Sportsman Box Opening! Plus The Best Crockpot Elk Roast Ever!! Antler Trader

The Best Crockpot Elk Roast Ever

We get our July Sportsman’s Box and it is awesome with great products Plus Brit makes the Best Crockpot Elk Roast ever!!!

Good morning guys, so here we are we’re out on the strip setting cams or checking cams. Actually, this go-round left about – I don’t know – probably five o’clock yesterday morning and on our way on our way out. We decided to check the mail from the day before, since we knew we’d be gone for a few days and we got our sportsman’s boxes.

They are so we decided you know they’re too early in the morning. To do anything we wanted to know is in them. So we just threw them in the in the truck and brought them out with us and yeah they’re , pretty cool, there’s. Definitely some stuff in here we’re going to use on this little adventure. This is this is exactly how we just we just barely opened it. So we’re going to show you what it’s like to get one of these in the mail get lots of this fun little grass and you get like that’s like treat yourself. That’s what it’s like.

Okay, so there’s the Hat for Josh. What else do we got? What else we got yeah we had some yesterday me Brett, run into woody out here and we broke into that. This stuff is on. We can believe of all jerky. It’s got so much flavor and it’s like got this yummy like sweet glaze on it. Oh, it’s freakin, unbelievable, so good! I am a customer for life on this stuff and I never would have even known this stuff existed if I didn’t get a sportsman’s box, so that’s the value of that getting your product out there in front of people that otherwise May not know. I’M pretty interested in this stuff. I got ta. Do this remington scent control technology, it’s made by Remington, so how bad could it be? We already make amazing guns, rinse, free, hair and body treatment for hunters, and it says scent free.

So I’m imagining that there should not be a scent unsent e, very cool, and this is your shirt already open mine like I’m this spoiler. This is such a soft nice t-shirt, little maker put it on see how it fits from browning in the back of it. That’s my favorite part, and there is this it comes inside. It gives you guys, like a brief rundown on what everything is who it’s by, where you can get it from Plus look win this stealth cam, heck yeah. All you need to do is share pictures of this box and then put this hashtag on your Instagram page Facebook whatever, and you could possibly win that. So that’s just another part of the Sportsman’s box. That gives you an opportunity to win cool stuff too holy crap.

The neck is tiny: let’s get fit then, for you froze your sizing yeah. That fits really good. It’s super comfy, let’s back up, so we can get the full effect here. It’s really lightweight, it doesn’t feel hot, but it feels like durable, like that. It’Ll hold up out here, then it won’t snag or whatever this could be. One of my new favorite hunting shirts. It’s not see-through like some of them. No, I sportsman’s box, like it so yeah, that’s the Sportsman’s box. You get it once a month. It’s a monthly subscription for $ 39 a month. You can’t beat it no, no, no any products in front of you that you May not otherwise know about yeah and it’s fun. It’s always exciting. I mean we brought them all the way out to the strip. We were so excited when we saw him in the middle yesterday morning that we’re like yeah we’re not going to wait we’re taking him. It’s like an adult’s like surprise, yeah yeah. You treat yourself give yourself a gift once a month, so check him out guys sportsman’s box there pretty rad, very cool,

I’m going to eat on my bacon, jerky nominate all you big, rich, getting ready to make us some we’re taking a lunch. Pitstop. Add this good idea, I’m going to make peanut butter and bacon sandwiches with our sportsmen box. Bacon is going to , be hey, we’ll give it a try, we’ll get gourmet out here on the Arizona Strip or jiff the hell uh. I don’t like too much do you want me to make yours first, I don’t care just make one whatever one you want. I don’t need to film having two okay, so there’s a peanut butter and now look at that. It’s like yummy yummy. I thought your vendors big boom every piece has bacon. That piece needs peanut butter. What that other piece needs be, do you think I should put peanut butter on the Sun? I do? Oh, don’t you know, I don’t know, I think that’ll make it right there. Okay, that way, you got stuff on both sides, both pieces of bread. You know I just need to drive read like I could cut my fingers all right boom now watch and we’ll do it like the Food Channel and be like. Oh, I didn’t even cut it like your knifes. I just need a sandwich like a sandwich. It’s weighted doing thinking about you, I mean so the bacon so again, mm-hmm. That’s really good. I’ve never had um, even just peanut butter bacon like normal.

Okay, now she’s going to make me say I mentioned I’m going to finish clean up the gas hI guys today, I am going to show you how to make MississippI roast. This is an elk sirloin, roast that my son harvested this last year and looks like some goodie in my ears. So what I did to start is, I just took the meat I’ll put this recipe. Oh and you guys can follow it here. You just take your flour and you massage it into the meat with some salt and pepper, and then you put some canola oil in your frying pan and turn your heat on high and then you just basically just brown it up. This is already all set and ready to go, and it’s going to go into the crock pot over here like that.

Okay, then we’re going to do we’re going to add our butter and our pepper teenys to the mix. It’s four tablespoons of butter. We like Bluebonnet. He needs whatever you want, though ten pepper, Cheney’s, so we’ll count them up. This is the Brenda pepper teenies that we used okay. So next, then I’m going to stick. I’M going to turn this on low, so eight hours put the lid on that first set and then in a bowl it says to add our mayo, vinegar, Adil paprika. So two tablespoons of mayo – and I am one of those like I do a proximate measuring one. Then 1/4 teaspoon of dill weed brand-new. I was talking to Josh about this. Maybe isn’t of you will know why do people call each other dill weed like what? What about this insinuates that you are stupid? That’s what that means! Right! Ok, quarter! Teaspoon of a dill weed and then eight teaspoon of paprika – and I don’t have an eighth teaspoon.

So I’m going to just do half of the quarter just like a pen, ranch consistency and then I’ll get a little spatula and clean off the side so that I get all of the spice in it. Okay, so I’m just kind of spreading my butter all over. So that I can put the salt on – and this just needs to be spread all over the top of the meat just like that, a really quick and easy dinner – and I love crock pot cooking. Just for that reason, cuz you can kind of fix it and forget it. So now it’s going to sit there and cook for eight hours on low and we’ll be back and show you how that looks you, okay, so now we’re all shredded up about 30. More minutes how delicious and wonderful is it that is by far the best of elk roast I have ever had yeah, I think so too. I mean I honestly mean that good, that it is seriously honey. I’M diggin it. I won’t eat up roast any other way from now on yeah and it was really easy. That’s unreal! It’s so good!



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