The Last Shed Hunting Trip With Brit To Nevada In Extreme Heat Antler Trader

Shed Hunting Trip

We’re going to go see if we can get on a couple elk sheds and hopefully have a little bit of fun, been watching the weather and again these these actually three days, this week’s actually about 10 degrees lower than what it’s been Arizona. Utah. All that’s been out of the questions just too dang hot. So the bad thing about the bugs in the summer time or the bad thing about some time is the bugs yeah. The good thing about the summer time is: is you don’t have to bundle up? So here we go okay, we are probably literally five minutes into the hike. Just come up on a brown deer set here in the buck, brush full pile a buck brush right here I mean it’s a good set, it’s not a giant by any means, but it is a good side by side. Brown deer says we’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys so going to pick, this set up.

Britt just walked over here to check about five minutes in you seka. He is right on and right by each other’s dude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Beautiful brown set. Congratulations, sir! Hey hey guys! We are just about maybe 45 minutes into our hike, and I bet you can see what’s behind me, woo, let’s go check, it out looks like he was a fighter. We all broke yeah he broke off there, you go Chuck mm-hmm. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Guys it has been only 10 minutes from my last find, which was that nice Brown that was broken and I just found a hard white. It looks like let’s go check it out just curled up under that tree caught it just in time. Oh he’s cool. Look at that right on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

He’s all twisted up in that branch say, hopefully the other side close. I saw thetip of that far back tine. First, before I even saw the one that’s like screaming straight in my face, but woohoo on the end of a finger found some sheds nice yeah, that big one I didn’t even see. First, I just saw the tip of that little bottom line. Nice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you there. He is, I’m not sad. Just drop those sides right there breach fathom nygren. We got nothin on the bow word over here. I don’t know if it’s browner boy, it’s no, it’s not round cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Finally, so it’s been a few hours haven’t, found anything since that first little deer set Brits picked up. I think five so far, but we’re just sitting over here across the way and a glass went up – and I literally have been sitting over here. Just circling up and down trying to find it, I hate when that happens, just brownie awesome find me another one. I just come up this finger from where I just on that one I’d seen tips through the brush whoo big one, big one too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh yeah, please solid, sweet Brits coming up the side down below me right here on top seats. The other side’s right up here, if it’s down lower right here Brit, should see it so loop around all right. We got another. Finally, there here and there so I’ll take any of this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That is a definite hard white from last year. Yep here, all I could see was just a very to the one in your stash. Thank you. What’s up guys so pretty late in the afternoon, we’re actually working back to camp right now me and Brit, and I think we got five or six, but just come up on a Bighorn big [, __ ]. I can’t tell if it’s half and half hard white chalk, but look at the character on that thing. [ Applause ] think for a second there. I thought. Maybe I found the other side, but don’t think it is. Thank you. Thank you.

I like it in your mail sleep is that the brand? No! Oh! It’s on that little card on that little peg, that’s a little too hot for my liking, but I saw it way fun when you can keep on finding lots of ships cuz. You apps good gratitude and the universe wants you to have more yeah, pretty huh, I’m wavy look Sammy miles. We did today. Yeah, look girl right now, you can’t it won’t, let you know they’re out penile things. So let me try. Let me go find tomorrow. Well, I still have my 400 inch Brown side-by-side set that I got ta find you laugh there there. I am manifesting them! No there. If you have not read you’re a badass, read it that’s what I’m working on! That’s. Why I’m going to find that set? I you can have anything you want, that’s you’re , getting bad, aren’t they now, where needs to pick up, I’m out of here

hI all right. We got breakfast going here. It’s fast food mm-hmm, boiled egg. I bought a piece of bread, all right yeah. So obviously, it’s morning here we go day. Yeah this day was fun. It was a good day. It was I’d like to pick up a few more Browns, but it was a good day. We found some good horns. We found some big ones, big ones. So now I want to find that in brown yep here we go all right, so we’re going to bring going for about an hour and we’re working to the top of this other side of this canyon. On this other finger – and I just spotted one first one the day thank you think thank you.

Oh nice, pretty hard white sweet, good, [, Music ]. We are on morning 2 of our little getaway prepping, our last trip of the season until after hunting – and it is hot today – it’s probably about 95 right now and we’re all mad about – I don’t get hotter, so that makes for very frustrating moments, slipping on rocks And stuff like that, but I finally found one in it’s a brown, so that makes it all worth it, I’m going to reset and get in a better mood hanging out on the side. There glad I came this way I could have went up the top, but I decided to do some side healing and I couldn’t watch them into this wash as I walked, so that turned out to be a good move, and these flies are literally driving me insane. Josh says just let them be, but I can’t sometimes you’re just not even paying attention and you’re looking way too far out or you’re looking way too long at one direction, and you literally are on top of one before you know it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you good horn. Let’s walk around you, you see if we can match.

Oh, we say that. That’s always the hopes matching it up. I get bored and move on. I find it. I find it just looping wrong, I’m picking up this another. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hard white last year said holy cow, guys, fish, so freaking hot drinking tea. My cherry red face I just had to did it were you that in there a while, you



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