Shedcation Part# 1 Elk Shed Hunting “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Elk Shed Hunting

Nice, so is me right second week of May and it’s Mother’s Day this month this month and it’s her birthday this month, and so we decided we’re going to take a few days and just the two of us and do a little shed hunting and a little Getaway last time and we’re going to do exploring right now we’re getting ready to sell a bunch of antler. We got loaded up back there and then we’ll be carrying on from there. Yeah we’ll see where we’re going somewhere with some hot springs for us to go. Relax where it’s not degrees, yep and yeah, so we’re just going to do a day-to-day vlog on this little trip and we’re starting now day one. So here we go, we’ll see you guys in a bit 85 here we’re way down. Well, not down we’re up north yep, so I should be cooler. Yeah looks like Dario all right. It’s seen a bit no you’re staying classy when your blankets at the hotel, you’re staying at oh yeah, the burn cigarette marks there in the shape of the heart, the green walls.

Sorry we’re at our hippie hotel, as you can tell pretty cozy nice, pose going to crash here tonight, because it’s late, we just had to relocate cuz the room we were just in smell, like dog pee. This room smells like cigarettes, but I kind of I choose cigarettes over dog pee. I said right because cigarette smell better than dog pee we’re going to park, we’re going to park right here in front of our room cuz we can he’s locking up the old room. Little ghetto II and we got canvas cutters so loosely blown our canvas cutters in though yeah shurl we sleep on our canvas cutters, even in hotels, yeah. We know that those are sanitized didn’t good. We know where they’ve been you’re good at packing stuff. Well, you’re still packing it technically.

Oh, do you want to show them? What you just bought today got a new pack frame everybody so anyway, so we’re going to go to bed, get up extra early and hit the hills. Hopefully we can find some good spots for elk and hopefully we can find some places that aren’t as hot. So I’m really hoping that we can find some good places that aren’t so break your brains out, because that really sucks to hike in with oh [ __. ], I’m sure you guys could relate so I’m signing off it’s time for bed. We have been traveling all day and just all over the place to handle and stuff. So good night, we’ll see you tomorrow. Here we are with the nice rack in my windshield courtesy of cowboy. I didn’t do it the guy in front of me. Did it because he was riding his butt. Oh I’m excited you got offense Mike just to look at you. I love. I mean old Seth. The bat is chocked full of it. The whole show old miners and stuff, so we’re here, yeah like looking at mr

So we’re going to explore new countries, the country that I’ve looked at on Googlers for many years, that’s my knee camp! It looks like what is that, like old stuff now, I believe, there’s a newer vehicle parked out there, I’m pretty sure, they’re living there. Now the mines right there is it acting. Oh man, look at that a new mine look at something over there, they’re using them. They’re mining. Look at all the shaft they’re everywhere. Those arebungalows! Oh, I thought they looked like an old like there was just no like here’s an abandoned yeah. Well, I thought it’s like an abandoned place and I like to go to abandoned places all right. Let’s hope we find some cool stuff today. Let’s hope we find somewhere to shut happen, I’m hopeful! Well, it can’t be that hard. Oh we’ll, be good, Hey, look! There’s train up yonder, getting a new pack all set up. How do you feel about it? [, Music, ] think that bags too big.

Oh, you don’t, I feel, like it, looks way too big, oh yeah! No, but for like elk, shits, cuz, you’re so minimal on your other pack. Well interesting. What are you doing bad? So we parked the truck right there and Britt already found a balloon. So those of you that were wondering we made it out alive from the hostel Bates Motel, I mean any Motel that you can think. That’s not a good motel. It looks way better online and it actually had good reviews, but it was a little rundown, we’ll reuse, that one take it near it up. HI guys. We started off the trip with a balloon. This is day one have our little jet board or shed cake. Okay day, one of our little shed keishon here me and Brett. We we don’t get to get out like this very often for a few days, so we’re pretty stoked about it spent the day yesterday kind of running some errands and meeting people and getting some things done in the big city since we’re not in the big city That often and then last night, we drove out into B Fe and got a slow hotel room and finished the drive this morning and now we’re shut hunting and we’re going to be shutting today the next day. Well, the next day will be Saturday we’ll go home. That day, but we can still get some in yeah Saturday, today’s Thursday, I know so today, the next day, the next day and the next day Sunday we’ll be home, we’ll drive home Saturday. She wants to be home it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, so we’re going to try to mix it up a little bit.

