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Summer adventure road trip to Idaho

Hey guys, we are headed on our Idaho summer family, a trip, and we have been wanting to do this trip for a really long time. I don’t know why we have made the time to do it, but now the time it is July, first we’re escaping the 107 degrees temperatures where we live, and hopefully the temperatures up that I haven’t even looked of you what the weather could be whatever it is. It’s going to be less than that, I would assume so we’re just getting started.

We’re driving through Bayeux Utah right now the drive we’re actually our destination is called well Boise, which is about a 12 hour drive. We May cut the drive in half, I’m not wealthy. Josh’s camp he just drives a drug Xarelto tribe, all the way I downloaded some Netflix show. So hopefully I just I don’t I’m not much for sittin middle that walks, but we’ll see we’re just going to we’re just totally winging this trip. We haven’t really planned anything. We’re just taking the kids Idaho, enjoying summer and half, but so we’ll see in a bit. What are you doing you too bro all Yogi’s right dude. I got a blackmail photo for you, you’re still holding on you look good. Was it a fight? Thank you.

Hey guys, we are headed where we at I think Noah Marcin we’re in marking, Idaho. I headed to where some small place that the my sisters and everybody know about yeah we’re in the day when Josh’s family out here super excited to see a new place which for us I mean we grew up in Idaho. So I thought that I had been to all the places in Idaho, so it’s pretty cool to have a new place to go, explore today and spend it with family and it it’s only 93. So that’s actually pretty good for us yeah. That’s like a 15-degree! That’s yeah. That’s one way: yeah cold cooler, temperature for us, so that is what we’re heading to do and we will take you along our adventure and Jayden is giving me bunny ears. No, it’s straighten! Oh it’s great! ItI’m a little nephew back then straighten you want to be a YouTube, might be a YouTube star. Y’All follow hi, guys we’re here, get all the kids set up, they’re going to catch the Tata and we’re going to hike down to I’m guessing it’s a little creek and some waterfalls. But we got this awesome canyon up here behind there and we got all my family. Well, not all. I got a couple sisters that are here they’re getting barbecues going. Are we ready Sam’s getting a little one set up yeah? Let my cup and knew my hat about to do this.

My brother-in-law Greg. Let’s do this, where you’re cooking, more ham, probably in the future, Greg the fishing pool and whoa boy come on. Are you doing this on video yeah? Oh you’re all shut up, tell them what you got going here, um, I guess I’m just trying to catch crawdads beans. I guess what about you, Barbara. You got going on necklace. Are you gray? It’s it’s right up to try to hit your dragon. We are Daniel. My little nephews on the right side here, let’s be able to pass it. So what do you got it? What do you got on your bag over there up there Dre tell me what you got going there. You look like you’re , set right Shirley. What we going stay on this side of the truck okay y’all over here tell me. Tell everybody what you got where you put it in the fishing house, those how its kill – oh yeah, yeah, stringer, yeah, get your stringer, yeah and copper. Mastic is my first aid kit. I don’t know if I have my pocket. Oh you got everything hooked up. I mean you’re upset bro yeah, it’s a little adventure.

What are you doing? You’re just killing yeah yeah yeah. I got this on video yeah, I’m sneaker huh. You see Daniel look at the camera, go to the Kenya what’s up guys. Where are you going? Don’t like the people down there? Look, oh, my god, praise the Lord Jesus Cobb all right. We made it down here. Let’s go check this out: getting ready, we’re your dog, you’re , crazy, really, tiny, walk with me, nothing enough! No! What is that we can deploy in cars, cars, [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ] good day now, the higher we look at this [ Music. ] they’re sitting: that’s right, dad know what you got. Ta know you can’t like you got a roast some! No you got it. You got a yachtie roast them not to them. They’re going to kick them fried egg open. Far assorted video. I can’t fire open fire for when you’re going to be be partakers yeah over there we had 40 of the with me yeah, okay, good. You make a little please crawl! These today yeah. This is my favorite. When I’m living are you going to eat, one drink on are mooing huh baby, oh, is it already done yeah? That’s perhaps oh you’re in far stripling you’re going to have some dipping sauce or you’re just going to go straight for it. I’m dead. Oh that’s! Good! Oh, that was so good. First bank release. How is it? I searched a site. There’s like pretty boy coughing, my god, sir, why do you eat it again? Go pour un hospital. Oh nobody else go see drink there. You need it. No, I don’t mind using oh freakin, ask you: did I ate a whole one? [ Applause ], yes, hey guys what’s up and then such a moment is holy war go see, make you a mybinding at world. This is the life out here in Idaho man, you’re missing out in a second yeah, I’m just getting some good gel. He put all that down all right chicken Zoe. I I’m a geek. What if we could put up what, if we could put like a recorder in there, we get a walk-in view. Ha I get another frog that connected to that one.

