Shed Hunting Nevada with Brit Antler Trader

Shed Hunting Nevada

What’s going on guys here we go another little adventure with me and Britt we’re not ready to be done. Yet it’s still yeah it’s and it’s getting way too hot. So we’ve traveled north quite a ways and hopefully, where we’re at stays about what it is right. Now it’s about 70 degrees right now, which is awesome. I can handle that so it’s kind of late warning – hopefully it it’s like, so it stays this temperature we’ve got a bunch of clouds blowing in. We got a good wind. So that’s a plus yeah, so we’re here today staying the night all day tomorrow and then home Friday night, so quick trip just me and her and hopefully we can get into some bone.

Okay here it is. I am I mixing mountaintops in barrow, raspberry flavor and warrior athletes, refuel Tigers, blood, I’m mixing these into one drink, there’s a little water right. There. I’ve been trying both and now it’s time to try them together. We have hiked our frigging butts off today, like no other not found anything. The Sun is going down. Sorry, I’m trying to suit his other side’s. Are here the sun’s going down. I was just begging, please let me just find one shed and thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We found one. We will not go home empty hands it’s night and hopefully we’ll find a few more while we’re at it heading back to this truck right now, like I said the sun’s heading down, we probably have about 45 minutes or so of light. Still and work the mouse from the truck so boom. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. . What’s up guys, Wow today was rough. We we like pretty much most today and we didn’t find crap until the last minute on the way back. Britt picked up that think thing.

Thank you for saving our bacon today, one of them days hit country close to where we’ve hit before hoping the same to have the same outcome, and it just didn’t it didn’t work that way. Actually, the country we’re in looked really good had lots of sign it. Just there was nothing in there. We didn’t find a horn for anywhere anything. So we moved in the afternoon. Coming did some stuff, that’s similar to what we’ve been hitting and find an antler in and that right there is the only thing so now we’re going to get the safeguard. We’re going to go, find a camp spot and get a fire going, get some safeguard in us and relax yeah yeah. Here we go . His claws are black . Ah, here we go . What you just said: yeah, YouTube, star

We got camp, we a nice little fire a little mild. I didn’t fly getting as much wood tonight after hiking all day, Brits saver shed over there and we got a out. I’m doing the cot got. The canvas cutter out Brits got her canvas cutter rolled out in the back of the rover. Oh, I moved the rock and there’s a scorpion tonight: . What’s going on guys alright so day, two yesterday was the struggle Brits saved the day and a base. She did find a chalky base to. I found zero, so we woke up sworn in packed up camp and we move. We move quite a ways away: actually , so we’re here we’re ready to go. We’re going to hit some new country we’ve never ever been in before and completely new. Hopefully yeah, hopefully we can find something or at least learn something about it.

There’s got to be out sheds here, yeah, possibly even simulators, looks awesome. Yesterday never know we’ll have fun, though we always do. I see if he’ll jump he’s trying to get up over those rocks little old there’s a few of them. Little fishy afternoon we just hiked up and over a mountain range and didn’t find anything. Yes, it is very hot today the winds just not kind of starting to pick up, but we’ve got a little bit of cloud cover, but it’s going to be short-lived, so we’re going to enjoy it. While we can yeah, it does finally a little breezy, but we moved we’re going to go hit. Some new country hopefully find some elk over here. If not, I see some other country. We need to go. Try yeah it’s just there’s so much yeah we’re going to learn it I’ll figure. It out meet the place yeah. Here we go hI guys. What’s going on here we go day three of our little adventure into a new country. We had a rough day. Yesterday we went all day yesterday we went to high and steep nasty crap, we went down low and the thick thick stuff. I mean we just could not get into him yesterday and we know we’re close because we found him close to where we were. So. It’s just where they at where they’re not yeah.

I spent some time on Google Earth last night and got a few ideas of stuff to go. Try. So here we are we’re all packed up ready to go. It’s going to be warm today, it’s so hard to have . It’s a lot. Why we’re still here so nope, but here we go, go and tell the said it’s no longer. If said, we have lots of something. So let’s go. It is the last day of a trip that Josh and I got ta, run out real, quick and do first part of June, and it is 85 degrees today right now, there’s a breeze, but it’s off and on so it’s super freakin hot and if you watch The video up until now, he’ll know that we have worked our butts off and not found a whole lot until. Hopefully, this is changing everything and we’ll be back on track. So I just came in over to check in with Josh tell him. I was filling this place like I’m feeling good about being over here. I spotted this guy. He wasn’t standing very hard for me. I look at him. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yeah, hey guys, it’s been probably about 30 minutes to 45 minutes or so since I found my first horn of the day and feeling really good about this spot, just knowing that it’s just a matter of time before we start getting into them. But I found a deer shed, which I wasn’t really expecting, but thank you. Thank you. Thank you glad that I glanced over there because I in my brain, I’m thinking bigger so good job, brain. Thank you big. Thank you. Well, there’s how the past three days have been known for me: hiking ungodly amount of miles all over the place. We’ve gone high. We’ve got love over/under, you know, I’m just trying to figure out this new country brits found a little brown elf, a deer and a hard white out. I promise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We’re still few miles from the rig quite a few hours left in the day. I think it might be almost 5:00, so we got three more hours left. Hopefully we can get into them. Fingers crossed



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