kids shed huh written che and the boys went and got them all head out here in the sagebrush, and now we’re rounding up all the youngsters to have them run around and pick them up an opportunity To at least find one okay and this road right here is a boundary, so don’t go over there because there’s nothing over there and and then I’ll start you off at the line. Take all right go!

Oh, you got the good ones. Thanks he’s cleaning your come here, let’s go find some big ones come with me. Let’s see you crummy, my favor see I’m supposed to be helping him, but he is helping me. Oh there’s the line. We don’t want to go that way. Yeah, you can don’t take care, you got ta, get them started young dude. You need a backpack, all them antlers. What do you got there? Oh look at that thing. Oh you got! No elk the crazy elk on well, you got what is that you got a handful. Look at you. We got that thing. Let me see. Well, you got good job. What do you got bud? Let me see awesome Joe good job, we’ll just do it over by the fire Maggie’s looking for Chad John come up here like a couple of time and everybody get to pick one fries off of the table. Okay, like I want the dog you guys look at that frame, packs customize the whole antler, it’s what it’s about right there. Those are even the same packs that I run right there, it’s hiking and look at what I found, what a shame middle of nowhere well. Also look at something, but it’s an oil. I think it’s it’s nap time, [ Applause ] guys! Thank you very much for coming out and camping and hunting with us. We really appreciate it.

This is the fifth one. We’ve done and really don’t the whole purpose of this is just to get to meet new people. They share the same passion and and want to have fun, and we appreciate it. Thank you very much for making this so much fun. I got a lot of things here from a lot of great great companies thrown in, and I just raffle them off: safeguard two-person 72-hour food kit, plus a cooker five, nine, eight three six one now knowledge Kim’s going to bag, angler your decal five, nine, eight Matthews Fabrication cheek rest tied acts, custom cheek rest for your rifle. Did anybody not win something with a raffle ticket? Okay, so everybody still got the raffle tickets right, you’re doing a $ 250 ticket to go, hunt calm for your gear shop, so there’s there’s a letter in there. You reach up to the email Chris Porter and he will get you. Thank you guys very much. Do you want a marshmallow? Oh that cow is minutes, tops this lake right there there you’re not used to them chasing you or yeah. She wants. It is the Volta all right. We have come to an end. Shut fast, 2018 is done and everybody’s going home and we are now packed up and hitting the pavement there’s a lot of fun, a lot a lot of fun. I appreciate everybody that came out and thank you again. Thank you to everybody that contributed and threw in donations and prizes for people to give away. I really appreciate you guys for that, and thanks to my wife and kids for having fun and making a good time with me, so I’m exhausted I’m going to go home and get in the shower and relax and nothing’s getting Len loaded till tomorrow. Earth vacation. So all right, we’ll see you guys in a bit and see you next year, chef s 2019. We appreciate you. Thank you.


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