So we could just watch the chickens the whole time. Are you doing silly girl? Oh us, we go can’t catch your prey bigger night guys. Oh cherry cuz, I’m going to good. For that say, good night, oh nine night, Ernie [, Music, ] she’s, like nice, chicken, hey guys, we, it is the fourth of July. We are in Idaho, celebrating with our family and we’re heading to Josh’s hometown or where I grew up: Emmett, Idaho. We go play in the water and you can show the kids where he lived where even high school, like that, how about fun family day yeah we’re on the way to do there you go. I should mine off just write three nines with New York City. Are you ready to go? I will pull. The jobs are closed. Am I where you want to go yet we’re going max women we just spent the day at the river over over. Is this? Isn’t it really yeah?

I didn’t want to tell you somewhere else and I’m another dude we found like we found how many pick now. Five, we found five ticks now. Freaking me out y’all, there’s, never any le stuck in hi-c, hi-c G, very frank le want to Jay’s been going at this all day long, my baby. What are you doing having fun out on the river? This is a real river, we’re not used to this Schuyler River. Really yeah! Are we doing ? I didn’t help you lower. You are not used to take in our neck of the woods. Oh well!

Oh right there on her head,. Oh, what does that? Even in a little bug? Oh man, I got a half. Oh damn, Nicky, you, okay, we had a super fun day playing in the river, and now we are heading to go. Watch the fireworks at Josh’s, sister’s house, yo so awesome being in Idaho, with family and said, but I’ve had like the best. A couple of days like I have in a long time Congrats and do spend time with the one Gil up. Yes, I agree, it will give you a little show, of course Josef pyro, so I’m sure that’ll be something for us eat it eat it. Yeah put in your mouth right: [, Music, ] yummy come on eat it. Oh no he’s hangin strictly from the table. No! You can’t have gum, you got ta, try that right, yum yum yum, but in your mouth. Yes, it is really good. On living a movie. I really miss our baby, maybe no more job ready, yeah, Josh, he’ll, try to Donald doesn’t matter where I said, you’re still garbage, ah I’ll go with the balloon. Yeah right go! Do a balloon: okay, who’s! Next, hey Raja bro, hey Greg Danny get out over here! Oh, which way is the wind blowing  yeah, right home bus get us three water, I’m bunny! Where are you going? Everybody don’t Colin here we go.

All you can see is the glow-in-the-dark. Where is his mustache? Go music walking alongside the car? Oh, my goodness, oh yay, where are you been bro like that’s right, I’m doing it? No, no more! No! No! No that’s one was like is like right. There,  nice Chetan is like in heaven over there for train in the night. He loved today we’re at Ben Morrison Knudsen Nature Center here in Boise, downtown Boise to help the river. Let’s cool little park, that just kind of shows you have a TAS and they’ve got a bunch of cool fish. Viewing areas so we’ll go back here, check it out, show you guys just walk through. I like this part. This is that heist come here a lot when I was younger. We dried the voice, oh yeah, green belt, along the river and we’d end here at this park, when I was younger and we’ll go around check out all the fish and stuff. Oh, what it is about fish, but man I want to see them all. I want to just sit and stare at them find stuff to feed them. Can kids in the same way, so we’re going to go down here and check them out.

Kids are a little bit ahead of me and see what kind of fish we got runs around swimming around. I guess fish don’t run, do they so soon, joint Idaho, I love this place. It’s home, see you guys and how this place is set up a little bit: no bridges, little information tables water. This waters full of fish, a little creek going through here, no fish viewing spot, showed you how the river set up yeah. There’s a fishing visit issues. Mcmaster, the fishy now we’re going to go over here. The big area should be a big spot over fake fish, oh yeah, here we go [ Applause ] for a big hug: Oh Daniel DeHart; okay, it is wonderful, Eva. This is where I look at the decisions of Cuba: Katie. We go home darker bird up here. Look up here. I got you probably a little bit bigger bandaging. Look from my repertoire. Give me think. Well, I know I need you guys. It’s so cool: let’s throw a line right now. Yeah make fists like this. Don’t ask advice too old:

Oh there’s: what are they biting at whatever yeah you’re going to put it in there? I got a recording go. Oh thanks just leave it. You almost got one anymore yeah. You almost had one the sprinklers for all of this water over here they could play in and they’re in the sprinkler. I would sup guys now today this afternoon we are at Eagle Island State Park here in Eagle, kids throughout paddle boarding, since they didn’t get to do it at the river. The other day we couldn’t find a good spot on the lake. What are you doing? I’m trying to keep up with my social media and I got yeah yeah. I feel like anybody who knows a mosquito bite.