The way we’re going to video. This trip is going to be a daily, so a semI live type setup and we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully we can keep the action going and have enough fun and video enough she’s got to run the camera more. That’s the problem so on vlog stuff she does great in the hills she likes when it comes to vlogging the day to day, but she’s going to start doing itself guys. Let me know alright: let’s go it’s good to hiking, so see you guys in a very young bull right there HI what’s up guys, so we got the first shed of the trip, it’s just a little full Spiker and shock, but it is shed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I actually just come up on a pretty newer carcass over here in the trees, and I was just looping around trying to see if there was the head associated with it or if it was a harvest and Brits clear down in the bottom. On the other side and she’s just run into a rib cage and pelvis like I got so thinking, it could have been during the hunts, but we’re going to keep looping up and through here and seeing if we can’t just to make sure all right.

So I’ve just been looping around on the side of this hill. I just went up and now I’m dropping back down trying to just see if there’s a head to this carcass that I found I mean, there’s no meat on it, but it’s fresh enough that it’s! I mean whatever if it is a dead head with antler, it’s going to be hard white at the most a two-year-old at the variable oldest. So but doing this, I think I just matched up my spike bowl. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure. That’s the other side right. There thank you yeah. It’s it’s a match. Oh yeah, I’m not spiked. I guess I could mark that off the list. I don’t know if I’ve ever done it before I’m sure I have a picked up quite a few spikes, but I’ve never paid attention. So I’m going to call that my first bike set cuz, I’m not on a percent I’ve. Ever I’ve ever picked up a batch of spikes, so cool. I guess we’ll just keep looking god. I need to take 10,000 of those to make it a load – a good load – hopefully there’s some bigger bowls in here.

So here’s that carcass that come across and I’m sorry to think. Maybe it was a hunter harvest, not too terribly old he’s a badass there, but I haven’t found any other bones: yeah, just those and the neck. Actually, let’s look and see if that necks been cut, do I would say, harvest well what a bust yeah we hiked her ass off, so a lot of elk. I found a spike set. That’s it! I matched up an old chalky set a spike and I think, like we’re so far back. Nobody will be here mm-hmm, I didn’t see any boot tracks, they’d never got off their lazy, ass yeah and I honestly felt like we would cease. We’D find something in the trees yeah I do like, where you knew that they weren’t going to get often yeah, because I didn’t see a lot of writing in the trees is mostly out in the burns, but nothing so we’re going to move and we’re just going to keep working solved so go find somewhere to camp we’re not done yet we’re going to , probably move here and maybe go glass or find somewhere so we’ll go check it out our first, their first day yeah. Well, I guess you found something so where we technically can proceed with the day as a success. Yes um! So let’skeep going see you guys, I’m good! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh, my god, oh my god, rainy and cold outside that doesn’t usually get me pretty. It doesn’t slow you down a little bit. Maybe you mom, why put all the water off the door over here all the rain? Nothing alright now top cocoa and find our destination onward ho drop. It motel 6 you’re much much much nicer than the place. We stayed last night and it was the same price, so yeah

Oh my goodness, look at you! How come you speak so tiny, tiny legs because you’re just like [, Music ]? What’s up guys, she’s having a carrot, some veggies little veggie tray for lunch all right. We have moved quite a ways from where we were because, where we were, we woke up and it was snow and rain and we got on the weather and app and moved. And when we got here in parked before I put my boots on, it was not, and in the time it took to put my boots on and pack my bag. It is now raining and we have no phone service to even see. We have to be our own weather guys and look at the sky very good at I’m, not good at judging that which direction yeah. Are you cold, so we’re going to sit here for a minute, just kind of see what it decides to do. This is all new country. This is all an exploratory trip for us yeah, that’s good did 5,000. Other people also think it looks good right. We’ve got sheep herders in here tried to talk to them. Nobody spoke English, which sucks to see if they’ve seen anything or picked anything up, they didn’t have anything at their camp and when I was making the gesture for antler they’re like they just they just shook their head.

