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Bonsai Shed Hunting

HI guys I have arrived, I’ve made it to where I want to be I’m flying solo this week, not because I had to or I want to pretty much just because I’ve got a lot going on, and this was a spur-of-the-moment trip literally like decided last night And I packed this morning, I mean that’s why it’s late morning, right now, instead of getting up at 4:00 to take off or 3:30, I got up at 3:30 impact, so I got a little bit later start than I wanted, but this week I’ve got a lot Going on I’m going to hit it today, Tuesday, tomorrow Wednesday Thursday me and my daughter going to go hike, Zion Park, Zion National Park, something she’s been wanting to do and then Friday, Saturday Sunday, I’m heading to the hills out shy, don’t land into my son Jayden!

We’re heading out this weekend and I’m stoked. I can’t wait for two reasons: one I get to go out with my best friend. Finally, in two I get to get out with my boy just me and him and get some bonding time, we’ll father-son time together little man time, so nothing against you, girls, it’s just I’m going to go spend Thursday with my daughter and then I’m going to go Hit the hills with my son, so I think it’s important to do that and get out with your kids individually and bond with them. I didn’t get a chance to do that most of their younger years, because I was a slave to a job that didn’t appreciate me, so I spent way too much time for them and not enough for my family, so that is one blessing to do. What I do now, with all the guiding and hunting his shed hunting is, I am home so much more so much more than I ever was with the pretty much slave job that I had so yeah. I’m uh, I’m looking forward to it, got a lot going. Pretty much from now to the end of May, I’m slammed on booked, so I decided to come here to hit hit an area. That’s one of my favorite spots. I don’t hit it. It’s been a well over a year well over here, since I’ve been here and it’s just because, usually when I go of a goal with like a lot of guys in you know, when we do that, we go new countries to nobody’s feelings, get hurt I’ll pick. The area and then the spot, but it’s new – it’s not stuff that I’ve hit.

So I do that quite a bit. There are a few spots that I do take buddies into, but there’s also a handful spots. They don’t take. Anybody in this year has been filled up with trying to match stuff up and find you know certain deer, certain elk. So there’s there hasn’t been a lot of time to go just hit spots that you like, and usually the spot, produces quite a few elk sheds. It’s kind of off the map and really thick steep country um. It does get hit, but a lot gets missed because of how thick it is. So you’re we’re usually going to be picking up. You know an occasional chalk, but mostly what we’re going to find in here is going to be hard white and brown so stuff that was missed last year and stuff. That’s on the ground now so get my pack ready to go. I just got my boots on, so I’m ready to rock and roll now just get packed loaded up, get some water. Let’s go hammer it till it gets dark. We got about nine hours of light left, so should be a good time. Let’s go add necks, like I said this country gets hit, see ya. Okay, we got one. Finally, I’ve been a couple hours. We’ve had to really push it out. Move ocelots, attracts old track couple weeks old track this weekend tracks from people. So we pretty much do what you got to do and I keep going until you run out of track.

So we have. I haven’t, seen a track for about 20 minutes now and just come up on this hard way, almost walk by it. It’s just a little guy right. There say thank you yeah, goon or white school now, hopefully, if we can see, got room to keep going this way and we can get into a few more time so far paying off. It’s been about ten minutes since I’ve found this one and if you spot another one they’re not here and it looks like oh boy, that’s awesome. I think you think thank you. It is heck yeah, another hard, whitey I’ll, tell you we’re either going to find Browns and we’re going to find hard white you’ll phone, what a loon shop, but that’s, okay! I don’t! I don’t discriminate on any Antley. I don’t love it all, but when I’m picking up else I’ve done picked up hard light and brown. It’s good start keep going alright. So it’s been a little bit probably an hour since I picked up those last two. It took a minute to come all the way up over the top we’re going to drop down right now or drop it down. This big nasty Canyon still be horns in it. I’m sure I’m hoping, but I got I hit more boot trucks up top. So that’s why we’re dropping down, but we got one. It looks like that’s a little shock right there. Maybe first year type thing being John. I can see why yeah nobody.

You can’t gossip in your any sagging from that angle with that freeze there and if you’re up top you’re looking down you’re , not going to see persepolis and I have to, I think she would drop perfectly. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Dick big dents learn to that’s what we like so forget, this strapped on and keep working down. Okay, nice little surprise here, good right here! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you actually think it’s hard light sitting in this water. Well, oh yeah, it is Wow split G for get back in any way. They think, since we might have to loop around right here and see pretty much every way up at the cool buck, but good luck, a good one! Oh yeah! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love finding big deer smile on my face now, but people you match up up all right, so I seriously almost walked right back. A little hard white oak said trying to find the match to that dang. Thank you. Look at this alright. So we’re just still looping around. We got a little sagebrush patch here, I’m going through looking for this deer shed and we got a hard white stuck in the ground all right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh man was he in tough day guys hI guys what’s happening so friends, pretty much set be dark here before long. So I excited. I was close enough getting back to the truck. I said. Let’s just call it get a jump start. I’m going to sit down II got my safeguard food chicken right there, yeah occupation and beef journal tonight, and then I’m going to scoring this a shed right here and sit here, listens to music and make a plan for tomorrow. But tomorrow I’m going to get up as early as possible try to maximize the full day, especially if I go try to match this thing up.

