Shooting Coyotes with A Bow/ Huge Rattle Snake Strikes Me Episode#8 Antler Trader

Shooting Coyotes with A Bow


2016 Archery Hunting Arizona Strip unit 13A on a tough year!
Rattle Snakes, Tarantula Hawks, Flash Floods, Coyote Kills!
It was a wild and fun hunt!

All right so we’re head now for the start of the Arizona Strip: 13a archery. They pretty much drove all day, get here so showing off this amazing amazing, pink and red sunset. With this storm front, that’s pushing through. I can’t boy yeah that left side typical sides because right side, so I just grabbed this here. Little bug, that’s my hand it tossed it over at Langdon. Get him off it stuck and Landon doesn’t even know what it is. He’s going to when he sees what it is. I just grabbed him threw it. We got him jumping on video. You guys seen that mm-hmm wonder what we’ve had here.

What are you doing out of the truck it stinks? You have the worst parts. I’ve ever smelled my wife, big 3×4, with a cheater or split bean. All right, oh yeah, do we got ta, get slow-mo mark mark Morrison, look at the heat waves already there you go guys the man, the myth, the legend Dustin lot and all his awesome camera gear. His dad’s got a tag hunting with us Mike lot, and you know he’s just doing his thing. Take an amazing video or photos he does both he does bolt, but he’s just showing us how to take photos here now, it’s ash medium.

What happens when you go to the gym it’s hard to find the size of fits? You know all this exercise. They do. We got water, this wash just flowing. It’s actually gone up quite a bit since we started sitting here watching it so we’re just driving down the road here this morning, heading to a spa and there’s a sign stuck right in the middle of the road right there. Oh, what the hell! So we walk over here and the whole roads freakin just washed out all the way, underneath that here’s, the culprit right here for the wash here good saw pretty much. The 13a archery has been going. Yes, it wasn’t raining hard enough, so decided to pick up wash behind Camp should be running full steam.

Before long I shot, we got an arrow bloody at the start, I don’t see a drop yeah hI guys, so here we go hurt is the end of the 2016 Arizona Strip 13, a archery hunt. Really there hasn’t been much killed on 13 a this year. It’s kind of been a really tough hunt, nothing like bb’s on fire this year, but he’s been a struggle. I only know of two deer right now that had been killed out of the whole unit, so we we hunted hard. We had a lot of fun and now it’s coming to an end, I’m actually getting ready to go pick Mike up here in about 30 minutes, he’s sitting the blind for the last evening of the hunt. Why he’s been doing that? I’ve been packing up camp? Well sure we had double the amount of stuff to pack up. Then we brought out because everybody that was out here left stuff.

So we could keep going. You know everybody land in and David and those guys all ended earlier than I did so there were some things. It was just easier to leave because we didn’t want to. You know we’re we’re hunting so, but I thought it’s going to make two trips, but I was able to get it all on the little Ford is hurting ready, hey Brian. What do you think now? I didn’t lose anything coming out. I damn sure ain’t going to lose anything going in, so it’swe’re stack. We’re loaded, ruin two tire. This trip got my spare on got a flight. This trip got my other spare on kind of bummed out brand new tires, and I ruined one put them on a week before the hunt yeah. So here it is guys 2016 Arizona, 13, a we found.

We found quite a few sheds. We probably found over 20 sheds, so me and Britt will be coming back here in a couple days. I get home, get all this unloaded, cleaned up put away and then we’ll come back me and her and we’re going to hit these couple spots that we’ve been pulling sheds out of and hopefully match some stuff up out of all of them. I think I’ve only got two sets matched up so today, so next Tuesday, actually a week from today, I’m heading south. We got the so I got a client down there on unit a archery. So hopefully the Bulls are screaming and we’ll be having fun so take care.



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