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Wyoming Going Shed Hunting

All right soman, Benjamin here, are kicking off a three-day shed tour, we’re off the bait start of a the 307 here in Wyoming or coming to town to clean the clean hell really like, but first we’re stuck we’re 70 miles from the gas station. There’s when we pass eight that’s that way, because we were paying attention and Dale. It is about 30 minutes away, bringing us gas you’re sitting on the side of i-80 in the middle of Wyoming somewhere in grizzly and grizzly country. Like bids things, we’ll worry about the Grizzlies, every state that has grizzly does grizzly country catches me out, hey it’s possible yeah.

All that separates you from the grizzly bears is land and they can walk over land really fast. Yeah. Think about that! Do you there’s probably coming awesome news, there’s wolves too, but we’re hoping we see, wolves and able hammer away and real ones to not not to let the German kind if we wanted a foreign wolves bag of worms, the quaint asian trouble on the ten headlights on External yo check knows yes, so we’re sitting here, just relaxing man we’ve almost killed since we’ve left way, couples killed a whole Costco bag of hI choose cuz we’re trying to make a pop yeah. You want to eat them like that to pop it going to pop. You trying to teach me how to pop these things here and I’ll pop a high Q wow. Look at that people are going to complain about you, chomping try be on my fat. Guy now complain about my gum, though I don’t get that complaint warehousing here. I should complain about my own gum. I don’t you down in my videos. Remember that chewing cud. So what would you guys be doing if you were stuck on the side of the freeway with no fuel right now I what time is it the 157 157 a.m?

Luckily, we have, we should see down at about 2:30 2:45 got some internet, so I’m going to be checking out some social medias yeah, it’s good spot to stop me. I already did that. I need to do that. So, that’s why I don’t want to throw my bedroll out dude. It smells like urine outside yeah, because this is like a trucker truck, stop guys when you pull over when you’re a trucker. Luckily we do we’re out of gas right on the exit yeah. So there should be plenty of what you call him apple juice. We almost have one of those free bottles, apple juice. All on the side of the night. We stop Ben thought. He saw an elk shed way back needs. He announcing offside i-15 in Utah yeah while ago. If so, we went shut hunting for a little 30 minutes and no luggage Jackrabbit sundered a jackrabbit and a whole bunch of Applejack body bottles, apple juice – I didn’t know, there’s apple juice, just randomly on the side of the road.

It’s classy, I put a couple in the back of the truck we’ll have them tomorrow, breakfast with my break. I’m same way, I’m not a helper Justin evening kind of good. It’s not right doesn’t sit right. No, it’s kind of yeah, it’s just not right, but we save some. So I’m pretty sure if Wyoming’s anything like Utah, they should have ample bottles of apple juice. Instead, we’re going to somescavenging cool, I’m scrolling through Instagram in your light, is super bright. It is, it is a thing life on seven life, but yeah, some plus life, who have two cameras to Tamra. So those of you that are wondering what I’m using to film with and it’s nice of, iPhone, 7 plus – and I don’t know which camera it is. But there’s two of them. I, like everything, both sides. I want to screw that yeah. My clothes are all for. You yeah my to really feel like why I shared Lowe’s with you yeah. We do Gordon a yeah.

So if you’re a trucker – and you see this – and you see us off the side of the road next week when this gets published – that doesn’t make any sense yeah, you should have stopped what the hell yeah somebody’s coming. There’s an alien dude that thing’s like out in the middle of nowhere. What is it dude? Look at that thing out there. What second is like floatin rough, it’s an alien dude. If you train in I’ll go through the change eggs, let’s go put quarters on it. Look, we are yeah we’re okay. Now, let’s go put change on it: [ Applause, ], whoa, Jeff on the Prairie didn’t gunshot older man yeah. That’s a good shot, great arrow placement. Let’s find a horn dude, I’m going to put change on this, and if a train comes by before delegates here, dude I’m going to have cool squish change, huh smash 600. All for digging YouTube video series shut up. You tell it for two pennies. You put those on the railroad track. Mash them take those two pennies. So on for four pennies smash, eight penny repeat the process. You got more money than Fergie dime, another dime, another dime, a nickel and a penny. Oh yeah, one down now we’ll wait. No!

