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Shed Hunting Hell

This pee break I’ve gone once, and I just did it because we were stopped in the okay. Why not hydrated dude you’re , like a woman today, you’re all fussy and like yeah, you can just be over there be cold at 42 degrees, 42 degrees. This morning, like put some cones on like 15, oh well, in my opinion, why should I be over here freezing when you could take off wife’s, not wet or sweating, when you can put some clothes on? Why does the dollar half the pan I’m right yeah? Why do you have to pan it because she’s hot? What is she going to do? Why are you sitting in the Sun Remmy there’s afreaking shady spot right over there. She can’t see out the window she’s this fussy as you shed bucks. How many shade bucks ? Can you tell if their heads are fresh

What’s going on guys, hello? Fellow hunters, I tried to say that one slower what’s going on? There was something I say too fast. Oh really Gover pumped the energy come nap. Yes, yes, it is so it started all right. So it’s the week sometime, it’s Friday, yeah every day’s Friday, it’s Friday, yep yeah, so we’re hoping to find some sheds. We are shed hunting and we’re going to walk a lot. We got about a 4 mile straight shot to where I want to get to to start shed honey. So we got to get a move on we’re going to go a start, and then you get there and you’re like walking through this open area. [, Music, ] god, it’s broke – can’t always throw a very rarely finally, full pretty cool. They all look the same. You guys said I just when I see him while I’m shedding over video, put yourand then done. Thank you, pretty cool want to find one. That’s like good shape, someone that represents what it actually is check that out big old nasty round. I am blown away with how much signage in here I’m not kidding you.

We have probably gone since we hit this dismal bottom and wash we’ve probably gone a mile and I’ve seen a hundred rub a hundred rub just like that. This this little spot wearing right here, there’s no road access to it. It’s super super rough hard to ride, to get to and there’s a water in here, and I honestly thought this water would be dry, but this year, for it to have as much water as it has in it. It’s pretty awesome, especially after the summer we just so this is cool. Now, let’s see if we can find a shed around here.

Okay, so we just stopped taking a little break here and I was sitting here: cleaning the mud out of Roos paws they’re , really bad. She keeps stopping and chewing on them, so I was helping her clean them out and getting them fixed up for, and I look over and right there under that log cuz. It kind of looks a little bit like a point walk over here. That’s exactly what it is pretty cool lot of points out here. Thank you. Thank you. No you’re , not eating your goldfish. Does she miss them? What the hell dude yeahhelp yeah got a little goldfish neck. You’Ll love the goldfish they’re , so delicious string, cheese sell more am just so many chipping steer here crazy, so much thanks, cuz all the way over there all the way around through here I mean pretty much to where my dog is down there crazy unreal holy crap. We’re not getting scholars, it is older than dirt, but it is a shed and we’re not getting Scott. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I don’t even think it’ll come with me. Well broke the street. Now we can pick up a whole bunch of them off the street. The curse the first jet curses broke this sucks. This thing is, and it’s day looked like it was big at least on the base. It has the coolest face, a guard. That’s number. Two though thank you. Thank you. Thank you I’ll, take it yeah and I’m Julian arrowheads. It’s only very early chips right on that little. Oh, it’s probably one of my best ones. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, since I haven’t found any sheds, get tired of that being my story, sweet thing. Thank you all right. Well, it wasn’t the day we were hoping for. It was a long day. It was a tough hiking day, lots of ankle, rollers and thick brush, pockets and stuff like this, but the ankle rollers all the ankle, rollers the lava rock they make it tough. They make it really , yeah and then all the mugs cause, but yeah it wasn’t what we wanted it to be. It was a good day, though we did find a couple sheds and, and we were able to eliminate, get some more country up this buck that we’re looking for. But it also gave me a little bit of an idea too on how this country works.

So we’ll get them on the next round. Go home, get some rest and get up in the morning. Go! Do it again, you sounded, but we might be going out with a buddy tomorrow me and Britt pick somewhere out here on the strip. Listen we’re still about a mile from the truck, so I’m going to take this light off for me. So I can see where I’m going see you guys it’s true all right. Yes, we made it back to the truck how’s, the rough life. It was it’s a lava rock like it makes your body. This is what it’s like, you’re jumping on a rock trampoline all day long, so your hips are like work all day and your feet are just like just torquing and twisting. I wouldn’t even think twice about it if I’d have found something yeah. I can’t believe that, though I mean what we found was so old, but yeah. I think it was like New York City for the. I don’t know it’s our work, so much so so much so yeah. So now we are going to get going.

We have a little snack and get on the road. We got about a two and a half hour, drive home, so yeah and we didn’t stop at all today. Not one single break, no really. Well, we pushed all day and I was happy to see it did get dirt to a seven yeah and it’s the dark light ball. Yeah. That’s awesome, hi, guys! Now my new jelly, I’m tired, I know like I, don’t even want to use my legs to stand up. No they’re just done. We got ta go tomorrow, so see you guys tomorrow, back the freaking moon never looks as bad as it does in person, but holy cow. That’s pretty cool huh! It’s so bright, blossom


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