Oh my god! Oh dude, that’s a big all over Google! Sure! That’s! Okay! Oh I don’t think that’s normal! It’s big! No! Not that! I know of maybe it’s not a mosquito, I don’t know, maybe a spider bit me. It’s big dog, alright, what’s up guys so we’re still in Idaho. It’s now, Saturday evening, we’ve traveled farther south remember of the family’s place here in Idaho, and we just got done eating dinner. We just got done checking out a big old owl that was sitting up in these trees right here. All these trees kind of surround the house, it’s pretty cool back in here. They surround the house for wind and stuff like that out here, but we just got done visiting and did a little swimming again. Today. It’s just been based around swimming a buck. It’s been hot, but we just got done. Checking out this awesome awesome stuff that I mean look at that they’re , not awesome weighted, but okay, it is pretty well you think, of this farm way out here I love it. I miss it. It’s done with st George, I want to come back guy to help. This is home. Are you guys doing a little management, over here it — over? Oh goodness, Oh your face is good. You haven’t been attacked yet with makeup burning, where’s the horns: where’s the dead head. Dude, I’m determined to find some allure before I leave. I don’t know a walk buddy I did for one it’s at the thrift store yeah. So here we go we’re just having fun, checking out the side and it’s not hot. No, it’s awesome.

The weather’s super super nice right now crash and burn brains out thing dad gotcha hell. We could’ve drove right to the stars. Yeah way to go. Tour guide, make us work, think you got use our legs good backyard, Boulder trail chopped, cilantro, pictographs, Sherlock yeah. We got a blog, we got a vlog, you know watch our vlog. There goes my son running people over the rest of the clan, bringing up the back ever change. Ah, my butt, I’m in first time now you’re in this episode. This is the rock everybody. Would really like you know, they’re rocks in Idaho, I’m missing one. Maybe everybody at home can find them down. The wall find the pictograph. Oh, I see okay. What is that? Do those little brown thing, a messy messy one laughs. Well we’re looking at very cool. I, like girls, did you see the pictograph? No, didn’t you just keep walking, don’t even try take away Brenly cool. This would be like a little kids. Heaven to go and climb around in yeah. Don’t go too high. You have flip-flops on not really flip-flop territory. I want to put we just got to an Alamo Idaho. Look at this is so cool, it’s so pretty and it just rain. So you have the pretty smell of South Rock super cool.

My mentor to me cool you market view is not shaky. Getting our video of the video you just got to learn why they do the suspension she struggles with that bounce. When I walk again, you just got ta. Let your arm flow, something dead. This place is freaking gorgeous, like I could see living here, but I’m saying that before the snow like right now, I could totally live here. Raising men, Oh roomies, in heaven, looking for all sorts of little critters, Jairo Remy would move here. Nope, easy mmm-hmm go, find your shed roof. I shed my mom, everybody said: don’t do it, don’t do it. You have to be hi, I’m Jenn Corbin. What’s going on guys, so here we are last day in Idaho. We just got done meeting with Ryan Callahan. Here.

First light we stopped by the main office here and catch him got the tour checked everything out visited time to eat the food. I’m hungry yeah. Now we’re going to grab some food and get on the road we got about an 11 hour drive home well yeah about eleven seven and a half from here. Maybe we’ll find a hippie hotel, sighs yeah. Maybe we’ll see. I don’t know. I don’t know how big I want about it, but no it’s been a lot of fun. We are yeah, we’re we’re in paradise out here. There’s a lot lots to see lots of pretty country, and you know lots to do calling her name. You should kind of show you guys this country real, quick, oh hello, Ketchum, Idaho, it’s really quite similar to how it was about very, never too late yeah. Now we need to find something good to eat. Let’s find something for do we eat. What do you guys want any of my daughter back there guys? We are, I think, we’re just outside official yeah and we came through there this morning, headed up to catch under ghosty first light, and this was not here pretty sure we want to be so. I’m wondering what triggered this virus. There is fires all over the place. Yeah they closed the road that we needed to drive on against the spires, pretty out of control, so we’re going to have to take up and around about. I don’t know how much that’s adding us, but the wind is howling like helping efforts at all. Hopefully yeah


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