That light was always there what’d you put in a pan: okay, like almost one, take the quarter back, because I know guaranteed that’s candy yeah, but what, if uh, you know a transient riding the train finds it and it makes his life better somehow in the chain Of events, yeah train transient, belfry, alerting, wife, that’s the electrical box. I think guys is the one hiding in the boot. If you can’t get him kids, [, Music, ] to the train, just went by now we’re going to look for our change. Transients. Oh, I found mine one two, oh, those are mine actually according to die right straight behind me I’ll help you look along. There’s got to be more right here. Oh yeah, nothing! Oh right! Here, I’m a quarter nice! I had a quarter and a penny. So I got a dime somewhere here daily nanda. Oh that’s! going to leave a mark, , [, Laughter ]. Oh that’s! going to leave a mark, [ Laughter, ] German Shepherd flavors are falling out of sight.

Oh, my god,right there, my laptop and I rolled into the futile three he’s right in my back: whoa whoa he’s prairie-dogging, No, so we’re in Wyoming. Finally, after driving pretty much all night long, we decided when about nine o’clock this morning, when we finally got where we were going, we took a little snooze me me and Ben Dale and Mark here they took off and went on a little hike, butwe’ve Moved we had some lunch and now we’re ready to go pound the hills. We’re going to be doing this for the rest of today tomorrow and Saturday. Hopefully we can stack up some bone with Phil del here me and Dale are going to go one way mark and bin, or over a couple draws they’re going to go up. Another finger we’re going to head up to the snow line and just get up in the steep stuff see if we can pick up some some sheds. So here we go funny guy, you gain it on him. I love that scrap service. Ah, any bar food [, Music, ] josh, has been flipping out right. I had a clear long creepy-crawly. He had a tick on him earlier. He took his shirt off like three times and check the ticks, and apparently this time he was right.

Second hundred takes a little taking you Ornelas bills, checking in for ticks, so that allows this kickball with his right. There yeah work, though he was at at he was start to the cash game like a home, antler trader, I hide 15 20 miles a day. No big deal, oh wait: how’s Josh, Ed hunt role boning down here. This must be the Wyoming way, probably do it in the 307. Now that was the people that I geez boom. I got a flirt at one hand. Burgers. I get to me excited you something black fine morning: what up Delta? Hey you ready for this, I’m ready all day, all day, all day, all day, I’m in race! It’s my thirty we’ve been five thirty I will Kim up and then we both had to wake Ben up yeah. Whatever, with our rooster crows battery bit, I was awake hearing you guys all right. You guys wake up and dealt like. I shut my alarm off about what time 5:30 I showed up. I wanted to see, if you say anything bad about me like an incognito. We do go prone. It oh he’s a hero for be a hero. Gopro forty package pack, animal sick, Niner, six, one grizzly country, cruisers, come on bill packet. A gun he’s never shot. I hope it works. My gun just to make sure it works, been shot, build gun for the first time, yeah we’re going to try, you went down. Guns use, hey del, how you going to use your radio back there. I got your back dude, I’m here to catch you when you fall, we had a double hamburger for breakfast yeah, I’m actually a grand per ounce t-bone for dinner last. That t-bone lot sounds ridiculous. I’m still, you should have cut that in half and brought it here for breakfast. That’s a girl’s Ebro. I would have cut it in thirds, hey Mike man, domestic violence and all so if you’ve noticed still packs on walking-sticks boots waist up there you go Josh back on crews, foot placed up no walking sticks, but I’m ready to go Finn.

No one reads: eraser we’re almost there hey, you can’t walk it. Sick, I’m not dogging walking, sticks, I’m just saying you’re ready to go there. Yeah, there’s Ben’s radio, she’s going to . Remember that there’s this vinyl harness those is backpack he’s on over. There. Scatter don’t be like: we’ve got five more minutes of figuring out like minute. Five, more minutes, big, just collecting everything and getting it in one spot. Yama go sir I’ll. Take a nap for an hour and be up. There go take a nap who naps when you shut hon, let’s stay and wait for you nap when we shut up no wait a minute. We can’t sleep like two hours yesterday, while I went out and found the first one. We slept for two hours yesterday morning. After we got where we were going because we’re up all night long, driving and waiting and waiting for gas to come to it because Dale didn’t Dell was slow, bringing his gas ha ha see what Dell doesn’t realize. This is my video good, so I can edit out whatever I want. dill.

