Shed Fest 2K17 Hosted By ColoradoTines Antler Trader

Shed Fest

Hi guys, we are headed to shed best 2017 here in Colorado out. What’s the city like, what’s the closest place, we’re almost arranging right now we’re almost Rangeley, which is about how far from where we’re headed you know, two percent, we’ve kind of been my god never-ending road trip. We got a little bit of a late start, which is pretty typical for us, but hey from an adventure. So you take place. This place is freaking beautiful. Look at that cabin down there Gramps! No, no five minutes yeah the next scheduled a vortex, then we’ll get up and we will go get the party crew and get started having fun excited, always all right. That’s not going to smell we’re good, at least the winds not blowing.

This is the first jet best without weighing so far yeah. I think I probably would rather have those and waited honestly, but the personnel shed. Those would smell. It was oh, no, I thought you said duffer’s said sense was no. I like that yeah, which is going to happen as we move through the different states and stuff count, always be in the nice cozy warm climate like what were you sure I can’t control the weather great little funnel just came back from our pickup on Friday. Usually, what we do is we go meet people and, at a certain time and driving out to meet up sis this time, plus with a different location, is what you’re meaning opponent clarifying isn’t. But now we’re back, and it’s looking like you’ve got a crowd here. So far,

hI guys welcome to the show hey Chester who’s following us for Jesus nope, we’re going to gloss this country real, quick before we drop down into it. So here we go first, a little outing check back with Colorado time, sister Wesley porcell right there, our host with the most bizarre secret spot top all this taking this one out. What’s that is sitting this one out? Oh got him! The heck is going on. You had this weird face going on butter ago. You guys, oh, why is he holding alright? We are we’re . West has got us going right now we’re going to go a little walk since it started snowing again, but we don’t care that girls losses are more. Damn things than anybody, I know I really don’t think, there’s anybody that knows how to run gloves like she does. Naturally, that’s what I had to do it, why she find all the big ones, because she called the whole area before I even get a chance to walk through it. His problem, not yours, yeah back into it.

So here we go ; that’s it hold on yep that no that’s it! It’s exactly what I saw. I promise you! Oh, where can you so there’s the horn exhaust up and over up that hill? We bred just got back with the beautiful we work all I want to find shed , [, Music ]. Thank you right right on yeah guys, pretty laid-back have fun. You know people shut, I mean. We’ve got a lot of great compasses throw in on this are part of it and we want you guys to tell them to just like we do so I’ll. Take everybody for showing up. Like I said you will like tomorrow night we’ll do a big giveaway. We got prizes the war on the present not to still come over and garbage here. Thank you. Thank you baby. Thank you right. Oh so we have two. Oh two points tiles yards around camps. Anybody can find them. Winners get a hat, alligator decals, let’s go to a Colorado time, see Kelly, it’s a fun. Little YouTube Cox is around and he’ll show me somewhere around the perimeter of camp here. Are you kind of trying to get in on it Ben? Let me see red wow. That’s a biggie nice. Ah, look at you Ben turn. It up fill in the kids Thunder thanks for coming guys. No one man, you can smell! Thank you! Rianne. We overshot the landing a little bit: , oh yeah. I just think healthy. Coupon, well, we get arrogating Hector small medium, hey Ben. Tell me that shirt! Oh, oh, look! It yeah! You guys! Look about fancy!

Like so, can I do the kids thing to do? Yeah yeah make nice before so such a sir is not same hI so yeah. That’s why we made him statement 1000. We can see we have a pretty good cheerios. Now I see I have no idea for the music yeah. Why does that? I know. Why? Did I really go bake our MySpace pages and push it hard? How about it? I don’t know how to login. Yes, am I still yeah, I’m not sure I can walk you, but anything. I would love to see the music yeah young hunters, putting on putting on the you Chet hunter chef s 2017. I mean you’re , not a kid anymore yeah, but going out here it’s a little chilly but yeah. It’s so bad Jordan way to wake up. That’s babe! Look at there like a camera. High-Production it straight up. You’re not messing around! Are you I like it? It’s all about love, it’s also hey! You guys see this road that if we followed it to that Rose, that is the boundary there’s nothing on this side. It’s all this way we’re getting right.

