Surviving The Arizona Strip’s Sweltering Heat For Mule Deer “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Sweltering Heat For Mule Deer

[, Music ]. You named your truck it that have you named your truck yet why? Like not naming your kid? Well we’re taking them after this trip. She walker earned a name. So actually that’s a little figured out by the time. We’re done how much money we spend on gas so far, , [ Applause, ] hundred dollars. Are you keeping all the receipts so hot? It feels like it’s about 120. Would you say what said it feels like it’s about 120 yeah. I change my shirt. Yeah I could change my shirt I but, like sure does well, I have it has like a real-life natural temperature. It doesn’t work right. Let’s go going there’s only one cup holder like stone-age here, so I pretty much just got done.

Closing the gate walked right through here and right. There literally stepped over the top of right there. Just like that. As soon as I did that I heard I heard a rattle and I looked behind me and there was a rattlesnake and it’s just a baby he’s under there hiding cute little guy baby, lower I’ll snake, we’ll see if we can get him out of there get A little better look at the little guy I have might have a button and a half just a video, the freaking rattlesnake we have to. We have to have footage of the rattlesnake, can’t just leave it alone, who he is way. Tiny aren’t those like the most poisonous. Will you come on? My camera is okay, Jolly Ranchers, [, Music ], hey this! There is four in that bag. I feel like. I got totally . What the heck I’m going to write a letter.

The first stop and he went and played in the frickin SAP all over both hands his legs. Now he smelled like gasoline, because that was yeah, but I would not like you to smell like gas. That’s like miserable smelling. That’s like a headache. Will you combusted is hot enough. I’m sweating enough that all right, let’s move on to the next Cameron, was hating on me. I guess you’re that guys I’d stop the truck, because it’s author, Angela love trans lows, you’re so cool! I don’t want , pretty cool good-sized wrench. Let him get him off. The road come on. Bud get going get off the road slick that sunset [: Music, ], [, Music, ] morning, guys we’re on the strip setting camps today, Suns just starting to come up. We got up early we’re going to do little shut hunting this morning before it gets too hot. Hey will you grab my sunglasses? Three do little shot hunting before it gets too hot.

This morning, [ Applause ], hopefully pick up an antler to you and then we’re going to get back on the road and start setting up. Cams lots came to sit up so lots of miles right now. Let’s go see what we can find . We are out here trying to get in a little bit of shed hunting time before it is just way too hot, and it’s it’s getting like that. Pretty quick, we just threw our clothes on. Didn’T. Do anything didn’t eat through some water in our backpacks and took off so that we could get as much time as we could in over here and then we’re going to get back to a change in cameras. It’s nice to kind of break up the whole monotony of doing cameras, because that gets really boring. It’s just like one after the other and there’s usually a long drives in between each one. So that’s what we’re doing! I’m really hoping I can find anything. I just want to find a shed, so bad feels like it’s been forever. It really hasn’t been that long, but I don’t know I want to find something big. Just like everybody. I want to find something that to take your breath away, so, hopefully I’ll be able to do that. We’re in some good country, hey guys, John his head. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, man, old, but hey, it’s said, and when you’re on the strip every little chalky, whatever you can find counts. So, yes, thank you.

It actually hit looks like freaking branch. I just take a second look. I’m glad that I did the camera. You know what is funny is probably about 40 yards over. There are wheeler tracks, not that I mean people would probably just leave that, but there are wheeler tracks right by this. So I’m glad I found something and that’s that’s the goal. I’m glad I came back down here to circle through this stuff with my other side. Dang them are old, no, not my other side, but it does look like it could be possibly another year off of him sweet all right. I haven’t found any more sheds, but I found this and I’m going to make a wish that I find some big sheds today. Two big sheds three big heads for big sheds for big sheds: all right. Let’s hope it works there. Here’s a so big QPS, Are you doing [ Applause ], a pretty good idea, [, Music, ] and occasionally I pop especially since we’ve got no a/c, we’re just freezing all right, we’re just taking a little refill break put about 15 gallons in it. It’s first time we’ve got the fuel pretty pretty handy. I love this siphoning. I was to set up set it up there and the way she goes for sandy Brits over there. Looking at artifacts this place with parks got loads and loads and loads of garbage old old stuff.

Oh you can’t a cabin right here somewhere. Oh he’s doing that, sometimes I like to look and see. What’s over here, you can see there’s some old cans, but a lot of it looks pretty modern looking through these kinds of house, okay. Well, that is cool, because you can read what the other side says: 47 cents for a lighter fluid that is old, maybe cool. If it was in good condition like this part of the river, this heat is doing a number on my hairdo, but that’s all right um. We just got a flat tire. I wonder what we had. I didn’t even see anything that looked threatening dang, that I was there’s always something got ta be prepared for everything out here and, thank goodness Josh knows how to do tires. Ain’T, nothing for him, huh, it’s not as hot as it has been in this place.

