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Utah Muzzloader Hunting Mule Deer

But we’re going to cite in the muzzleloader I just put. I just put a loophole 3×9 on it. I was going to put the vx5, but we have ring issues so there’s just there’s no time to mess with the ring issue. Right now, with the hunt come in so du/dr we are going to head out and get her all sighted in so Jays ready come Wednesday morning. It’s Monday evening, right now, so let’s go get it so dnj yeah southern Utah snow in September. My wife’s video is playing she’s going to post to Instagram with one eggs.

So what we’re doing today is we’re going out. Scouting chase got a MustI tag here in southern Utah. We’re going to go do a little scouting this morning and then be planning on finishing the morning out early afternoon with putting some chiseler. But I don’t know if that’s going to happen and it’s quite a bit of snow, I’m pretty surprised and see this much snow. We don’t usually see this much snow most of the winter yeah he’s moving. Wait till he stops take a deep breath right, don’t like it hit.

Okay, I totally jumped get reloaded. You got your eyes on him, what’s up guys, so it is morning. Number two of the Utah muzzleloader hunt and yesterday we turned up a giant, and this morning we found him again. He he was heading into the trees when I glossed him up this morning, and so me and che put a little game plan together. I put Shay out in the open and I ran around and got out in front of him in the trees and pushed him, and it actually happened. Really quick Shay wasn’t fully set up yeah. I wasn’t even ready for him to start pushing, but it all worked exactly the way we wanted it to just not yeah they he ran. He ran right. Past J and J got a shot off and missed, but he was on a full run.

So we are going to head down into town and go check the sights on the gun, make sure everything’s still zeroed yesterday che took the spill. For starters, the country we started offering yesterday is like a kind of sandstone and granite, but it’s got a whole bunch of really really small, loose grayish granite II rock over the top of it and there’s a bunch of that country. It’s almost like walking on marbles in really slippery and che, took a spill yesterday and the gun took a spill with him, and so we’re going to go check the zero on the gun just to make sure, and on top of it Brit is not with us Right now, because she yesterday also took a spill up in there, a nasty nasty spill and landed right on a telephone and we’re pretty sure her toe bones broke. She can’t hardly walk lots of pain. She heard a crack and felt the crack when she fell, but yeah just it was really nasty country and really slippery instance flops so Rick and giant giant it’ll be the biggest deer. That’s been killed in our house when he killed him. If he can kill him all right, he’s going to kill him.

We just got to get another opportunity on it, so we’ll go check zero. Nowhere and get back out there. It’Ll go through my son, my mom, you miss a giant at 50 yards. I’m going to give you a hard time all day long, I’m not either tell him fifty-yard. He tell us what happened this morning come on what happened this morning today. What happened this morning out of him? What happened? This 150 yards bro , come to the end of the day, we’re hiking down to the road. When I saw some bucks tonight, just not the big boy were looking for. It was closed this morning, . We did that push tied to run by Chaia picked the yard, if only he wouldn’t been running it for CJ could have smack him. I got a little excited. I guess I pushed him too soon, but really didn’t mean to push him to see me just pay for summaries, and he wanted to take off before I was even than I needed to be. It worked out, though it luckily pushed him right to Chayton likely a plan, but between me pushing him too soon. J wasn’t 100 % ready just couldn’t make it work, not hunting he’s a noob and not stuffy skin. He’s learning like don’t lead an animal at that that closer range [, Music, ] yeah. He wasn’t leading him too much, but he was hunting him like with a shot basically . He should have just put it back on him in let it happen but, like I said, that’s part of learning as part of huntin, we killed every big deer. We had we’ve seen I had a chance to, I don’t think it’d be as fun. I know I miss my fair share of giants, we’ll be back at it tomorrow. do not see could’ve been translating more give it. Some dinner put her feet up. Take shower, he does hey,

What’s up guys, so we got those. We had a group of bucks this morning in this draw. We couldn’t see all of them really well. This draws really thick, so we decided to just let him bet down, give it a little bit middle of the day. Now everything should be nice and relaxed. We are going to . Do we’re going to do a little push for chase. Oh, I set them up just across from where these deer are bedded. We got one Canyon, his farthest shots like 250, but uh. I got him in Brit setup and I’ve come all the way up over the top of the mountain and I’m down the backside. Now now I’m going to loop around to this Canyon. It’s actually like a kid. It’s a canyon, but it’s like a saddle for this mountain right here, so I’m going to I’m dropping down I’m almost there.

