Shed Hunting For Elk Antler With Prime Tine! “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Shed Hunting For Elk Antler

What’s going on, we are shed hunting again, it’s middle of May right. Now we drove most the day yesterday to get where we’re going. We’re going to be solo till about three or four o’clock today and then some other buddies are going to be meeting up with us, we’re in New Mexico and we’re going to be pounding the hills for elk. These guys are going to be here for a few days. I’ve got four days here counting today and then I got a drive home for my wife’s birthday and my daughter’s graduation so should be fun can’t wait for that, but until then we’re going to try to hit the hills as much as we can before it’s too Hot, it’s not looking good today for temperatures. I just checked and we’re probably going to be in the mid 80s today and all all the next four days actually so got plenty of water packed up and bags ready to go. We’re going to hit the trail.

Hopefully we can start stacking some sheds and get some picked up before they those guys get here. Oh I’ll see you guys in the back lots not what you want to find, especially when you’ve walked back into a wilderness area with no roads or closed roads, and I just cut the road on top and it’s got tracks on it. Okuu steer big giant shed, but it is the first shed. It is the first show of the trip. I’m going up this mountain right now, just trying to try to get into some some thick cover get all this eat and don’t see it much for elk sign. I come to this spot. Well, I’m waiting for my buddies to show up strictly because I wanted to scout it for the hunts this year.

So I like what I see so far. Definitely steep nasty country and the whole grounds rocks just makes it awful, for I can probably 75 80 yards from where that little cousteau was not, as my second coup shed ever what’s up guys, we’ve come to the end of the day, nothing for me. Besides that little coup shed and Isaiah nem showed up this evening, so we went and did a little scouting and we’re going to go hit it hard tomorrow out here with these guys they got a YouTube channel, primetime primetime, so I’ll leave a link for those these Guys channel these guys pick up some bone man, these guys they get with it so pretty stoked to be hitting the hills with these guys got to finally meet Isaiah. This your shed fast and now we’re out looking for elk [, __ ]. So we’re get some dinner cooked and then get in bed got the little stove out and do some steaks and probably some some beans tonight.

So I get everything cleaned up and huh day 2 first day with these guys and we have started the hike to the top of us down. Look they’re going about 30 minutes, maybe going about 30 minutes long, warm, but it’s not too bad. So hopefully we can get into him Isaiah, here’s, the man he knows where they’re at he’s already got them all found for us, yeah yeah, we’re hitting new area for everybody, so pre-soak cuz, it’s country. I’ve wanted to learn a lot more about so pretty country rugged. Rugged country, and not very many roads, which I like hello right on hell, yeah, not a bra bad for broke. The back in oh yeah, dude looks like he’s been hanging out right here, like laying down right there. Well we’re on the board for the day. First show of the day I love when that happens when you’re on camera and if you spot so many spots, one are you doing it? Oh well hike it up cross that thing over there and come up with the other side drop down and now we’re going up this one and whoo sweating.

Sorry, we got a little shadow for kI know we have a little deadhead somewhere. Let me pack that off hmm well, you never want to find dead heads when you’re looking for sheds cuz. That doesn’t mean anything about sheds being in here. So I was hoping. Maybe this was a sign that we were finally starting to get into him, but oh yeah man, this country is steep and it’s hot. Would you keep going cracking at it I’ll get into him? That’s not something we see every day running water. That’s awesome, cuz water! We got around hauling dirt on cattle phones, yeah come on Axl spring, coming out of the ground, pretty cool, it’s law, water, too, building building Dahlia a little rug. Why are we now finding shed to this country? Is awesome, steep rocky where’s, your shed, I saw him come out here, I’ll scare him back up to you. [ Applause, ] mess with that no II made it back to camp didn’t dude didn’t find anything today walked a lot of miles up and down went up forward 3,000 feet.

It was. It was a good day, pretty country new country, I loved, exploring its stuff. I’ve wanted to get into it for a long time, but just wasn’t where their app wasn’t, where their shed, and so tomorrow we’re going to move spots and hopefully get into some sheds sure you guys have got dinner started noon got some spam and hotdogs we’re going To throw some chilI up on that Kym Toogood Garvin yeah. So let’s see you guys a bit good morning guys. Alright, we got up a little bit earlier this morning, packed everything up. Had some breakfast packed everything up and we’re moving camp. We were going to . Go little ways away from where we were just going to try some more area that we think they could be. I say I’m following Isiah right now: everybody else is ahead a little ways, but we got five of us here now. Five of us here now so somebody’s bound to turn something up. We got to get into them. We got to find him somewhere.

You know there’s no way that five of us can cover the amount of country that we can cover and not turn something up, so hopefully today’s good day and tomorrow’s a good day and then Monday, I’m driving home, so we’ll just keep going this stuff’s nasty this Stuff we were in it was, it was steep. It was different from what I’m used to it was good. Though I enjoyed it. I love contract out. I don’t there’s a law to that country. I don’t get into it. I miss some stuff that I grew up in type country,hi, guys we’ll keep you posted and hopefully see shortly put some sheds on her back, but we’ll get what we’re going in HI guys we got to where we’re going. We’ve moved everybody getting the pack set up, getting ready to go, I’m ready to go ready to go side by sides. We get back in here and hopefully pick up some some brown Oaks. Yes, we’re just elk sheds in general. I don’t care, I’m not picky. These guys here they want, like 360 plus they’re going to leave it on the ground, I’ll go behind them pick and pick up all the little stuff guys ready. First brother trip right here: yeah forgot to show this last night, nothing better than a little road bone on the way to the shed huh. So these guys showed up late yesterday and they were at camp when we got back so now. There’s five of us and we’re going to go pound the hills all right. We have made it to where we’re going.

