Shed Hunting At Shed Fest 2018 For Mule Deer Antler Trader

Mule Deer Antler

Brynlee got your phone there’s that kid follows me everywhere everywhere, Remy’s all about it: she’s ready to go all right. Second, and fast, first day, we’ve gotten out. We just left the truck not too far just found the first jet nice little check mark to point heck. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let’s go find some more walking through these spots and candies found his first shirt shut fast what’d you get. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank ya. Good little four point. There you go hey guys, it is the second day of shed fest and we’re out here. Should I’d probably been going about maybe two hours or so the place looks great, like I’m standing right here on the dirt bed, fresh deer bed and really hoping going to get into them, because I don’t want to be the only one back to the truck. Without anything, everybody’s been doing really good.

So far, so I would like to a represent I’d better get off the video, so I can pay attention but yeah, like I saying this, this is good. This is the place they’re hanging out now. I just need to figure out where the sheds are. Oh wait. Look at this rock all that is cool, yeah, very cool. Thank you. She was over here on this line and then you told me to come this way you were like. I had to pull you off the good line, [ Laughter, ], no, we’ll get those ones too, when you’re like dude, I’m like looking for like just big like nice, blue, get it bill Chalker all right, let’s find some more all right, we’re heading back. I tell you shouldn’t take and I didn’t find it. A darn thing looks good the whole time stuff. Other people did found stuff, but I did not. It was still fun ready to get out yeah. We totally team it way down. Cuz we’re well how many people went out with us on this one. Well, a lot of people, probably like eight cars, followed us out right.

So there was lots of us out there and people found stuff. So it was a success. Actually Burnley and Kenny found something. This is how hard Brenly work today, snoozin and probably have a few new folks to greet at camp. That is what we’re headed to do now or at cook dinner and start the raffles that what you called whatever and we were. I was up till two o’clock in the morning last night, so I might go to bed a little bit earlier tonight, we’ll see, probably not they probably won’t, but all right guys. I have a my first shed of shed Fest 2018. I will admit I have been struggling on this trip and it’s not even territory like that, I’m completely unfamiliar with it. We don’t come out here granted. I don’t even know the last time I came out here. Josh, actually, mostly just hunts out here, but Haas feeling confident until I went two days without finding anything. I found like a chalky bit if you can count that got some fresh poop right down here on the ground. We changed locations and I’m just hiking the buck. Brush and the wash is kind of glassing along the canyon edges. I only found one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and I gloss it up.

It is right up on top of this look around, because the other side could be right. Close. I May not have seen it as soon as I saw it like it was over. I was coming to get it all wasn’t waste in no time Luke. Can you find shed what if Remmy can find it HI drew where’s the shed. I found a good job. Be here good job, yeah you’re going the wrong way real bro over here, okay, she’s hot as we are. I think it doesn’t look that high on the temperature dial man it’s hot and see my arms. I don’t know if you can see that or not. I got sunburned so bad yesterday because I really haven’t had my arms exposed lately, cuz, it’s been cold, hey, slow, it down girl Remy! That’s enough! Bring it here! It’s not how this works, I’m not supposed to chase you with it on this. Go up on that top of that finger. Boo, [ Applause, ] she’s, like I’ve done three days. Dude it yeah it is. It stands right out what we’re finding is nice, hard white? So hopefully we’ll turn up some Browns. She was kind of screwy, though we had a winter. That was just like crazy, cold tons of moisture in this last winter. It was like dry as a bone. It’s crazy! Do you see the horn? I know I wonder if it’s a match yeah, we found one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,

I’m happy, I don’t even care the size or anything it’s in pretty good condition, so I’m going to hop up on this finger and probably walk down it and see. If we can match him up or find some others that gets my hopes back up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Right looks like Miss Brenda. Lee is going to get a match for me, yeah. Thank you. They were the same size, side, cool all right girlfriend. Now, let’s hit what’s up guys it’s Sunday about 1:30 [ Applause, ] last day of shed best and we’re out giving her hell trying to find a few sheds. We broke up a cheater too brownie cool back. Thank you. Thank you. I’m doing really good with the glass today usually have a hard time bossing. They don’t want to sit. I just want to keep going. I feel like it slows me down. I feel like if I’m walking, I have a better chance of finding stuff, but today I have employed my glass very well and it is paying off. It is paying off all day long. I need to get better about this because I have top-of-the-line glass too and put it to use over here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you right on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [, Music, ]. Okay, it’s been truck just walking these sagebrush flats changes said he found one we’ll keep it going fast: Josh, just , [ Applause, ] working this draw Brits found a handful Brynn found some Jay found or Kenny found some and now I got a couple. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you kind of heading back up see if I can’t turn up that brown match that brown, hopefully yeah. Hopefully it’s not far.



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