Now I’m going to hit the end of this, and I’m just going to push it right to him these deer, usually when they leave this draw this saddle they do two things: either side hill to the left or they drop straight down and cross the canyon going Right to Jay and Brit so we’re across our fingers that that’s what they do, but they don’t do it we’re going to go kind of slow cuz. I don’t want them going at full speed, so here goes let’s. Hopefully he gets a you get the shot. There’s a good book or even finds the deer we’ve been looking for the big one, so fingers crossed review. Oh you saw the gun. We just turned up another freaking giant. That’s two now closest we could get crawling on her hands and knees was 200 yards set J up he took his time, took the shot. Neither one of us could see what kind of hit he had or, if you did hit because of the smoke, but he took off on a dead run, we’re really quick. I just ran back up to get the back shades on here on his tracks.

I’m going to follow him for a little bit, see if we got blood but probably going to , mark it and come back in the morning to get into dark now man, it smells water hunts and one for the books. That’s for sure, we’ll get it, though. I’m feeling great about this one it’ll mark everything get a little pep talk. I don’t want to get you down and bummed. At least it wasn’t. Fifty arts, I have to see you , [, Music, ] well, 2017 Utah muzzleloader has come to an end. J-Just took a couple shots at a really nice 3×4 after missing the giant this morning again and I’ve preached and preached and preached about how this kid can shoot, because he really can he’s he’s a hell of a natural shot. I mean he just gets. It always has been, and this muzzleloader season he is shot.

Okay, so we’ve shot a lot and I just thought – maybe buck fever, but actually after tonight having this rock as a rest in his backpack and having that bucket 200 yards and he hit super high and super far right so looks like we needed to go. Do a little sighting into that gun figure out what happened, how bad he knocked it off he’s he’s turf did a couple times, he’s turf did a couple times and the dirt guns hit the ground. So man frustrating, but we’re not done he’s, got the rifle hunt. We just got to wait a couple weeks before that kicks off, and hopefully these Bucks are still here and we can get on one. So nothing like missing a couple: 200-inch plus bucks – oh well, hunting for yeah. So it’s been fun. Now we’re going to hike back to the rover, we’re not too worried cuz. We still got the rifle hunt, which I think is October’s 21st October 21st. So today’s October 1st 1 21 days, we will be chasing deer again with a rifle and hopefully he can hit one of these giants, or hopefully one of these giants are still here yeah he can shoot, we will definitely be shooting and shooting him a lot more. I think we’re going to start focusing a little bit more on the mozzie huh yeah, now that these guys are old enough to kind of handle things themselves with. It have kind of not pushed the muzzleloader too much along with the bow with them growing up and until they’re kind of old enough to handle everything that’s going on by themselves.

So I think he’s got it down and I think we can. We can start applying for that kind of stuff, so it’s been one for the books. That’s for sure. I have been the funnest night ever yeah. It has I’ve. Never seen this many giant. I mean absolute Giants, guys I’m talking like 195 to 210 easy all day. Long we’ve had we’ve picked up three big bucks, the biggest being between two oh five to ten, the other being between the number two being between 200 205 and then like a low one, 90s high one 80s buck. We actually found that today so – and this is a new buck we haven’t even seen yet so yeah, it’s been been a pretty rad huh, I’m I’m wishing I had tagged, but oh well next year, I’ll definitely have a tag.

Next year I’ve been building bonus points. So yeah yeah, that’s all she wrote for southern Utah MissourI huh as of right now, if we get another one in we’ll, let you know but we’re pretty much calling her quits right now and Jays got to get back to school starting tomorrow and then it’s on To the rifle, so thanks for watching guys, we appreciate it. This year’s been rough. It’s been one of them years, we’re not a lot of stuffs, getting killed, we’re hunting our guts out and we’re having a lot of fun doing it so and but on top of it to every hunt. I’ve been on I’ve found at least a 195 to 215, except for my out crit. Well, I found a 192 couple: 190 bucks but 195 or 192 215 buck on every hunt. Now we just haven’t been able to connect so just one of them years.

So no worries, though, not killing we’re having fun to lifestyle, we’re not trying to promote killing animals all the time I mean this isn’t one of them. I shows where you guys got to see a kill shot on everything, we’re trying to promote a lifestyle, how we do what we do and why we do it and why we love it so and just take you guys, along on the adventure. So please share like subscribe and help us out guys you guys what really makes it possible for us to do this so and my family thanks you. So thank you see you guys later




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