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Personal Antler Collection

Hi, what’s up guys so we’ve had a lot of requests from you guys to do some show and tells what we’ve got in our personal collection. Everything in our personal collection is what we found stuff that we have actual work into and they’re ours. Nothing we buy them. Yeah. Nothing in our collection is bought. There’s a lot of guys not doing that by to collect that’s cool, we’re awesome with that. We love it, it doesn’t matter to us, but for us to keep antler, it’s antler that we find we have a personal connection, yeah nothing. None of this is bought, and none of this is not ours. This is all ours, just the recognize that we actually have another set and a single offer, so here’s the other set, maybe so what’s cool about this – is we’ve actually a buddy way of our person. We know has pictures of this deer with this set on his head, and one thing that you could never tell from the pictures is that big old, broken hook, cheater whatever was right, there that’s missing and then on this one. The same thing so he’s actually will hop bigger than just what he has every, but he’s still huge. I mean the frame is just unreal on this buck and then there’s one of the earlier years off of him. The first shed I found actually right. That’s the first . She found off of him and so yeah.

So we’ve got that guy that gagger way over to I’m not going to get too much into score on this, because, but this is over. Oh it’s over 210. Your sets by far over 220 over 230, actually gross yeah and that’s 90 enchantment right there. So he’s just a big big buck he’s a big okay. So this is a set. This buck was called dozer when he was killed on the strip I found this set. I mean I’m the same day mm-hmm, so we didn’t have to go home without not very far apart. Yeah look at that. I actually have here’s another antler off of this book that me and Brinley actually picked up. This is an old old. He was young here. Lots of character, lots and lots of character. Just super super young here versus a couple years on him out there. It’s like five and a half seems to be the magic number when they start to throw stuff and do cool things and just get stupid big. So we’re still looking for this buck.

This is another cool compact buck. This bucks over to ten super compact lots of extra lots of stuff going on. This is one of the first first, bigger horns are profound: yeah was this side first and then a buddy actually May help match this one up by finding this one a couple years later actually, and then we’ve also got another single off of him as well. I mean same thing going on in the back, I mean d2, just a g2 kicks back like that. It’s really cool yeah and I don’t know if this buck was ever killed out there or not. But this sets over to 10. I think it’s actually over to 15 just a little bit. I can’t remember okay, so this said I just picked up grab that one. This is the Sun. I just picked up. We’ve got trunk camp pics of this Bock. This year’s Browns are even bigger. That’s kind of what’s cool about this buck is now we know where he’s at so, hopefully yeah. We just that’s just pick this one up yeah just to just recently. Hopefully we cannot find this year’s Browns off this buck because he’s super super cool. There’s a 190 set, like I said this year, he’s super big. This set the Brit. Has we just found this year as well? This isn’t a giant set by any means, but we killed this buck this year.

So this is a set off that buck that we killed on 13:8. Terry yeah Terry harvested used to 18 when we killed him. So as you can see, he got bigger and threw trash yeah yeah! That’s why this that’s cool as we’ve got some history with him. Yep we keep stuff guys that score doesn’t always have to do have anything to do with it. I’ve sold have sold 10 Plus antlers over 90 inches the past few years, just single stuff that I know I’m never going to copy other sites to, and I hate that I want matches this buck right here is one of those bucks that we sold a bunch Of antler off, we should have 5 years of this buck total. Let’s see one two yeah five years total with this buck, but we’ve sold everything so now all we have is this year. Yeah this buck was cool. This buck was, we called Captain Hook, yeah you. Actually. This is only like five episodes ago he’s been like frigid, yes on it. I’ve been very, very fortunate, very grateful for the luck that I’ve had lately and all the hard work I’ve put into it, but yeah.