So, let’s see, let’s see here, ponder why square this antler and have some dinner and figure out what we’re going to do. I’m beat, though I didn’t get much sleep last night. Never do it judge me now right, oh, we would have screwed up way too late. The night before you get about two three hours max: usually it dries five hours four hours, three hours out of the foster. Nowhere we go it’s close everywhere is a frickin drive and on all day long, and it’s usually early to bed it out to that sub kind of living. Like a hermit here out of the truck right now, everything’s pretty much a mess. My clothes bags pants or down here my bags drinks taped off mud and again some it told you what everything was you guys are pretty. Probably smart enough to know. I told you, I’m tired, I’m delirious. Oh, look it’s seriously so good, not missing out at all. Good to taste so good good morning, guys I so we’ve already been going for a little bit on a nice morning – hike mental of the mornings, my favorite time of the day by far hands down, there’s no time into the day better than the mornings. From the time the Sun starts coming up to about usually nine ten o’clock right in there. That’s the best part of the day, so anyways know a little bit more about me.

There we go a little bit and we got [. __ ] finally actually looks a little chalky been hiding here, underneath this branch, pretty good-sized shed too not bad at all, give it your goodness a little bit. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s chalky, but it’s not super choc yourself, maybe two years after being heard white, so probably three, four year old, one good, solid horn, though nice big horn, we’re not too terribly far from a direction we’ll be coming back in so instead of packing this all day, I’m going to stash all right finally have a going and going and going and not turning anything else, but we got one right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s hard light broke battle rock now. I can figure this out a little bit more. We should be able to get into a couple more there’s, no reason or not. There’s plenty of tracks everywhere, just stick country, so Glassman chomping back helpful, but we do have some country we’re coming up to on the map. It looks like I might be able to sit down and camp behind the loopholes and hopefully pick something up grab this in his old man. Oh man, there’s a welcoming sight, I’m just getting my butt kicked today. Yeah we got it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you about 10 minutes ago I stepped over, a Budweiser can mmm, there’s two-year-old horn right there, borderline hard life, I say still is I just stepped like ten minutes ago I stepped over a Budweiser. Can I don’t? I don’t know how you hike and drink beer? I just I don’t get that right there. I couldn’t do it so my hats off to you yeah good life sleep. I guess they could be riding horse, but this is your crappy horse country we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing covering country till we find one here, one there we get into them.

One of the two is going to happen, so I just hope it’s the other one, the first one on the Speck. I don’t want to keep going. I want to find them side, I’m something fun. It’s still a good day on the mountain and almost smile. There’s nothing not to be smiling about, so let’s keep going alright. What’s up guys so just been going and going I mean it’s all. I can do there’s a lot of country here. There’s a lot of sign, but nothing is it different this year and it has been hit. I don’t know how hard, but there is sign, so it’s just been a different year in here. I don’t think missed any Browns, but I think I haven’t found me out either until now. Finally, finally found one thank you thinking, I almost walked by it. I was actually heading this way and just happened to turn and look and see it Thanks. So awesome, that is what we’re asking. God is what I expect to find anything now that we figure something out or it’s just this is this just an oddball, it’s been on the gone for a little bit. It feels like, let’s circle around, to diff I’ll. Let you know how much pain I’m in right now and it’s all for you guys, because I want to show you actually what I go through all the time out here.

So without further ado, yes, the very inside of my calf, and it feels freaking, awesome mm-hmm. So I’m going to get the pocket knife out, pry them off and then hopefully be able to pick out the other ones. Damn it just get a little one. In my finger right, there he’s going to happen: , Oh no son. So there you go hope that was entertaining for you, except it feels good. It’s not the first time the day I’ve got cactus in my leg, but it was definitely the best one to show you guys. We try Jones hI guys, so this is kind of cool. I just stepped. They just snuck up on a bowl here napping up under this tree, probably 20 yard delay and he’s already grown out and he’s got his front started. He’s got back, his bean goes back and he’s starting second on each side and coming up around the tree about where he was just standing in that swing. It’s a big J and grow a little older number years old, I’d like to fix it .

Oh trains going to be. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That is pretty cool Cleveland, all right, that’s better and this one is the hard white last year’s actually still is kind of cover on it. Thank you. Thank you. Anything good almost goes around check this year. I need to write a struggle for minute beautiful car, nice color, a creepy thing. No bird Wow looks like talking like a god brownie here. Oh, no, it’s actually a broken piece well back into the booth, but that is a brandy in weights. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Wow things light. It looks like styrofoam for me, bro just on us to get brownie just still slow go caverns what’s possible. We got a guy right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yeah man, the gurney, just I think, is cool too. Through the way I think built. Curly white, bein, curly white tips that isn’t pretty pretty one power. Blood I’ll actually go there and see that and then one can double the Ingram cuz I going to nice high. Hopefully we can get a couple more. Oh there’s the other side right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. God. I love. When that happens. Whoa yeah! You get that right there, man that feels like such a good victory, copter the way the days and going the heat. So I’m going to pause this, so I can actually get out in front and we’ll be clean. I, hopefully you can see all of me not a giant set by any means, but a super cool set. After all the hard work today, the long miles definitely unique bowling. He would have sat on his head, so goofy. I don’t even know like that. The other thing is the early cuckoo and they haven’t been on the ground very long. We there’s hair on the base and still loving the color of blood. You can see, it hasn’t, got a white, it is drowning.


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