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[, Music, ] The developer sportsman’s bothers, and this month sportsmen box is actually right up hidden in stings alley. Vulgarity. Like I Pete, I got an idea, I’m going to . Actually, I’m Garrett Mike go over there and see if they can, as you can educate me a little bit on some of these calls. Okay, so they don’t know one event. I guarantee looks like the truth in calling all coyotes 112 nice yeah I’ll be a little fun pop it in the VCR tonight or DVD player, whatever yeah I really like to get into the coyote. I think we just were so wrapped up in chanting. All the time that we rarely make time for anything else, I have a very short like hunting season.

Then then we’re all in but shed hunting really yeah. For me, it’s like Bowl yeah, we’re actually going to , be doing some shed honey. Look like guys, and hopefully Garrett this year, yeah Micah for sure. We’ve already talked about the trip we got coming up, but yeah. We need to get when you give them guys that maybe educate us a little bit and see just how to do that, because I’m a road dog hunter guys. I shoot coyotes, but I shoot paddles when I see cats – and you know we’re not very successful callers. I just like said I don’t yeah, it’s like we’re just drinking right: okay, okay, let’s see what else we’ve got here. We’ve got pink jerky free-range turkey, jerky sriracha honey. Oh he did he put sriracha on every thing. Can you blame me? Sriracha is awesome. I love like nuts about that.

So we’ll need to try that how about you and me the trier yeah break it over I’m go home from dinner. Betty, oh yeah, actually, yeah! You know it actually smells like the tuna. The two snacks go like comes with crackers and already big stuff yeah, this stuff we keep in our pack. It smells like. I love jerky for hiking, hmm, there’s not much like. I like power bars. Energy bars, no see how that’ll give me energy. That I mean I’m not eating cosmic brownies to eat those, no, but like seriously jerky protein bars all that my bag is always stocked with that stuff, because I don’t like to get hungry I’m out on the mountain. I don’t, on the other hand, barely pack enough water, let alone food yeah actually is really good. I’M not going to eat the rest of it here in about five minutes yeah. That was really good.

We’ve got roburt knives by American Buffalo knife tools. I’M a knife order: how about cow burrow in all of us. We got open that bad. Well, let’s see what there is okay, I have a way of playing I’m so like nice, oh wow, that is that’s two-tone would agree in there. Yeah has this little stiff but we’ll break her in pretty slick I like it. Actually it got a good handle on it. For me, too yeah. It looks really well built, like that’s a nice knife. There you go nice good night, raspy, rabbit and shrill squeal, or we should try this. That was right. What they’re , like eh see the times are over. They sent the rover knife for you guys, so you can open your eye. I know it’s awesome. Huh whoa. Are they stuck together? They are yes, so you always got both of them. Oh, so you can like twist it and change all right now. Don’t judge me. I need to see how these work really quick.

Okay, what do we got the rowdy rabbit and the shrill squeal earth? [ Applause ]? That is jingle bells? Okay, so I’m going to be real, quick. What that said before a year. That’s how you get the shrill scream, all the dogs to your yard? Okay, so it says a value added in versatile call that enables you to switch instantly from raspy to shrill, with just the top of your wrist, some loud for long range, calling or soft for close range, calling that’s pretty cool. So yeah I told you, I got a short attention span ball! That’s why these are so cool right here I mean perfect, yes, Jillian again, but look at that. I mean you otherwise would not it’s all done for you know which makes it that much better and valued it over. Like 75 bucks, that’s freaking awesome, that’s an awesome gift! No-Brainer!

The job has done for you, ladies, like you, don’t have to worry about going and picking out anything says that for you they always have awesome stuff. In every box, absolutely every box important thing cool. We have enjoyed almost every single one. I really like that. They make the boxes like a theme yeah like so you get items that go together naturally. Well, it’s always about the time when that’s what you should be doing or no, you know what you have going on: yep um. They have never failed us.

We absolutely love our sportsman’s box. They’re super fun to get absolutely so. What’s this month, surprise um, also everybody you get a you get to put in for electronic game call, that’s a sweet electronic game call to by Western rivers, and it is Pro 1000 PE 100. Still the Manus Pro MP 100 electronic game call that’s sweet wall sweets. Now we’re going to do is a hashtag sportsman’s box with a picture of yours works with box on Instagram, take a picture posted on the Instagram hashtag at Sportsman’s box. You’re injured. These guys are awesome guys they really really are. They they’ve supported us for a while. Now, yes, we love what they’re doing and we want to help them grow and we want to grow with them. That way.

One day you know we do have a great partnership with them and it’s it’s all about the positive grateful thankful and helpful help each other out guys build each other up, don’t tear each other down we’re here. To help I mean I want, as many of you guys out there that watch us. I want you guys to start YouTube channels and follow your passions and stuff and support you guys. I mean YouTube channels to be happy there. Bill is, and unfortunately guys I mean not – everybody likes that not ever he’s going to .

Do that, but that’s okay, that’s not everything is for everybody. Do what you want to do. Do you don’t worry about other people? Do you guys have any comments or questions or ideas post them below? We always reread every single one, and we will answer back to you as fast as possible. Sometimes it takes a little bit we get over, we will get to it most. Definitely so does the favor head over to Instagram on Facebook and they should have a YouTube channel now and get out subscribe and support sportsman box for us tell them. We sent you. Yes, if you let them know that we sent you that helps us in return. So don’t you say if you like any of these products whatever, if you mention us that that helps us so yeah? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you see you guys later you


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