So that’s kind of good. This is where we can there we go he’s cute or she different, and but I dunno they bite their lovers. Heads off. We got it all done rock out us right there. So just do a couple plugs in her I’ll patch. Her up when I get home do a good radial patch. On the side, there should be brand used, pretty good yep strip we’re ready. Let’s go there’s a bee in here somewhere he’s circling around. We are changing cameras out. Still, that’s a fast one, yeah yeah one time we came to this water was a long time ago and we were shed hunting. We weren’t doing trail cameras and we found a gut pile like a fresh jiggly gut pile of a deer that a cat had just just recently killed. If that was creepy, she knew like he’s, probably watching his pile he’s buried. Yeah, like it was like shuffled over with some dirt button-down, that’s pretty creepy to me what you think: nope, Oh crazy, apart grouping you’re , not very like animated! Here. I ask a question. You give one simple answer: I’m thinking about next camera!

Okay! Now all right! It’s definitely starting to warm up yeah whoo, sorry for the jerky camera, but that rock what not easy to navigate we’ll make Brit video. I actually coming down this get out truck. There are some of the doctors. First super sharp. Igot another camera, put up ready to go. Probably taking pictures of us right now. Still can miss G get back on the road kind of got a storm a little bit it’s going to hit us. I think we might be right on the edge of it. We just might miss it. All right got everything we need. We’ve got the canvas, cutters loaded up and Fortis we’re doing a champ really really enjoying the older pickups . Oh, did you think it was yeah? That’s probably a good idea, considering how many oh we’ve had SD card stolen, not cameras, yet yes, but rather have our cameras measure each indeed camera. Without the SD card and battery about 65 bucks, yeah, that’s pretty cool like heaven: Oh [, Music, ] like stay out of No like. I keep shutting the camera off and then stuff happen. Video and it’s linked to the road tardes of it stays dry well, will stay dry, anyways cuz. We have our canvas cutters, but it’s better to have the water kept off of them, so there isn’t mud around our beds and everything. So that is what Josh is doing and the rain is stopped, but it felt so good outside I’m actually looking forward to getting your bed. I’m tired and just like that we are loaded up.

Our quick camp has been broke down, cleaned up. First, organizing, the cab of the truck really quick – and I just got done strapping – that down throwing some fuel in the old white beast and now it’s going to be a muddy day. We’ve got a whole bunch of cameras to do up here in the pines and these pines. This were the muds at the ruts, the , so we’re going to go mess with the mud for a little bit, get these cams put up and then just keep going, hopefully get them all done today. I’m hoping to have them all done by the end of the day. We should it shouldn’t, be an issue Nicole, find the shed right now in these pines. I’m glad we come up to these pines to sleep because it was so much cooler. Last night felt so good little bit muddy today, reversed limp on the road. That’s right, there’s been a couple, others the drain. Yesterday. Really anyone drive. Yes, sir tournament, but it’s been raining every day this week, oh yeah, I’m saying we’re the first ones on here, since it rained last night, Oh Brendan, be having fun josh is out.

Did we saw all those condors flying so he decided to go and walk that little patch, real quick. If there’s a Deadhead or something so muddy, so I decided to bow down and let him go. That’s a good egg right! You go. I would have seen it if there was something [: Music, ], Where did you fight the coolest lizard? There is right there we get a horny toad, all done, step baby’s. Holding still so I can get a picture. That’s awesome. Can I turn him sideways there? You go he’s cute mmm. He doesn’t seem too freaked out now. Dude these things are the coolest. I got pretty. They are my gosh. The color keeps coming in and out there you go. Oh, like a your cute face, he’s like yo bro and he’s like. Can you like put me back down? I’m good coolest lizards around right there. My opinion, alright. What’s up guys, so we are done, we’ve got all our cameras put up and we’ve made it through. All the rain in the mud and the crappy roads with no issues. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that yeah.

That’s the strip, yeah I’ll, get that birds yeah yeah. We still got. We should have on our drive home besides the fact that it doesn’t have air conditioning. It’s all your deaf bags on the sleeper dog. She did good and I figured out my little swear bottle. Try/Except yep squirt ball trick. We’re good had a lot of fun with you. I know I love being on her place like no other, and we got some rain looks like it’s going to be coming in. I love it with a rain. It just didn’t hit us today. We got lots and lots and lots of water out here after it being dry for three months straight. It like all came down yeah, so many pollens are so full, so so cool. There are some areas that haven’t got any yet and there’s still a little dry, but for the most part that’s the most water we’ve seen. It is guys thanks for watching. We appreciate you very much very, very much. We honestly, we love to support. Thank you. Please subscribe if you haven’t and give us a like, and we or there we go. We just started scouting season full-bore our trees. Here, give me your quick. So here we go see you guys in a bit thanks for watching later



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