No so, but on top of it, we’ve got small compound of people just down the road right here too, and yeah they’ve got frisbee golf stuff set up all over the hill. I don’t know if that’s a cover or tournament Eric they’re , really, you know just driving around picking spots to play. Frisbee golf, it’s a pretty good little camp of people, so almost kind of wonder if they’re not staying there long-term type deal moving around yeah. I didn’t see any antler, I talked to them and they kind of looked at me like. I was crazy when I said we were shed hunting like there’s no sheds out here. You go to town for those. Are you oh you’re , looking for sheds, so yeah either they’re really good at playing dumb or they really just don’t, have a clue what we’re doing so, which is not a bad thing, but yeah. It’s pretty good. Looking country, it’s a new country and it’s country that I want to start putting a little more time into, because I think we can pick up some big bowls. Some big heavy bowls consistently in this kind of country, just because of where we’re at.

How are you guys doing, how’s your how’s, your Saturday or Friday? Excuse me it’s Friday, treating you guys, you guys getting out still. Are you shed hunting still? Are you switching gears to turkeys or fishing or or something I mean we’re going to , be shifting gears here soon, yeah, it’s so hot so, but I do have kind of a backlog of shed videos, so hopefully you’ve seen a couple already and you’ll see a few More into June and July so and then we’ll plan on doing some camping and some exploring vacations and start vlogging a little bit more. I know it’s. We say that, but it’s so hard to find out, find that happy medium, there’s stuff like when we’re done for the day. It’s like. Why didn’t we vlog that should, but you get kind of in yeah tunnel vision, yeah we’re still new to all this. You know we’ll sit here and ride this rain out and hopefully it’ll change for the better for us there we go it’s coming in, but it’s also lightened up a little bit right here, so we’re going to give her hell. Hopefully we can turn up some sheds or the weather’s going to push this out. One of the two fingers crossed beyond us and it might not might just be a little here and there yeah we got the weather’s getting copy.

Okay, I’m going to loop just over here to the right about a hundred yards from you they’d end up in the same place, all right. What’s up guys, we are removing spots here, driving up this road. I’ve just been going off the map trying to find country that hasn’t been hammered yet with tire tracks and just glass and stuff that looks good and we’re driving up the road and I’m just kind of looking out the window. To my left – and I see I mean that’s 100 % it’s time, throw the glass up and it’s whole broken back in. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you doesn’t mean they’re sheds in here, but that’s still pretty cool. Well, nothing’s been there for a little while I would have thought maybe it was broke this year, but no way he’s broke a while ago and somebody’s been down this road. You can see these see their trucks,

Oh looky, there we got this the shed and it’s while I’m trying to get over to country, or I think I see another shed little chakra grrrrrr. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’ll take you. I said I’m trying to get across over or I think I glossed up another shed, but it’s always over there. Still. Oh my gosh. I watched the hawk. Get that rabbit, what the heck dude, how did it get it? Well, my adrenaline is running okay, I’m going to try to hide and see if he comes back for it. I just watched that Hawk thing I wish I could have got to my phone. My drone line is freaking out, can’t believe you just like the lift, is killed behind like no we’re looping back to the truck. I just found this deer dead head old. I think thank you. Young buck been there a while all rotted away we’ll leave him there. I’m not worth getting going through the hassle so right on. Are you only getting the elk manhandling that tree shake it babe? We found a path. We’re going to go explore you


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