Stepping On Rattlesnakes In Elk Country Shed Trip ” INQUEST 2018 ” Antler Trader

Rattlesnakes In Elk Country Shed Trip

All right here it is about 8:30 at night, on a Wednesday, this guy just showed up at my house, and we got the truck loaded up. Guess what we’re doing super stoked. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a shot, only designated trip. Most everything has been while scouting for setting cams or just little day trips and we’re going to go out for a couple days, try to brave the heat and not die and pick up a bunch of sheds in the process. It’s my turn to drive Ben and I are in the same boat. So since we both don’t have a/c it’s my turn to drive. Sentido should be a good trip, it’s cool, I’m cooling off. It would be nice driving with the windows down when I’d be sweating too bad. Let’s get this thing going here. We are a hedge out, a little rattlesnake yeah hi, guys we I’m going to try the flash is really bright. I apologize I’m not trying to not look at you.we’re here.

We’re set up, get the truck back into a spa and we got canvas cutters set up a little light. Yeah we’re set it’s about midnight. I think right on the dot. Is it one? My phone said midnight midnight, California, okay, so what’s good night, one o’clock we’ll keep it broad and we’re going to get get to bed. So we can get up early I’ll sign up and get it hitting the hills and hopefully pull out some. Some giant oak sheds big Browns. What are you picking up tomorrow? Come on six reach for the stars: bro six: three: twenty set sigh, that’s 12: 320 class Browns, I’m thinking 394 Brown dang dog tomorrow aiming high, always aim high man, alright I’ll, say: 404 404 hard white chalk, brown, chalk, chalk. 404, chocolate! That’s! I would probably rather pie get that over the brown, because the brown I’m going to sell the brown no with the jocks I’ll, say: yeah, it’s not worth selling. I mean it’s too big to just let go for $ 3, a pound mmm-hmm screw that so alright guys bring it to bed I’ll, see you tomorrow, some nuggets good morning guys we were sitting here.

You know Brits always filming me that she’s always waiting on me sitting around waiting on me. I’m not ready to go well, I’m waiting on him. So we’re up we’re Adam, it’s 7:00, something I don’t know. I haven’t looked honestly sick, so here, if it’s for something in the morning, we just getting ready to go. Hopefully we can, I always say that . Hopefully, hopefully we have some beginner’s luck: [ Laughter, ], nipple coverage yeah, so we’re going to get ready. I’m loaded, I’m ready to go made a little oatmeal this morning for breakfast, but there’s camp in the daylight. So so hopefully so, hopefully I guys will see in a bit of hopefully you’ll see me holding antlers late. So I popped my hat off for a second just to check. You know, what’s going on andsurprise, not bad. This is a factory built in sweat, absorber, slash, fire starter can save your life if it’s not drenched when you meet it in emergency, it’s an in cabin filter, whether it filters out the sad thoughts during cold weather. You won’t sweat, and this is a fire starter during hot weather. It’s a cooling device things you learn everyday as for now I think I’ll, just tuck this back in so I can stay nice and cool and we’re going to go find some more sheds. I mean more sheds same worship. I mean a ship go time, what’s up guys, so it’s about one o’clock in Hankin all morning. I just made it to the top of this mountain following this. Draw that come up this other side just on a game show on an elk trail, it’s pretty Rocky on both sides, but through the bottom, it’s pretty nice.

So I was hoping to get up here and hopefully get into some more elk sign and just not happening. I’m just there’s not a lot of elk sign, so I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to stay on top here for a little bit and I’m going to loop around the top of this and then drop down and work back towards the truck. I talked to Ben maybe an hour ago and he was going to start his loop back to the truck as well. It’s been slow, it’s hot, too super hot, but I’ll give you guys a little view of kind of where I’m sitting here up. On top of this mountain dirty country just come up over the top of it right there, so hopes are still high. Fingers are crossed that we can pull some antler out on the way back. So let’s go top of the world and no shed you keep pushing. It’s got ta be something in here. This country is just too good-looking to not. It’s got everything water’s down in the valley, pretty close, there should be sheds, hiding man. I’ve been going all day, I’m out of water, I over hike camp. I didn’t look down load. My maps before I left so I haven’t had GPS all day. Luckily, my 243 is in the truck and I got Ben to shoot it and I’m I passed it. I passed it along ways, but I wasn’t worried because I was eventually getting hit. The main road, and then I was going to walk down and hit the road. We were wise that have been hit a lot more hike in the needed. Finally, finally found us yet. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, we’ll Chalker, we’ll take it with a smile. Kicking high, it’s crazy, because I’ve done pretty good in this country. I mean it’s been a few years, but for the most part, I’ve done pretty good in this country and they covered the amount of country I have covered today ridiculous.

