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Sportsmans Box

HI guys, I am here to show you this month, sportsman’s box. It is sep tember and the theme is beat the elements.

So let’s get started see what kind of is that it’s always super fun to see all the different little treats and stuff each month of what they come up with this end yet so our first item is farmed feet. Socks. I love socks. Socks are so important. These look really well built super cushiony and the seam at the toes, which I don’t know if you guys are, as particular as I am, but the seam on the toes is so important to me, because it will rub on my toes and it totally just like Sucks, so these are awesome socks. I’ve never tried this brand before so I’m super excited to give these a try, definitely well worth just the boxes value in itself a next. We have the game bag, it’s an antimicrobial game bag and it is awesome to keep your meat clean, lessens the chance of bacteria and why not getting on it. So this is super nice to have it taken care of. For me, everybody needs one of these on their hunt, so how nice is that sportsman box to it carrot, take care of it for me. Thank you, okay. Our next item is this: carbon skin glow smoke winter.

So the cool thing about this stuff is, if you just take a light, I say on your phone or if you have a flashlight while you’re out you just hold the light to it, it charges it glows in the dark so that you can check your wind In the dark, which is pretty awesome, just like puffs up a little cloud of glow in the dark dust, so cool, very nice, those are fun make sure I had it from a kid okay. Next up we have hearty face paint. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this company. I personally have never used face paint and it’s um, it’s just something that I would like to try. I just have never been on a hunt that I found it necessary to use, but this stuff looks really awesome. Its water resistant, sweat, resistant, smudge-proof non-greasy, which is super important to me, because I don’t like to just smear just anything on my face just for breakout purposes and all that. So that’s really awesome a great selling point, plus its scent free, so perfect. For the archery hunters and stuff, there’s that – and I have got a la vez – jerky honey, chipotle beef jerky – this my boys already broken too. So that’s why it looks like this come with that, but I’m going to try a piece, I’m a big fan of jerky.

It’s awesome to have in your pack, while you’re out on day hikes or whatever, just to keep your body going. It’s turkey really go. It’s got good flavor. That was our Wallace jerky, very good, and once but not least, we got the tip release or spray and melon test kit. This is pretty cool um. What I have never had a tick on me, but from what I’ve heard our region this year is supposed to be like at all-time high, so this will be super good to have I’m scared to death of ticks. I don’t like everything that we picked out there, those school I’ll completely just stick this in my pack just to have why we’re out there. So that’s an awesome thing to have things that maybe you might not necessarily think about meeting but once interior in your sport. Since box, you use it and you’re like how did I live without that? So that’s the great thing about the sportsman’s box, they’re , introducing you to new products, new companies and a lot of things that I’ve gotten we’ve got three boxes so far um. I would have never known about the items, but now, like I’m a customer of these companies, so that’s a great thing about the sportsman Fox.

These also make great gifts and christmas is coming. So keep that in mind – and oh also, I ought to throw in their tips every month, if you post a picture of your box on instagram with the hashtag sportsman’s box, and you get injured in to win whatever that months. Prizes this month is at risk, and so that’s one hundred twenty dollars right there very more well worth its price. I got chaminda so that is the sportsman’s box. 4 sep tember 2006 t full of awesome goodies that you can definitely use not stuff that you’re just going to like set in a corner and never never need. This is all stuff. That’s very valuable, and the awesome thing about the box is that they try to coordinate the items with the specific month, so you’re not giving something. That’s a summer product in the winter, they’re definitely spot on that kind of stuff. If you guys have tried to make these products leave us a comment, and let us know what’s what are some of your favorite things like also we’re always looking for new products to feature in the sportsman’s box, so you guys have a product that you think that Was good in a subscription box like this post it down, we would love to check them out, we’re always on the look for a great new companies that were looking to spread their spread, their product be sure to follow us on Instagram.

I am shed many babes, and also my husband and on twitter follow us for daily updates, you’re trying to keep everybody updated with what we’re doing we’re getting ready for elk hunt next week. So that will be something we’ll be posting about. Also, please Like share and subscribe. We appreciate everybody support and look forward to seeing you guys


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