So there’s a couple of sets: we’ve got a lot more sets just this is everything that we keep up on top of this right here now we’ve got some singles and, like I said nothing here, that’s you I’ll. Take that yeah. We call this buck. She found this a long time ago back when she was actually just getting into shed money just finding her groove, and she picked this one up. This thing’s just bigots long everything’s long on it, but he looks like with these acorns and stuff. She named him Skeletor. It’s like skeleton hands coming at you and this buck right here is just a super super compact buck that I just sold just have that look that I love and that this Bucks got it just super super compact. It’s a 8 mid-eighties horn. It just doesn’t look like it until you actually put a tape on it, but yeah everything, just yeah, that’s a cool thing. This one I found last year yeah about this time actually and he’s cool. He just has like a little bit of everything going on he’s got the Acorn up here. Yeah, we have trail cams of this buck. To the other side was a four-point side. Yeah we never know. I was actually getting there again here the other day. In the same country – and I didn’t find an antler in this country – which kind of irked me a little bit – oh, I just picked this one up here.

Let’s get going with it, this deer is just big. I mean this is just a big big antler he’s almost a forked horn, but he’s not he’s at 3 points, but he’s just super chunky super heavy. I haven’t done anything with this one, yet just because I don’t know what I’m going to do it might go outside in the in that storm pilot might get salt. I don’t know, I probably want to it. Just cuz he’s so heavy. So this freak, we found this on the hog hunts. Yet we’ve got troll can fix to this buck as well. The other side’s big got extras: cool cool box yeah. I actually think this antler I found on the next trip is also off of them. Yeah just spilled base, I mean you know you, could you but there’s a couple deer that are like this with one side, it’s like this just running around, so this is a big single that I found all the hunts a couple years ago. I kept this one. Just same thing, I just like the way it looks. It’s super massive super heavy. I mean my fingers barely touched when I wrapped them around. Just the big big shed, oh good, you find that oneI found it the same year we killed John’s buck, which that’s, though, shows it’s like four or five years ago, I’m going to try to remember yeah, that’s what she found that we never my guard. Godwin’s 89 inches almost broke that 90 inch mark yeah.

Super cool buck show can picture that buck as well. Another just here’s, a couple of cool freaky sheds that we’ve kept yeah this one actually has velvet. He jacked it up and velvet he’s got the Acorn. We actually have trail cam pics at this buck and the other side is bigger, so that’s kind of why I’ve held onto this one. It’s super dense, super heavy, but I’ve held on to it in hopes of matching it up, he’s just a cool cool bug right. I found this one I don’t know maybe yeah around there. We were just actually we weren’t even shed hunting. We were checking cameras yeah, I decided I was just going to gloss around the water. Actually this one here we have trail camera also and he’s super fat right here. He must have heard him got, got injured and velvet, because this is the only year he did that yeah, so cool cool shed the other side. Joann again I mean that sheds. There’s big it just he has more going on, but he injured it too, cause that beam to get all goofy gift fat right through here and then neck way down just pick this one up with that other one.

Another super compact, mid-80s, cool forked. Our four point in this area that it’s got a turn up being genetic and I’ll, show you that one here in a minute that that’s set up there, the head up there, there’s just the genetics to I love to see the genetics of an area they’re , so Cool, it’s very distinct. That’s a dagger nevada shed. We never found when we hit this spot. You picked that up. That’s a 90-inch worn long time ago. One of the first outing suffers too, and she picked that and we could never match it up. I mean that was actually, I think, the only warm we found in that whole Basin yeah it’s kind of frustrating, but that one could have easily shed on the water or somebody driving down the road there’s a bunch of roads. I mean there’s a bunch to dislike that where people just go rolling in and find stuff. That is something this is a horn that she found on the strip. This year, 90 inch Warren we’re still trying to match this one up: , this one’s cool super little freak. If you did pick up any underneath it, but he’ll stand yeah it’ll stand on the tines with some change. We kept it just because of its cool. The way it stands up and that back end is nothing special about score on him. Yeah, it’s just a cool. Looking antler, here’s a couple that I found. I actually found this one this year. This is a shut off of a buck. We called beefy big old horn, this deer, the biggest set that I know it was like mid to 20s.

Just super super chunky. It’s why we, his name was beefy and that one I found with Chester and Britt last year about this time on a bonsaI trip. Another 90 inch horn just super super cool, never matched it up. I probably never will match that or this stuff just because yeah they’re old – and I just I don’t know when I’ll be back into this country, so yeah yeah, let’s just go, try something out. So that’s everything that we have on top of that. This is a shed that I tried to max out several times. It’s really starting to hurt me just he’s a big typical trail. Cam picture this one, this one’s hard wide part no cracks just. I love the the build of this deer yeah I mean the way that thing is set up is awesome. This deer sit down he’s super wide. I got to find the other side it just it’s driving me nuts. I’ve been in there so many times.