Yes, you ready, I’m ready. I’ve been ready, hey Dell. Are we going to walk up the road? Now I would jump off. I walk through a very far far away you guys: five, hey Ben, you ready. Do you got extra ammo yeah, so we can shoot Wolf’s, yeah, we’re killing Wolf’s today, whoopee whoopee, best final system on the market. Last lalala lalala! That’s what he was talking about right. There it was a 10 pound, a t-bone. No, this comes in this one there’s I got the gray one too. It’s like that kind of gray, and then I hike like that. Hold it like that. Like this, if I start going down some super Steve seriously, the best vinyl lines on the market. Now it is the best buy marcelin thing about just because yours is your camo doesn’t make it the best? No, don’t no! No, because if they made this in first light, then it would be the best Joey yeah. You got the beard hair shelf. I forgot my chart here. I think I use my vinyls off. No, I just think you need a better vinyl harness right. There that’s just not acceptable for now. I think we’re out we’re out. Look at Ben things were out in spots that they shouldn’t wear out because you’re poorly designed things that are designed well last a long time. 101. Now we’re kind Elsie. I thought he just jumped ships from camel companies. Now were you making fun of Erin and Brian for that?

A gritty bone met up puddle of lunch, and while we were having our little lunch break here by this majestic creek in the backcountry of Wyoming, we we decided, you got to be more than just a shed under. You need to be a conservationist and you need to put a little work into the environment. That way you can have more sheds to pick up so me and Ben decided. We were going to put a little work in so next year. We come back to this same spot, have lunch and pick up all the sheds that are going to be laying right around here and on top of it, we’re also going to set some beaver traps and we’re going to become trappers fur trappers. So we decided we’re going to make a waterhole water-scarce through this part, so the only way really for animals the drink is if it’s in a pool, a puddle, a trough, a pond or a catchment, they don’t like. They can’t drink the running water like this, which is they can’t suck it up top enough before the time yeah they choked on it.

So we slowed it down a little bit right here, but now all the elk are going to come in here and they’re going to drink and drop their antlers in this majestic little Basin right here so good about it. I feel getting on that. We get our part to help nature. I do too really this is going to benefit more than just the elf yeah. There could be all kinds of mountain creatures that are choose to get drink here, so there could be a mountain Cougars, possibly lots of other mountain peaks, foul Sadam coming here andwe’re not it’s discriminatory. No yeah! No we’re going to take all signs down. Four-Game crossings and trails, so any animal can use it. We do need to build it a little higher. So we can put this fire out yeah some careless, individual elective fire. There we don’t want to have we don’t want to have wildfires. Now we took a lot of time building a thing because you care about the history, a survival of animals, so now we could even use it ice. Probably I think yeah if we’re stranded like if your shoe comes inside and we can’t go any farther, we’ve got. We’ve got ample amounts of water to sustain ourselves to munch on enough water for the day yeah two days two days, so we can drink here for two two months, even if we wanted and if they’re spilling that out it’s frozen well, uh, yeah kind of you Know the stuff I want to take flushing it. Oh that’s right it just yeah close range yeah.

There you go all right, so does it so now there you can turn that into water, I’m not sure the process. There is a process you can do for survival reasons because adding a drink of water, but I’ve gone on my field manual. Looking today, yeah you let your field manual, yeah dude. How are we going to get home? I have. I didn’t bring mine cuz. I thought you had yours, I think if we follow the creek up, it’ll take us out yeah a you’re supposed to do you’re always supposed to follow the river up. I think if we get down a little bit farther past our gam, because we have slowed the flow so much, we might be able to float this we’ve got to get a couple yards passing by a kind of a palm tree. Yeah we’re going to . We need to do a survival video we’re talking about this. Yes, let’s do it now. Yes, we’re going to do a survival video. It takes on a shed trip from what only taking our pack, I maybe like a pistol or a rifle in a lighter and a lighter in Boots.

So I’m going to bring boots cool alcohol, drink cold, we’re going over three days three days: no food, no water. We will survive and shut hunt so tune in. For that bushcraft, that’s going to be fun yeah! We might have a lot mmm we’re going to eat good, don’t man hold on. Let me get that on got him whew. That was close he’s in the tree. Oh, no, that’s a branch that fell. I was like you got it Oh see what he did here. Shooting my school drop, my phone shooting my sword BAM and then he nicked it right there out of the five seven on an antler. We do crazy tests like this all the time. Just for the sake of our here. Let’s see what a9 does? Okay, nine now here we go product test, number two ammo and an antler. Oh there we go. Okay go grab it. I don’t walk over. That 54 way to do, I took the zoom out of it doing short projects. Geez woman, don’t give me your knife or anything safety, guys safety. First in the backcountry product, testing 9 millimeter hole. 5 7 hole 9 million Nick it right there. Here. We are me enough: man, Ben here we’re fishing with Spears. We made our own Spears. We got back to camp by a half-hour ago. Got a fire going made us some fishing Spears inside we’re going to get some fish for dinner Delta brought us to a spot that doesn’t have any antler in it. Oh that’s right! We both hit it we’re professional speakers. We got a fire going. I know I don’t do cooking vlogs. Very often to be honest with you. We’ve got a recipe, that’s never been heard of or tried. I think I’m going to say that 100 %, but I think so dude that’s not going to kill a fish. I go and sit if it won’t sink in solid dirt. Yeah! That’s not fish! Killable get my spear here.

