oh you’re , having a hard time, get it going this morning, it’s cold. I wasn’t expecting it to be cold back at home. We just got done with 70 degrees. 75 no might have been around there, but it was definitely feeling like spring, so I didn’t load on the layers like I usually do. I’m moving a little slow, but you guys think about my new head. I like it. I never worked a flat bill like this, though I’m kind of feeling like Thank You, Marco, for the hat by the way, we’ll be checking back in hopefully with you. Why are you doing real dinosaur eggs? Maybe the heck? Are they they’re stuck to it ro?

Do you do you know what it is? What’s up guys horrible yeah, it sucks, and it just is like you’re , so distracted, trying to keep your hat on and everything else going, but I feel, like you, can’t really concentrate like you need to my big ears out of it. It’s all I hear what drives you crazy. I need to it’s actually nicer than the audio. I just don’t like how I was pulling down on my hat. Who knows what do you do? What are you doing so, where you moved sports, we got in the trees. More and we’re going to hit it and see. Hopefully, we can find a shed today come on I’m baffled at how we haven’t found anything with what we’ve been in today. We know it’s here, though, so it’s kind of take to go with the bad. When you’re going to look for super big you’re , just not going to find much. Why would you go out and find a whole bunch of nothing which I don’t even know? We can do that after my little trip this last week, no cuz of all the people that are out there riding right now, but alright, guys, let’s go

hi, guys so spots. It’s really windy! Yeah. We got the Sun out, though. So that’s a little bit better and we’re ready to go so you ready, bro, okay, guys, I’m going to try to talk as loud as I can. It is so freaking windy out here we are on our third stop. Today it’s about 4:30 and we said I would haven’t, found anything and I just came up on – I’m not positive, but it looks big from right here. So we’re going to go over to check it out. Yeah, oh wow, good eye babe. I even hI guys. So. We’ve just been going through these rollers and all these trees come over to the trees. To get out of the wind and Brits already found a good, hard white three-point shed and a base. We’re just kind of grit in here and I decided to drop down a little bit lower and back up the finger here and I got it looks like it might be old a big broke, my hair. This thing is huge, but it’s drunk. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We’ve actually been in here for about five minutes, and so now it’s like our shed senses are on alert and everything is starting to look like an antler, but it feels really good after going such a long time today, not finding anything, but that’s my rat. We’re still in the wind but we’re in the bone zone back the truck after a little Sunday out. My eyes are so frickin hammered from the dirt and the wind all day. It seriously has been like a tornado all day long, but I was going to tell you about the second trip out there. They are, and they seriously are amazing. My feet feel even better this time than the first time they went out and they’ll only get better. I’m sure I did buy some insoles.

Let me see if I could find the package. Oh, I don’t know, I can’t find the package but anyways some ball of the foot insult which really helped a lot today. So so far, I am loving my news ambulance. What up guys so we just got back to the truck just got back the truck bridge save today today with that first three point in that base, and then I picked up that jockey giant that I’m pretty sure I know what deer that is, but I want To make sure, before I say, old deer hold dear, that died out here on the strip during one of the hunts yeah, he was a giant but not a bad day. Considering the wind blew all day, we never once had a break like it was seriously. It was hard and your hands cold, makes for a challenging day. It definitely adds to the challenge of making it through and stand with that old art on the bun. We’re going to stop and grab a couple cameras now on our way home and then call it a night, so think think. Thank you. For the awesome day, with my beautiful wife over here, my spoiled puppy lock there Ramiro’s they crash him. Yeah she’s sleeping on the horns like so much dirt on all right guys, take care, have fun, see you later, you



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