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Deer In The Snow

Well good morning, guys so uh, God giveth and God taketh away. We woke up the snow them this morning and which is awesome. I’ve already just in the short amount of time I’ve got the bill. I’ve been able to glass. I’ve already turned up more dear today than we’ve seen the past two days combined, but as soon as I was able to start turning them up and finding them the fog’s rolling in got ta love it. Hopefully, it just blows through really quick and we can get back to class and some country other than that. We’re just looking right below us. We’re going to move around today and awesome new country after this spot. If we don’t turn something up, we’re stock and I’ve seen seen twelve deer so far, twelve doze and two little bucks just chasing the crap out of a couple does that I mean little bucks like one two year: old deer, 80-inch, 80-inch, three and four point type Del just super little super young, but sent you know lights just hitting stuffs going to be moving with all this snow on the ground, just sucks the fogs blowing in it’s not one thing, it’s another we’ll keep battling through it we’ll get some stocks put down.

So I see you guys in a bit ah HI guys we got that buck, we got a buck bound, Matt spotted in this morning. We had fog roll in and we couldn’t see anything so Matt took off to cover some ground with the fog cover and we can see again and he’s just laying right out in the wide open he’s got a couple toes with him that are just milling around And eat and Matt’s about three-quarters of the way to him right now see how this goes grounds quiet. Hopefully it works out, stay tuned, you all right, so we’re still about a hour or we’re about an hour and a half in stock right now, Matt’s over there close to him somewhere, I haven’t been able to. I haven’t been able to pick them up yet, but about 20 minutes ago that buck stood up and he’s just standing there he hasn’t moved. I don’t know if it’s Matt that he sees or if it’s a herd or if he’s just being a deer. I can’t tell I don’t know exactly where Matt’s at at the moment, yeah, so not a almost two hours later, Matt Matt got within 40 yards of that buck, but he had some trees in the way and, like usual, one doe, we didn’t see or know about Busted him he ran down the hill into the canyon, so we’re going to load up drop down and go pick. Matt up he’s a little ways down the road, so hopefully go find something else, and do it again get another stock in today and be awesome. I go dry out to it’s pretty much been snowing or raining on us all morning. Drop off this cliffside. This lift up guys.

We are back at the ranch house today, despite starting off a little miserable and crappy it. It ended up being a good morning. We got mad on that stock. On that buck, you got within 40 yards and a doe that we just didn’t see. The fog was so bad all morning. It was off and on visibility and there’s just one doe we didn’t see and she was downwind and blew at him and he couldn’t get around the tree to make the shot. So the buck ran down the hill and then he actually almost got back on him again as he was coming off the hill down to get picked up at the pond and he got within 120 of him at that time. But he just he couldn’t make a move to get closer and still see the buck. So he was just in a bad spot, but anyways evening kind of sucked saw a little forked horn and a couple doves and a bald eagle, and that was about it. So we’re we’re going to go and have some dinner and make up a game plan tomorrow. So I’m kind of throwing a few places in the air and I just too many decisions. The weather’s been messing with things so anyways, we’ll figure it out and we’ll see you guys in the morning thanks for watching. I appreciate it and late



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