Kickoff you said, hunt and this year put on by young hunters, so check them out Instagram and they got a cool website all for it. Kid-Friendly safe website for the youth yeah, you got one yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh wow, look over this way. Girls, oh oh hi, everyone yeah lady, put him out right, whoa, Lucas man. I guard you. What do you got? Okay, that’s that green three iPod! I was talking about right. There doesn’t go past what you want. Go ahead: wrinkles, look! No! No private! Pour out of there, let me do it all right. There are nothing good on me. Ha fine! Want me to help you carry it. She’s dedicated! Look at that Cory here. What are your eyes in all of them? Aren’t you I want you. Let me see: let’s do it up for the camera: oh wow cool, awesome. How did you get it? What let me see show over up? Oh huh, yeah, nice job honey. We got to be pretty cool. Yeah group, don’t you we should find it?

Okay, hey guys! Everybody come me right here. Let’s, how would you do that 105? Are you sorry said: how do you guys, like that 40 great funny? Well, if you guys go to one [ Applause, ], there’s a joke! More and that’s important to hold it and it seems that we might be a 20 unless someone double we writes it. On the trophy horn yeah. I know I responded. Yes right, Wow, oh my god, good job, ed of death, put it again. It yeah. But how are you are dead, yeah, yeah they’re , all here we’re good nice job. You guys, that’s not more than me. No, oh did I nothing good job, guys, I’m again, hey boys, Georgia, Peach! Are you going to keep on your goofy? You got three left that he knows a good job, I always kind of list. Oh, I got a right side issue too. Are we right? Good friends we need to shut home together is very complicating compliment. I thought I found one, but he just dropped off. Never we’re leaving office in 2004. Yes, Katie, I’m not even close to talking giving the people a financial crisis, yeah big. We got stickers for them. Special young hunter stickers, no noise; okay, all the kids that did a shadow and get a hat. Oh yeah happened area.

Okay, my interview bubbles can snap? Oh yeah, did you have a minute know your genetic in a good restaurant or Jericho stickers? On a hat, I got two pink ones. You want to grab one put your any. What did you get? Have you got anything in a long years ago? Okay, you get an egg, go you give people one right there here and then you get tired. Come again. No okay, thank ya! Color, hey what you gettin it! Alright, you get a hat yeah! I can. I get you guys, that’s awesome. Look at that. I feel really good with Darth Vader right. Have you had a big fight? Okay, one more inches! Oh, are you guys Wow look at that rises and choose from so you can sticker like you might. Naturally, all the fire exterior did. Everything is one. Color is the best day to have balloons. You won’t any need to blow on them yeah, but I’m going to win just put them up in the wind right here, I’ll bike in the worst spot. It’s actually just soaking water. I know you don’t know what soap is. You are that guy in that guy I get to take that one, but no, I wouldn’t, but it was last year a chef has five different Kobe stretch and I wake up in the wind flan, oh the cow and his tent just popping when you can just See his outline whacking at em well, bed was like hey guys, go ahead and use my tent tonight. It’Ll be awesome for your back and, like you said, it’s every blow stick, but there’s good guys. We couldn’t have done this this year without west over there.

Okay call another time: hey, we said we tell him. Thanks gave him the fall, he’s the host this year, all right, oh the Chevy on you I already follow until so. Don’t tell me once again what the follow well normal, don’t know anything about following doesn’t know about Instagram, yet all right, we are finally to our destination after 34 hours of driving, and we are heading out with these boys shed babes coming at you live, so I Figured out we’re going to go on hit. Some sheds hopefully find some big Browns. I’m excited Thank you! No talking, but hey, we’ll take it we’re all heading up to get the top from the truck him Bryce. Just radioed me said he found himself at the big deadhead elk, so we figured we better drop down here up top and video. This thing, alright, there’s why heck yeah, dude yeah, ah look at that rise bud. Look at that fine way to go fam with that thing out would see that bad boy, nice score. Dude, nice score drop, oh yeah right here he broke right. There nice job right way to work it good job dude, I’m me and Bryce here we’re dropping off for being clear up on the top getting blown away in the wind and come across the brownie right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Picking up rice for me, pricing me up and hiking to the top. It’s the nasty country, this young man right here is a machine. There’s not there’s not. The 15 point he’s been right on my heels, the whole time thanks buddy boy, that’s a cool ball heck! Yeah dude nice work. It’s all character on that back in the way down. Yeah, that’s fine! Yeah! Look at that! Blading yeah! I got femur outrageous. I was about to start picking up bones because oh yeah, I do that bowl of cool tech character, Bowl for sure right. There yeah I like that extra. All that Paul Masson did you find another one boat, nice job when they find in road sheds right off the road that we’ve all drove on. This has been passed by at least four people for our four vehicles from our group this weekend, so nice job ride off the road just sittin in the back of the Land Rover. She doesn’t even have her windows all tinted and she still found it. This is a bigger. This one would have been bigger. Yeah, that’s a nice! That’s what’s a math on it. If it was that’s, not a set good job, haha, that’s cool good job. Antler traders, daughter, wait a represent. Are you guys? They won’t join the girls room? I’m proud of you guys why? Oh wait! It’s a lot! Less unpleasant, often I’ve drunk a couple times, yeah no kidding. Thank you sire.

