Shed Hunting With A Buddy Redemption Trip ! ” INQUEST 2018 ” Antler Trader

Shed Hunting With A Buddy

So no guys HI we’re at it again me and a buddy are out heath SAR teeny and we’re on the strip we just left. He went one way. I went the other and we’re going to do a big loop around in some country here and then we’re not seeing much. You find anything we’re going to loot do another loop back through some country that I dunno I found sheds in in the past. I just don’t know if there’s any in there now, so that’s kind of the plan to start and then we’re going to be back to truck about one ish and see how each of us are doing and we’ll either continue to hit some stuff closer. But we’re going to move, so that should be.

That should be about the right amount of time to hit what we’re going to hit so see you guys in a bit here we go all right, so we’ve relocated a little bit, and it’s just sitting up here on this little vantage point glass and get my Trash kick today, I don’t know what the deal is got. My trash kicked, yesterday’s. Why yesterday was brutal, but today we should find sheds. I don’t I don’t know how we’re not finding sheds to be honest with you. We’ve covered quite a bit of country and glossed a lot of country and I’ve been in country that I know that I found sheds in in the past.

So that’s pretty much where I’m at little frustrated. But I’m trying to stay positive because I know at any point in time I could come around the bush and there could be something just awesome and we’re not done until we’re done so. I’m telling myself over and over just keep going dude just keep going. Just keep going you’ll find something you’ll find a bunch. You’Ll find something big. Something will be found.

So that’s when we’re out we get up and keep hiking now I’m done lost in all this country. So I think you got to stay positive. You got to sleep on, I’m telling myself keep going dude just keep going and paid off. Finally, finally paid off. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you check this out match that side-by-side. It’s even older jockey, but look at the back end on that big holy crap. It’s got a giant back in just like that holy crap guys. These things are so well. We got shut number three, it’s been a bit, it’s an old truster, but we’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, it’s a fairly decent shot, sighs in his day just hit the spot. I think all right.

So we just we move down. The road went in found another spot. We figured we had that hour and a half before it got dark. So we decide to hit another spot and we got about 30 minutes before we decided I’m on my way back to truck. Now I got about 30 minutes from our decided time and yeah. I guess yet body folder for point. I guard date off. Nothing else just get all set up in the bank. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah [, Music ], not quite as old as to try to get through poor shape nice little horn, we’ll take it for sure, might walk up to see the drama. Maybe all right we’re just getting back to the truck heats already here. Getting it warmed up for us. Well, no way really have you walked the pond. Okay, I’d say we need to walk it if you have it [, Music, ]! Well, that sucks way back at the base is pretty much on the base of that thing and get my shoes changed and you get on the road heading back.




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