So we got one we’re on the board about 20, more of them and I’ll be happy. Let’s get up on this next ridge, I think I’ve been shoot one more time and hopefully you’re back to camp, I’m dying for a drink and probably the cooler water. On my hand, HI guys we we are rehydrated, we are in fresh dry clothes and we’re relaxing it can’t pins over you’re . Taking night photos. Stop mr Photographer over there he’s getting pretty good at it. Bed rules are set up, so we’re going to jump in bed and get up early and hit it again. Hopefully we’re going to move spots. Hopefully we can get in smilk, shits it’d be really nice. We logged miles. We can go brag about that. We wouldn’t hike this country, nothing so yeah 15, almost 16 miles for me today and steep stuff. I went clear to the top boy. Y

ou guys seen the video so we’ll see you guys in the morning like yeah, nothing better than some bacon spam in the morning got some cheddar dogs going right there, and then I make some oatmeal breakfast of champions. Yeah bacon spam that protein just got out Suns coming up, eat pack up and move spots and go hit it for part of the day. Ten antler today, that’s my goal. Ten elk sheds Gavin. I don’t watch that little LJ I’ll take it, but I don’t want it. I want ten ten pounders yeah, so we eat up and see get it there. What’s up guys, all right, we’ve moved spots, relocated and we’re packed up ready to go packs are ready. Benjamin. These pockets are blown out. They don’t work they’re great for catching juniper.

One solution. Oh you just like saved your backcountry ready. You just got like three ounces. What’s that strap do he goes to? I don’t cut that one. I don’t know if you wanted to cut that one either right now your packs swinging off your back I’ll tie it. Sometimes you have to make improvised choices in the mountains, not good choices, but anyway, when you buy $ 55 pack off Amazon and rocket for elk sheds for a couple of years, the good stuff gets wonky yeah. You have to do some mods. It takes a beating, as we all know you, so it’s alright. We were modified bins, got his pack ready to go yeah. I’m going to get my pack put on and we’re going to go walk on top of rattlesnakes in the heat yeah. How many rounds, like we’ve, seen this trip for four, so gang gang for rattlesnakes, get them yeah, yeah, all right money!

We just sitting right back here in the shade of the tree glass in this big base and we just come up over the top of this mountain range and it’s just miles miles of just awesome. Pretty country – and I got a couple spots – a little ways away that could be a shed, but we’re going to we’re going to drop down. I got one glass up in the bottom: we’re going to drop off this grab that and then shoot up the other side and try to get a little bit better vantage point on a couple spots way across this Basin, so got when we’re on the board. Thanks thing: it’s like just your pan and abandon, and it’s just like BAM there. You are that’s what I’m looking for.

So all right just gets pretty broad and deep right here. So I’m going to hang this up and it is standing up, nice and pretty to be lost. Doesn’t look very big, but it’s [, __, ], crap slice comes down this rocky thing: new horns. You can’t tell if it’s a brownie, I’m sure come on focus. Yeah yeah, that’s this year’s brownie sitting out drying turn white, so we thank you. Thank thank you. How I’m going to take some pictures, real, quick and then we’ll kick it out this little Basin here this little draw. There’s a rub: there’s a rub! There’s a rub! There’s a rub: there’s a rub: there’s an old rub! An old tree! There’s got to be honestly, there’s more, I’m not showing it just because it shows more country than I want to show. But there’s got to be the top of this little draw definitely track everywhere. Lots and lots feed, and this year it wasn’t as cold, wasn’t as much snow, sohealthy-looking, fallen super healthy-looking paws, that’s good one guy. He looks like you’ve been here a while so mess with people pretty much like this. If somebody ever glosses from across the valley stand out yeah, let’s keep looking, we just gloss and I gossip another across the canyon, we’re looking around right now, go get it and I’m not sure. But back this way also – and it sure looks like one laying up under a tree the problem I’m at though it’s just it’s hard to tell so I’m going to swing around over here and throw some more glass up on it.

Hopefully I can see a little better paying for itself, I’m just walking through here and I just seen white right there through the tree. Now you tell those bones, I turn to look and there’s more bones right there and it looks like we got a dead head. It’s a deer right there, oh cool buck, three-point with a cheater cool cool, . Well, I guess they’d find. I found that deer on the way. What’s up guys? Alright, we are back to the truck we are done. The heat has come back. The clouds have gone away. It sucks now we’re going to drive home with no a/c . What uh? What a slow trip? I’m not going to complain, though, because we aren’t going home empty-handed and been found dead had elk yesterday that he didn’t keep, and then we found the two deer today that we left alone too so other than that the elk were little and few and far between We’re going to get on the road we just got done, having a little snack soy stirs little deviled ham got some fruit cocktail there. All the goods we’re going to get on the road and get home.

So thanks for watching guys. I really really do appreciate it very much. You guys are awesome if you don’t already go, follow Ben’s, Instagram and YouTube channels. The hill I’ll link his video to this one in the bottom in the description, so you can check out his point of view of this trip too. If you want and who knows something, wild might happen on the way home and we might have more to film. But earn that this is it. Thank you.


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