Here’s another cool horn, I mean not a big horn. This deer was killed. That’s the only horn we found about this deer, but me and my daughter actually found this one together and that’s why I’ve kept it for so long with my kids. Oh okay. Let’s show you guys some of these alright, so here’s a bunch of sets that I have up here – and I have these up here – if there’s no specific reason why? But basically I won’t found me in Aspen a nice ass, long aspen tree and I hung it and then I make these edge. Straps is what we call them and get a pack of three on our website, but that’s how I display them. Here’s a pill box good way to keep sets together yeah. This is the one this sucks in the 190s. If he wasn’t broke, he’d, probably be gotten, he would be breaking he’d break you just barely yeah big old lion guards on this buck good length, good mass. Just a stud typical just broke that beam.

Here’s a set Britt picked up super compact. Another 190 set this buck just he turns in everything’s longer than it really appears. It’s got cheaters in lines: yeah, cool cool buck, super cool bug, and the next year after this set is the one I’ve been trying to find. My victories over he’s over 215 might break 220. The next year. Yeah super long see the way it turns to little extras kick in broke something off on that blading right there I mean the next year. He throws trash everywhere after this, so I got this. I’ve saved this step because I want the next step yeah.

So we can have multiple years yep. Hopefully it is nice to be able to get multiple years on this, never scored this that yeah no well, then I’m not going to really do anything. First, I don’t care what he scores. I love how everything is just palmated and so deep that I mean the g3 comes so deep sweet eye guards. I mean, sits wide. Just a chunky. Chunky said he backs it. Yeah he’s cool bro. I mean I just picked this book up. Another 190 set I’m hoping to find more years off at this buck because he’s still fairly young, so I’m guessing he’s going to do some stuff with the dropper they’re , the cheater they’re the inline there, and then you start looking on this side and we’ve got bumps Where we’re going to have to drop her starting and it’s pretty far guarding she’s going to be decent yeah, I mean this is the one 90 set right here? I know I was just thinking about that, we’re taking everything down and then we’re going to . Take it all back this buck, this is only like a 170 set, but this buck we killed this buck. I actually picked these sheds up the same day that we killed this buck well, one of them land and match this one up for me a while later, but I picked this one up the day. The same day, we killed this buck 170 set here 170 class and then, when we killed him, he is almost 220 is like 218. He totally like just blew up the next year.

This book we actually watched and filmed in velvet, killed him and picked up his sheds all within 500 yards. He was, he was at home, he’s a resident buck yeah, he didn’t travel when he didn’t do anything. My daughter matched up together. Okay, this set me a move, matched up together, Rin. She actually found this one, I believe first and then, when I was over there, looking at it with her and stuff, we started walking and I found that one not very far away and we matched it up. So this is Brittany’s actual set. This is her best set China. Actually, I think, most of chase stuff me and shave got a skull together and some elk and he’s got those in his room. Oh yeah, he likes to keep his stuff.

Okay, you said I picked up just a cool cool set, super heavy big old hook, cheater conglomerate of something going on at the end there I wish he wasn’t all broke to really know but wide massive and just pool very cool hooters yeah. That’s everything like that and then Brit will pan around and show you guys some of this stuff really quick, okay guys. So that is my big three-point dead hit. I found a couple of years ago he’s pretty cool yeah. He was really cool. That’s a 190 typical set brick found. I found the next one in the same area and that, but are you dead head show or our school shop? I should say yeah. It was like made for us mm-hmm and then see that one right there, the third big guy, we found him, maybe five or six years ago now – yeah, oh sure, that’s a 207 typical. I was standing on the table. He just lays out man that there’s our time tower, which is super handy, that a bunch of random antlers on that too.