Obviously we’re going to start hiking now and we’re all going to go different ways and hopefully get into the elk ships. Yeah yeah buddy brown brown yeah. I should no freaking split from you. I went down and started hitting all the fingers and benches in there lowers all right. Let me see your boots and the cattle morning guys Muniz they’re cruising down the road and we’re heading to a new spot right now day. Four for me still sitting there with a couple deer sheds been pretty slow. You did good. Yesterday I mean you picked up what four or five yeah 5 lgo yesterday, that’s not bad. You got that pocket. I know they’re here we know they’re here just flight in the air. For starters, technically I mean most guys are starting to be down with shed hunting.

So a lot of the country, a lot of the guys, have had time to hit a lot of country now absurd boy, you’re kind of getting into this and stuff some new stuff, so we’re just trying to figure out right, we’ll figure it out. There’s, no doubt I’m never, it’s never you’re never done until you’re done so you were loaded up in the truck driving home and even then I mean you can find the road those guys down the road driving in my Highway down the highway. So yeah we we got all day we’re going to , go pound the hills and we’re out some legs and boots and hopefully get in smell Kish hell, [, __, ], so yeah see you guys in a bit all right. We’re just cruising down the road here and Isaiah, just spotted a shed of the window. Hopefully that’s a good sign in the promised land. No, it looks decent Brown, nice gosh dude. As soon as you said it. I seen it too. It’s like damn. We’ve already drove by this all of us pulling it and we drove up and drop the pickup that we’re going to hike to. We stopped right here and check the water yeah. We stopped to check the water and we all missed it until just now. This jackass spots, another six right on dude, Congrats, yeah, yeah right on dude Congrats, well at least we’re getting into him today.

That’s a good sign so far, but who knows you watch we’ll get out? I saw hiking and not buying anything well to come back here and bind everything right here. Alright see the bed oh well, I was just shooting up the canyon here and I look up above man Isiah stand in there. He he come up around and shot around. Guy flies on the mountain, but anyways I’m just going to go up higher than he is at the level he’s running in. I damn near stepped on it. Finally, after on the board after this day number four, so let’s keep it up. It’s going to be a good day. Alright man, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alright. So just stopped up there by that dead tree, my back’s still sitting up there come out in the open here, just glassing done in this yellow grass and I caught the top. What I thought was me, I thought was a stick at first, but it is an antler. It is an old chocolate antler, but we’ll take you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I’ve set the second on it’s goofy. We got another. One looks a little older, been chewed on, that’s for sure, not about horn, though man, that is a hard white antler, that it’s chewed up. That’s crazy! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you good way to usually nothing as hard white as last year’s brown is chewed up and just look behind me through the trees and felt white come back around the tree. I just crossed this stupid fence, there’s a shed heck yeah. Thank you. Thank you thinking. I actually might be the other side boy I just found looks pretty similar. Let’s get it picked up all right, we got another. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s like a chalk or two we’ll take it. [ Applause, ] chalks, better than nothing. [ Applause ] check it out. I freaking broke this off those freaking rock slides, bother five miles, yeah five miles.

What you got five miles see what matches, what yeah that’s a good one, that’s probably the biggest one on degree, yeah he’s going on a freaking rock slide, a bass looks bigger and that big one look at look at the similarity of that in that bigger antler. That’s AB same Bowl, yep put that antler next to that antler. That’s that bowl! Look at that about three years right there off that bowl! Look, how the alert shoot up: hi, [, Music, ] it’s three years ago, [, Music, ]! So way! That’s four years! If this antler doesn’t match anything, either yeah that’s four years off that bull, that’s him! No! I one two three four, because I would say those almost match for yeah that one I were up on Monday morning. We decided we’re going to go out for a little bit, maybe a couple hours and before we head off and just sort of hiking, we got a little broken ground. Thank you.

Oh yeah, maybe we’ll getting some Browns up in this all right. We got another another brownie, heck yeah right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, hope we’re going to pile up some more in this short time. How do you want your last couple hours to go right there? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I totally left my by knows. I decided you know: I’m not going to pack, my by nose today, I’ve been in thick stuff pretty much all week. I haven’t needed him very often. I decide you know. I’m going to go light and fast . Well, I ended up dropping out of the yellow, open country and going off the edge and working the RAM and down in some of the steep fix trees, and I haven’t found nothing for a while. I come back up and hit this yellow grass we’re going to work it back to the truck right. Now we got about an hour before we have to be back and I get in it. Brown Oaks head right there! Egg! Thank you. Thank you quick morning, hike to cap the trip off, don’t be walking in front of the camera.

We’re going to head down the camp now get everything loaded up and I got to get on the road and so did a couple of the other boys here. So not a bad way to finish her off good job, guys, nice work All Right, see you guys in a bit we’re done nobody’s taking pictures. We got everything laid out, viki’s walking with pictures like that good trip, good trip boys. This work, this ball up, dude again, so that’s how we’re ending right there Isaiah’s a man, no good thing for Isaiah. We got antler there. He picked up quite a few Hoss thanks for watching guys. I will see you tomorrow or sometime God, who knows but head over to prime time, give them guys to subscribe check out their videos. I will include a link in the bottom of this beauty, video in the description, so you can go check them out some. I appreciate everything. Thank you and we’ll see you later. You


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