I got it document this. What happened you didn’t? Let me drive yeah yeah, so you jinx says I got thanks right thanks a lot. My card, I didn’t, go, how much all in the name that heads no, I didn’t call I’m setting my default. Oh, I thought you said. That’s a brace mom and I’m like yeah. I know okay right, your boys in the other, like that huh yeah, for sure. If the power is so Eric Thomas, oh yeah, we thought my god yeah right on I’ll. Take everybody for coming um. I really appreciate it. I mean you guys, there’s a whole reason why we do this every year, all you guys to support and friendship over social media and everything’s made it’s where we’ve wanted to do this every year.

So we can get to know everybody on a personal level and got to say thanks and also get to see friends that we don’t get to see very often until we do stuff like this, and this is the first year we’ve had somebody hosts it and lastly, Colorado time to Kobe and and everybody there that’s the first year, they’ve hosted it and I think it went great. I mean it took a lot of stress off of me to so. It really went great, but I want to thank those guys for everything. They’ve done and put all this time and effort they put into this like we can do and then, on top of it, we’re going to start going through all the sponsors and stuff, and I want to thank every one of them and I’ll. Thank all you guys. Personally, at the end of all this, butyeah, I just want to say thanks to everybody, I mean yeah. Thank you. We don’t do this for anything but to say thank you and all honesty I mean and to get to know everybody. So absolutely. Thank you guys very much. Thank you.

So without further ado, what do we got? First, oh, okay, all right for the first water phone to open a hat! Oh, let’s go! Oh! You want to connect it totally by Justin and the boys over at phones go. Do some big numbers already up number 53, Michael okay, so we got a $ 20 gift certificate to Utah hydrographics and a vortex hat number 47. Okay for tech t-shirt and a hat like I said: don’t throw your numbers away? Number 48! If it’s onna holsters! This is custom, Kydex holster, so alright, this is a Deadeye apparel prize pack, vortex rifle scope donated to donated by shed tours to Richard or Chuck what whoo. Thank you thank you. Thank you: number 19 shrieking, ah damnit shuddering, okay, canvas cutter bag, clothes bags, plus an essentials bag. All canvas hostess by canvas cutter, okay, next up we’re doing to matthew fabrication, tight xpeke, risers holders and nice sheets, and it’s a $ 40 gift certificate, plus a canvas cutter potential bag. We got the mountain abbiamo protein whey protein chocolate later donated by jordan, mountain ops and we got a hush hat. Thank You Cindy, Oh st Claire so cool okay, we got the safeguard, safeguard food donated.

It’s the emergency prepared kit set it’s a 72-hour food kit who wants emergency stuff, ha sportsman box. I don’t know, what’s in it, it’s this month’s box doable. Is anybody not one something anybody not want something. He’s got now: hey Suzanne everybody’s, going back in yes , Wow, take two  here we are: we’ve come to the into shared best we’re doing this again, because I just did the whole other one in slow-mo didn’t realize it Sunday afternoon. Late afternoon everybody that’s gone, that’s going to go home has gone home and it’s just me Brit. The kids and the Colorado signs crew and we’re going to stay for a day or two West and everybody and the I stuff does not need we’re riding in Colby’s. Sherman tank yeah made out of world with our key parts, it’ll bounce just about over anything. So start the video shaky wonder your numb. Your other hand. This is my rain gear. I got my rain jacket, rain pants and my rain gloves. You got to be ready. We’ve had rain and snow and wind yeah, so



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