But it’s awesome, it adds to our decor and it keeps them off the ground. Josh is the archery deer. That’s my food year in velvet. My first deer is up at the very top and then my biggest archery typical, which I wish he was still in velvet. I killed him September11th and the velvet was pretty much falling off of him. That’s a 190 typical, my goat. Your 80 inch go 80 inch goat, which I killed like what was it a year like, I didn’t even get any tags. No, like one of my thank you, boys yeah two points. She drew a Southwest desert prawn, weren’t, a chase to other Bowl 360 Bowl yeah. Well, I’ve somehow those beams turn up in the genetics of that area. Of that other shed. I picked up oh yeah, how those beams go up like that. Just super super cool. That’s my first big big set that broke three. I think it’s over 190 and then my biggest six. We call him 14. Yeah 26 did a non-typical 16 typical four point and that’s the deadhead these sheds are over here. The Brit found these sheds off. Those are the sheds off that buck right there and we call him 14 because we found him and it was was it New Year’s Day or the day before it was something like that was 2014 yeah. It was the first day of New Year’s when we found you actually found the site off of him yeah and then the second day we picked up the deadhead off of him and then the second to the last day of 2014. We matched her shut up. Finally, yeah and we actually found another older set off of that buck that were just broke to crap. I don’t know if we kept on because they so it was like g2 is always there’s g2 and main beam, because everything was pretty much broke off of him and we got a Titan yep.

Oh, don’t mind my sink full of dishes. My kid didn’t. Do her dishes there’s Josh’s, there go good light right, muzzle loader we’ve got more big , typical yeah. I got lots of ran to the back antler as well. We got shits in our bed yeah, but I judge my office. I always joke that. We literally have antler in like every room. We do there’s Maggie she likes to follow the Sun. Throughout the day we got. Josh is big-oh elk that we just got. This is his 400 inch set of sheds that he found last year we had mounted up by Westland. I don’t know filming in the middle of the day, is kind of a pain in the butt, because the light does not want to stay consistent. That’s a big ol set. He worked hard to get that. He set himself a goal and he stuck to it. He was going to find a 400 inch set and this is Josh’s biggest set to date. We named him Titan, there’s another shed off of him and there’s a few other guys that have random sheds off him too mm-hmm. But this is my set and I love it and he scores 248 245, 245 and then this is my 60 inch beam help shed.

That’s my first dog shed to break a 60 inch beam and it barely did it. It was almost chewed off uh-huh. Well, it doesn’t want to focus hold on it doesn’t matter, but it was just barely there yeah, I mean think you’ll get in math step. I think so, okay, and then that shed that’s around the base of this is one I found last year that we need to get matched up and that one right there yeah that’s one that one is the one thatDale shed life found with a balloon. Wrapped around it there’s the story about it. You can go back into the archives and find it, but it was a pretty cool story and he gave me that shed so that well there’s this little cool one. If you want to see it he’s just a weird one, the course you know dick or shed lots of dust on it yeah. I don’t believe in dusting. Usually I hate dusting, in fact, where what else we have the show?

Oh yeah, we’ve got a bunch of antler some of your fine, your treasures, they’re , not like big fancy ones. Well, that one is a big one, but they’re ones that we won’t ever get matched up bunch of little things like this, going on with little tiny antlers. All about it, I totally integrate these into glass like Ryman, glass yeah. If I find old bottles and stuff, I keep them. I like that kind of, like old antique, you look so yeah. I turn my office now. This is the one I was telling you about. This is the first big big that I’ve ever found this bucks called double D. He was killed the next year. After this he was in a bunch of covert row, camera hat heavy, but a guy in Colorado actually has the other side to this one. I had it, we were mounting it and then he decided he didn’t want to let go of his side, so he got it back and now it sits here in my office by my computer, got US 190 set up there that it picked up a long time Ago, first coloring job yeah practice coloring on a 90-inch horn. It’s going to get picked. I just worried about it. This is actually a off of lucky. I dude that they killed on the strip. That was just absolutely yeah. It’s not just a bunch of chaos.

