Strippen In The Heat! We get to Shed Hunt AZ Antler Trader

Shed Hunt AZ Antler Trader

What’s happening guys, it’s nice, uh, balmy 115 degrees here in st george and I getting all of our camping stuff cleaned from the kayabab, which was the filthiest hunt. I’ve ever been on all that charcoal and soot and ash. Everything is in everything, so I’m cleaning it cleaning the chairs cleaning the coolers. Now I’m cleaning the truck, so I’ve already finished this door. I got the bright idea to video it. After the fact I got to clean inside that, butcompared to how that door looked. It looks like it’s brand new going to video how dirty everything else is at a time, [, Music, ]. Look at that. There’s like a layer of dust on that sucker and they actually have kind of wiped it down already, so it has a little bit of a head start, but I’m going to get this all clean. We got a newcenter console coming. The seats are really dirty.

We bought them that way. We actually got a really really good deal on this truck, so we got it as is, and we’re like well we’re going to , take it hunting, so it doesn’t matter. When we get home we willclean. The seats and really give it a nice nice cleaning holy crap man about two hours later. We have a much cleaner vehicle, although it is not perfect, but this truck is not going to get perfect because it’s the hunting vehicle, the wars are all clean. The dash is all clean. I need to hit it with some like armor all or something to finish it off, but considering where we started from it’s looking pretty good forward to being on the strip. But what are we doing doing should hunting? So no bitching, no bitching, put them sunglasses on put the hat on put those boots on put that put those socks on. Even if you’re hot you do it yeah. It’s warm, but we’re going to see how long we can go. I’ve done four bottles so far before we leave yeah all right. Oh yeah, high dehydration! No dehydration! That’s a good idea! That’s what I’m doing lots of water yep!

Okay, so britt’s packing up one of our new ebberly stocks. Here, yes, sir andwe’re going to give it a try this on this hot day, I’m thinking it’s going to be a good heat, hot weather pack, because it’s little all we need to carry is water and drinks and deer sheds so and sunscreen. So everything is in that that we’re going to pack and then um, it’s got this cool netting on the outside for um, strap and stuff too.

So I think it’ll be perfect for deer sheds and it’s not too big, as you can see, where’s my forearm with that yeah. It’s super compact, which I like yep hunting. Obviously it wouldn’t be very good for elk, but for deer I think in in the heat. I think we’re going to give it a shot. We don’t. Unfortunately, this is not going to look as cool as it does right now that sun is fire red there we go kind of. We are out on the strip, you guys it is a good day and guess what but it’s worth it because we’re on the strip. We have not come across anything we’re not that far inI left my backpack. My sweet chivalrous husband is packing. The pack of water I’ve got one girls that works very well, so just giving you an update and no sheds. So far I want to take a picture. I know it’s on video, but it’s not taking pictures.

What’s up guys, we have a should finally, probably been about 45 minutes or so since we’ve been out so relatively quick, been here in a while. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What’s up guys all right, so we are out on the strip shed hunting in the truck tent said 95 when we left it, it feels warm, but honestly, it’s not too bad right. Now, with this breeze, we got a pretty good breeze blowing. I haven’t found any sheds yet, but that’s the strip go around. The bushing didn’t start getting bam, there’s what you’re looking for! That might be all you find all day long, but it’ll be worth it jumped some deer a minute ago, and I was kind of looping see if I get back in front of him. I’m pretty sure it was just a couple days, but I always wanted to look and see. So that’s how it’s going for us so far, we’re just going to keep pounding it until uh. It gets dark or we find something. [, Applause ]. I love this country. It just it almost looks so good, just anywhere [ Applause ]. I don’t feel like I’m in the wrong spot ever so. I’m going to keep looking see you guys in a bit all right guys. It is pretty late in the day and actually I need to look at the clock, but it’s been a hot one, and this is about how it’s been going there very nice flip guys we made it back to the truck and holy crap. Finally, the heat is like really showing me:

What’s up, I’m done. I’m tired, yeah yeah it wore me out today. Yeah right, you got my butt kicked. She found all the horns and I got to pack them all. We found three horns and I am thankful, but I mean it was a typical strip day yeah. It was a good day, but it was a low number day yeah, where you find like the old chatty. Just this is that country. It just wears on you and wears on you and then all of a sudden. It pays off yeah remember when we found that one pocket like it was like boom boom boom yep on on the strip, and it’s been a minute since we’ve had a day like that, we’ll keep at it. It’Ll pay off this country. What um? What did you get for dinner? I got a chicken salad of some sort. Yeah, that’s mine sees the chicken comes with a fork. Great. Let me see yours, so, oh you got the discounted one, so yeah, but it’s good all right. All these stuff gets a little. It smells good. Would you like to say anything? Oh i, like your tomatoes. If you don’t want to, oh you can have them, I’m missing the ones in my garden right now, yep, you are all right.


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