Ready yeah then doesn’t think it’s going to . Oh, oh, oh dude! I just fish killing spear right there, like leaning in the grass. It’s stuck yeah make mine, not work because you jealous yep we’ll try that again, [ Laughter, ] Barty disappointed in your spiritual. I’m disappointed Bomar unethically harvesting a bear at the sphere. Oh dear him just kidding you’re watching this Josh Palmer, Josh Bowman. He didn’t mean it. Josh Bomar is a big follower of mine on YouTube. Get our our dinner going here on the front culture Cooking Channel, like I said: that’s trademarks can’t use fun like ours, so tonight we’re going to whip up something kind of special and unique, and hopefully this becomes a staple on the mountain. For me, we got the safeguard mac and cheese, getting ready to go here, so we’re going to get that all cooked up, and once I get that going, I will show you guys the next step to the bunk culture, cooking, cooking, vlog and we’ll go from there. So going to be good. Here we go back to the fun culture Cooking Channel.

We’ve got the macaronI and cheese pretty much it’s done now. It’s just going to sit and soften up the noodle safeguard is just amazing that easy step to do this. Today’s fun cultured chicken recipe get some grating feet patties and we’re going to sprinkle it nice and liberally here to get some of it will cook off with some salt free, garlic and herb seeds. In this I am a big garlic fan. I eat the stuff roll. I eat it take old as soon as those are done. We’Ll move on to the next step, so stay tuned, we’ll be back now because it’s camera trickery are we able to actually show you an uncooked product and a cooked product in a matter of seconds mm. There we are that 100 % grade a B is done so we’re going to turn the heat down to do that. One more time: dun dun we’re going to turn the heat down. We’re going to get these guys over here and we’re going to show you what we’ve come up with on the front: Colts you’re cooking channel, so stay tuned, more camera trickery on the place here we are we’re back we’re camera trickery. I know that was over there and not all the way cooked and now it is – and it’s right here – there’s our mac and cheese, great roll and I warmed up with tortilla all right. Here we go little punk Colts are cooking pot culture. What we’re going to do we’re going to take us 100 % grade-a beef, a tea, we’re going to put it right there on that tortilla stir up us a little smack and cheese here, move over Martha Stewart and air Chesser, the fun culture, quick and channels coverage.

If I look at cheesy, that is that say, pure cheesing inside so we got our cheesy there BAM that just happened. That is the next best thing to Mountain Dew. If your mom duquan, if you’re not, then it’s whatever you’re better, we hadn’t hit, it would have gotten out not shirt on now. You have different flavors for different cultures, then he’s more Mexican, so he’ll probably do the salsa see if you’re more ritzy upper class you’ll probably go with the brown mustard, see that’s the Delfy. You want that spiking ground slice. If you’re more southern Louisiana, we got your. If you’re more tech – and we got your barbecue sauce and if you’re more somewhere else, we got honey mustard. What culture would honey mustard? Be? British okay. So if you’re British there’s your any mustard and then bring your average everyday, we got our ketchup. No, let’s do a little weird, that’s the bass, good good yeah just turn a little black knob welcome to it. We’re going to squeeze some Tabasco all over out. Does that stay with me here folks? Here we go double tortilla life, double patty life! Mmm! Look at that and there you have it fun culture coming at. You live from the mountain, with a dish that you will never see anywhere else, but you will try on your next outing which, on your first vote, you saw it here. First, you heard culture here. First, this is the first actual cooking show from the funcle’ chat, fun life, but life.

So what’s up guys sosorry about the wind, not really going to give us a break today, let’s start yesterday, so we got a first set of the day. They’re said to be a little older to don typical for yeah, it’s shocker little shocker. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, though, that lets you broke up right there. Hopefully, we can find a few else down to the miles glassing as much skin got about nine miles. Now, dear Phil Chuck here and I picked up a chalky – oh I just don’t. I got the boys coming to tell you go, do it. It was an experience.


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