Okay, I saved this because of that I garden yeah on a meal they’re dumb. How long I don’t remember, there’s over nine inches yeah. It has to be happy, but that’s why I saved that not why this ones up here, you say you probably know somebody over here you’re talking about or something Yes, I do forget, where some chefs come from. Not amazing Pat is up there because this was the first prototype of the original flex, pin flat bill or bendable moldable bill full camo, nobody, a real hunting camo. Nobody ever had this we’re actually going to be coming out with another model of this hat. This same style of hat in a different camo pattern. Wonder if you guys can guess the new health that we’re having built like this and a different pattern. Camo pattern will every five dollars spanked or every hat Bop. We are going to donate five dollars to public lands, saving our public lands so we’re in the process right now, building a design and everything to go with that hat. But we were the first to ever, come out with a holy camel real honey camo, not some generic urban camo flex fit flat bill hat. That is also why it has the position up there right.

So this was the prototype. We changed it when they sent us. This one because the logo wasn’t big enough yeah so, but so that’s why it stays. There got my kids first turkeys up there. Oh here’s your little war to know where, Oh that light’s not helping a lot, but yes, we put all the pictures of Steffes. This is back when he actually had to develop a film hey guys. This is our senior prom become studious. You look yes you’re studious, so we had Austin Duke made that for us that for us, yeah, LF recalc said this was actually the logo for the crazy. On the podcast yeah, it was mm-hmm which we got to figure out. What we’re going to do with this is the set that he just barely picked up on yeah Saturday, just say: well, gee, cheese on this thing old and chalky, but we don’t care if we love antler for what it is exactly I mean. Obviously, we would like to find it in its best date, but I’ve had people asking why we’re not finding more Browns and I think it’s because they don’t understand the country. We show yeah exactly I’ve.

The most problems we’ve ever picked up and one year on the strip has been paid last year. I think you picked up two. I haven’t found a brown ribbon. Well, if I don’t find one this year, it’ll be here three years that I haven’t found a brown on the strip yeah and that’s just kind of that just goes with the territory – we’re not bent about it. No bro! I don’t share them for Browns huh. I don’t care what color they are. I just love sheds. I love shut honey. I want to pick up sets. I want to pick up big shifts. I just I want that. You have connections with ones. You’ve hunted one yeah stories about whatever yep. I just love that y’all good, so there it is guys there’s our little angler collection. We’ve got more somewhere and we’ve sold a lot of big stuff. I’ve sold, like I said, I’m so miss yeah sold a lot of big stuff stuff that just we got to keep, we got to keep the bills paid and we got to be able to keep going and so yeah. This is our. This is our full-time job and if we have to sell some as bad as I don’t ever want to sell antler, because I really don’t, if I had my way I’d ever ever found in a pile, but our dream is bigger than that yeah. If you keep this fueled and going that’s yeah and ultimately we have pictures and video and it’s been in our possession before and who knows, we might get it back. This is all 100 % ice yeah and we get rid of pretty much all of our elk. You know that just comes and goes because we use it for fueling the truck for more trips. That’s it! So that’s why you didn’t see a whole lot of.

Oh thanks guys. I appreciate everything. I hope you guys were enjoying the vlog and everything and, if there’s more stuff you guys want to see, let me know I had a couple vlogs that I was going to post. Unfortunately, I broke my phone lost all that footage because I hadn’t updated before I broke my phone. So, that’s why I’ve kind of taken a dip on what I’ve been posting lately, but we’ve got a new phone camera everything so we’re going to pick right back up where we left off starting this week. We’ve got this episode in another episode, four-wheeling with the kids. Actually, we probably already played that one. I don’t know. I don’t know whether I’m going to post these in but and then we’ve got a couple shed hunting episodes all this week, so we’ll be dropping four episodes starting today.

Yes, we would love if you guys have any questions that you would like answered, put them in the comments and we’ll make that part of one of our daily vlogs or sorry to say daily. It’s not a bay leaf it. I just don’t know that’s so hard to decide. What’s not, but then on top of it, I want to share everything with you guys. I really do like vlogging. I do um. So I’m kind of it’s it’s a mix. I want to put out good quality hunting videos shed hunting, vlogs mixed with daily vlogs, and so we’re going to get a little bit volt. If you like one and don’t like the other well you’ll have more stuff thanks guys, please like subscribe and comment and see you tomorrow,




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