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Hunting In Snow

Oh, there you go in there, liquor e-young, what’s happening heading out on another ship tip, yeah we’re going after ELQ and we’re going into country that on Google Earth looks like it’s a little bit more difficult to get into some of the only ones that are willing To try it plus there’s not very many roads, if any so, I’m sure there’s a few diehards out there. That might try to go up in here or have already gone up in here and possibly some horse guys. But we’re kind of hoping that the snow line has slowed that up and made it trennI snow is just barely kind of mounting up plus the elk hidden past. Maybe week, week-and-a-half have just really started shedding.

So if they’ve pack, a lot longer up here, know what we’re used to, but the deer drop away, or sooner so it’s it’s completely opposite than what we were used to. We are going to go enjoy this beautiful day, blue skies sun’s out right now, which I’m in a long-sleeve. You know first light merino, sir. It doesn’t feel too bad matter of fact. I think once we start hiking, it’s going to get hot yeah. That’s why I left my coat my backpack, even though, when I step out I’m like man, I need like a hood and earmuffs. What am I fast? You do well we’re going to see you guys on the top, ah yeah picking up some sheds. Hopefully the amount of animals we’ve seen yep. We have scouted this area, so we are going to go see you guys in a bit to the top on the I’m headed to the top imma, prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type.

So let’s do it, you know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and let it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right. I’m going to be something all fine with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one at the top. You can’t we’re just hiking up this steep, a little drop and I’m right behind Josh. You passed that woohoo. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you who found herself some snow CeeLo said not enough in the Idaho hearts, huh plenty of water. I love that we don’t have to pack so much water. Now, hey you’re hot you having fun, though huh now for the Elks head. We need snowshoes, oh yeah. We just keep thinking no horrible, sir okay, we’re getting closer yeah. No more! You do it, okay, guys! What kind of mushrooms are these? Well, they make us trip or die where’s that rock going from, or are they great for cooking long ways way all right?

So we’re just working our way off this steep sob right here and it’s the snowy side. So it’s been fun. My feet are soaked from being in the snow all day. Anyways we hiked way the hell back in here. It’s steep it’s thick on one side, it’s snow-covered on the other and, as you guys seen, I glossed up an elk shed across this big drainage, and so we decide we’re going to drop down, because that’s that sides a lot less snow, so we’re going to we’re . going to drop down hit the bottom go up the bottom. A little bit go up about half to three-quarters, the way up the other side of this mountain and then work it all the way back down and in the process for glass and as much as we can yeah so anyways. I got to the point where we’ve got out of the snow enough and we decided to sit down right here and we just started. Glass sounds glossing back over where I saw that shed and from this angle, stuff, there’s a bunch of stuff. I can’t say I just glossed up another shed, so we decided to set down here and get the spotter out and picked this hillside apart a lot more, Oh bridges class. One up. I don’t like how high she’s looking show you guys and Britt is using our new loop hold bx5 spotter, the new Santiam spotter, so we’re liking that it’s really really nice look through plus running the scopecam adapter on. It is really nice.

So anyways, let’s see if I can show you this shed here right there, so we got a continue going all the way down this to the bottom right. There then we’re going to go up the bottom to right. There then we’re going to work up that and get the shed that’s right there and the that’s right up in there somewhere or excuse me right up in there. Your eyebrows are blowing in the wind. It looks so majestic we’re just waiting for dad. Hon, you went to pick up a shed across the canyon yeah alright, so we just dropped clear the hell off the top of that thing, which I don’t know if you can see or not and we’re in the bottom. Now now we’re going to go we’re getting ready to go up this side of where these sheds a glass that were sitting I’ll, let Britt fit and she’s sitting like right up. There still she’s about quarter the way down or from the bottom and she’s going to spot for me, so this doesn’t take all day cuz on this side, it’s a whole bunch of new growth pine.

So I don’t want to. I don’t want to lose them. We’re going up here, we go they’re uh, just over the top of that rim, it benches and then goes up again. I honestly cannot believe that I just hiked to the top will not top them. I’m only about halfway up this mountain, the next sheds about a quart of the way, but this is Wow. It’s been here a while it is chalky and not very big, so I’ll put this around Shea right there. That was a lot of work for that little guy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We’Ll take it, though, elk on the board huh, thank God for these Midland radios. This stuff is way thicker way way. Thicker he’d just stick thick oak, then what it looks like from across the straw or his canyon. I got up here and I couldn’t find it. Luckily. Britt was able to walk me into one of the landmarks that I had remembered. It was by because of the angle, she’s actually looking uphill to this and the brushes in the way these trees, but I found it it. It looks like it was heavy. It’s super got that one and now that one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh he’s. Heavy, that’s for sure, but young bullet looks like two. She got shocked, maybe we’ll find something on the way out. Brits got something lost up in the bottom. That looks really really suspicious and we’ve got it marked too so we’re going to I’m going to grab these. I’m going to drop back down to the pack she’s dropping down from the other side we’re going to meet at the creek and then we’re going to find some good trails and just sidehill it all the way. Out of this thing, we’ve probably got four or five miles to go what time it is right now it’s five o’clock, so we should get out right at dusk, which would be perfect but anyways and see you guys in a bit all right.

We are still making our way out of this Canyon. We were quite a ways back. We just checked the map. We got a mile and a half left of just thick, steep crap, but anyways. We were just cross the river and I looked up the hill and saw some antler sticking up and it’s a dead head right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Take some quick pictures of them real, quick and then I’ll be right back to show you guys what it looks like all right. There is nice young buck. He could have been stud he’s really symmetrical. He’s got some stuff going on, looks like he’s going to throw some kickers taken too early.


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