Shedcation Part#2 Elk Shed Hunting “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Elk Shed Hunting

Good morning guys, we are on day four technically day four, since we left the house but day three of shed and has been going that great as far as numbers to go, but we’ve we found some new country, we’ve seen small some stuff. I’ve got a place that I’m definitely going back to as reluctant as my wife is about it. I’m going to go back because I know there’s got to be stuff in there. We just we got to narrow it down the process of elimination in some country and a lot of this country out here is all it’s all elqui, it’s just what Canyon are they in this year? You know when they draw, so you can’t get discouraged.

You can’t let it get you down, you can’t just up and move 600 miles away like we have been, but on top of it we yeah we’re we’re just checking out new country, so yeah got another hotel room last night in English. It was between the last two hotels. It was kind of right in the middle, wasn’t as nice as the motel 6, but it was better than the one in like it was the stereotypical worst-case scenario yeah last night at the one last night wasn’t much better. It was better, but it wasn’t much better. The hot water heater lasted for like a total of five minutes. I need to use it yeah. It was pretty bad. You didn’t shower no, because you sat on the toilet with the shower running forever. I like to see in the bathroom and it’s good for my sciences – there’s some dirt right there on the field. I’D show you guys, but yeah I’ll make it yeah some buckets sweet all right.

So I’m glad to see that there’s no snow, where we’re yeah woke up the snow this morning, yeah. I know it’s like we can’t love it that spring all right, so we’ll see you guys in a little bit, hopefully we’re picking up some sheds later here we go Saturday we’re all packed up load it up and we’re head taking off trucks back there about 25 Yards and we’re up here about 25 yards, maybe 30, now probably walk five yards since I started this fingers crossed that this hasn’t been hit already and we can get into some sheds all rise. We are a few minutes in probably hundred on 30 to 45 minutes. Maybe max, and I just hit this little burn section and we got shed yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you white.

It looks like maybe just brown on the ground a little bit man as a brown shed, that is a light-colored brown shed Wow cool. Let’s keep swinging around, maybe we can find another couple more match this up. Oh you guys he’s not big, but it is an elk shed and man. I couldn’t be more grateful right now, after we’ve had three days out here, hoping to find his Browns, but man struggling Josh is found at Brown and I found a hard white and this is the spot I picked and he was like. I just found another Oak shed yay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so glad to keep finding things that helps so tremendously and your motivation in your morale to keep going, even though you got to still keep going when you’re not having the best of luck, because you never know when you’re going to come around that corner And boom there they are so. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Helped me out quite a bit.

All right, we got another looks like a little freak. Ball super freaky little ball. What do you got going on? Nothing’s cool stand up, yeah, that’s cool! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you can take couple pictures in history to go back, hey guys. I think I just found his other side whoa peel through this a little bit extra . They can get far apart from their match, but I think it’s pretty far away. So I got ta get stair walking and it’s right by a road all right. We made it over to it, hoping that I’ll find his match. While I’m walking up to it. We will, and I was very skeptical as far as not the area cuz I picked it, but just the fact that we’ve kind of had a slow last few days. So I wasn’t. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, cool. It’s, the biggest one I found so far. All right, I got them all strapped on back and it’s starting to pick up on the snow, so I got to start moving and finding more sheds before I’m in a full-on whiteout. Hopefully it’s not going to . Do that all right? So I was just across the canyon over here up on this Ridge, just kind of glossed and costing the bottom the whole hillside. This burn just hit another little patch of burn here, so super gloss Bowl and I’m pretty sure I got two antlers classed up on this hillside. I’ve made it over to it, but now it’s that dreaded trying to find them.

So I got ta try to figure out where cuz it always looks different when you, when you finally get over here, I actually thought this draw right. Here was a little bit deeper. I couldn’t see it from because I got this little hill in my. In my way, but I thought this was actually deeper, so I’m a little thrown off as to where I’m at but gone old carcass right there. I think I was up on this hill right about here, so we’re in check this out guys all right. I got one pound, this might be, this might be the second one, so I should have one more that way what there it is hard white last year’s antler in bowl cool little drop down front heck yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, let’s keep looking for the other one, alright found the shed the other one. I glass up, nope, no brown! No, take you just dive down like that. It’s pretty cool a goofy little Bowl. What’s this you’re the brown? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, but, as I was walking up here to this, I spotted now across the draw right dead center, which is cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, so we’re going to loop around in here for a minute. It’s not a very big burn. It’s not a very big burn, but it’s there’s enough feed and cover with brush and stuff here. We just can’t see eventually we’ll get into something a little bigger, just the nature of it, or this is just could be a little bold country.

I don’t know see two more to add on the pack, though alright we’re just getting up here to this point across the canyon. Now it’s a little better ball still fairly young boba a little bit better size, and that is a hard way cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You take pics of that one and we’ll keep going on today’s uh. Today’s definitely been better than yesterday and the day before, so just keep going, keep pushing, don’t give up all right, we’re just gritting this grid. In this draw, it’s got a burn in it all little bowls do that ones. Couple use all the things chalk. Oh! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We’Ll take it good points here. Just keep keep breathing this alright, so just walk in this room right here. It’s working down still working this little bird and look down off the edge single white antler. This thing yeah, I don’t know how big it is. It’s big compared to everything else. I’ve found it will definitely be the biggest antler of the day, for the trip even looks like you’ve got a cool, not a giant, but still, like, I said the biggest dealer I’ve found so far sweet. Thank you think. Thank you.

Last year’s I’m going to keep working. This finger can start working over to where it’s at she’s quite a ways north of me. We kind of split this country in half, so go figure out, see if I can get her on the radio see how she’s doing the caterpillar on it. What’s up little dude, we got it down there. I almost walked right by this one. Looking over the top of it count the white open, even hard white. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Watchers brownie Brits coming up the other side bottom of this draw I’m just working the top end and then I’m going to work down all right, we’re loaded down and we’re heading out it’s about 6:30 7 o’clock right in there we got a little walk back to The truck, but not too bad yeah good day about everybody home right now. I’ve already told them on my video.

So though no no, but what did you say today, but my spot that I picked was not good. I just wanted to go hit more of that country. We were in cuz. I was getting really intrigued, brilliant, but yeah she won. We went to her spot all right. Let’s get on the road , one more on the way out, wonder how many are laying out in this stage, yeah little hard white. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Little bowls little bowls little bowls look around in this age for a minute. Okay, guys. We made it back to the truck finally, and this is our haul from just today. Yeah, it’s a place that I pit – and this is from the place is the place says: Josh picked hmm and he wanted to go back to okay. So we are all done. This is the end to an awesome trip. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you highlight of the trip that ginormous spikes, that those bases are like huge who matches up spikes. This guy right here so highlight the trip good job babe, so yeah we’re going to load up and keep going.


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