The Pursuit Of 400″ Elk Shed Hunting We Found 400″! Antler Trader

The Pursuit Of 400 Elk Shed

Getting things going this morning, nice and early mr. Nolan, we got little early spring chicken over here, not used to waking up early all right. What’s up guys here we go another week. Another adventure we just got where we were going and about what ten thirty there you go 945 and we’re getting ready to get going right now, yeah mr. Nolan dude bro over there, all the choc I’m going for all the brown. So he can have the chalk. Seen a few bulls this morning on the drive shed shed bulls. So looking pretty good last year, we hit this stuff seen a lot of bulls packing.

We hit it kind of early, and so this year we’re kind of hoping. Maybe we can get into some hard white and some Brown, but we’ll just up to see how it goes yeah, his one chalk shed Sunday. So that’s his gold beat that, but we’re going to go all day today, all day tomorrow and drive home tomorrow night. So here we go first yeah of the day and it’s a hard white deer shed little four-point we’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, hI guys. We got a first shed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We’re not our first shot, our first elk shadow. You should say: hey spotted two thing: it looks like it could be a brownie, oh there’s, the other side right there, heck, yeah, hustle, set, I’m so hard white say. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you broke on the bean there boom money, stumpy and heavy, we’ll take it.

Ah now we just need to keep this going. That’s what we’re after right, there Nolan’s somewhere down in the bottom of this Canyon, we’re getting ready to cross this draw and go up. The other side – and I just got off radio with him, hollering and stuff, and he says he knows where I’m at I haven’t heard him. Yet though, hopefully it’s not too lost, but perset will take her all right. So I’m sitting here hollering and talking to Nolan trying to find him on the radio right here and trying to locate, see where he’s at and I’m working over here see if I can glass for him and just stumble across another shed, it’s actually pretty good shed. Oh gee one’s broke. Look at that sword, though that’s Brooke, oh man, that thing is a hog. Look at that main beam Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Dang. It jI ones busted off the edge right here somewhere.

All right, I got ta find Nolan and then we’ll look for the other side of this and we’ll be back loop around looking through the other side to that big one. I just picked up and found this little guy here, hiding in the sagebrush Nolan’s on his way up he’s got a horn and I just glassed up on the other side. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, hI guys, so we’ve just been kind of looping around. Oh the dirt, my trying to match up that gagger elk . I just found and Nolan’s all giddy on the radio sound like the high school cheerleader saying you just found a giant deer shed. That’s the biggest deer shed he’s ever found. So I’m pretty stoked for him right now, we’re heading over to where he’s at he’s waiting for me to pick it up. Alright, I’m going to sue him now and these radios make things nice. I still don’t see you. Oh I see you. Let’s go see. Oh dude bro found here: oh dude, heck yeah man. That is that’s him. Oh man, that thing is gnarly. Oh yeah, I got a set in a single off that buck. Yeah yeah two big talkers were right here, like 20 yards. That way, so he’s there’s buck. Shed in here, in the same spot, every year, I’ve got two big horns to match: yeah, big alec and a big dear. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

HI guys, I just glossed up. This set comes back up on this hill over here and there’s a little opening right here and, as you’re sitting up there glossing good old loopholes that glossup a set laying out here. It’s like a good set to. They are it’s a good set, not as giant as I was hoping, but it’s a big it’s a good brown set side-by-side. I might I’m going to wait for no one to get here and pick them up. Yeah, heck, yeah! That’s what we’re after right. There Briony set hey. Thank you. Thank you thing. Thank you. I too know one just got here. I’ve been walking around waiting for him, checking the sagebrush sulfide sagebrush here, but he just got here and I’m going to . Have him actually video me picking them up that way? It’s like we had Royal Rumble right. This broken piece that broken piece, there’s an old, broken piece. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. hey guys, just come up on an absolute freak, shed right here, I’m taking my pack off I’m away from Nolan, but I’m going to grab some pictures of this thing. This thing is gnarly, you’re , going to know, one check out my freak find yeah. Yeah right, [, Laughter, ] pick this thing: oh wow, it’s actually whoa check that thing out. Dude super young bull, whoa, that’s heavy yeah, no chew marks, I think, is Nora. I love that thing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We got another one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh yeah, right on. Thank you. Thank you. Oh yeah sure fronts. Nice.

I saw the front okay, it’s not that giant. Oh, no things whale, oh yeah sure is yeah way to go by tarnation all right, so just working our way back to our stash pile where no one’s big deer shudders and my big elk show my suction right here. Okay, it could be a hard way. Oh yeah, nice or white happen huh. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s good on one side, long bean just go straight up. Oh my. Take the pack off walk up this little dry right here, , finally got back to the truck. After that miserable pack out with a bunch of sheds – and you know we don’t – we got what two hours of sleep last night, knowing if that, if that and then we went all day long and it’s 921 now yeah, I think eighteen eighteen point two is what I thought I looked at, but yeah. So it’s time for dinner, we are having beef stroganoff safeguard, so no one’s going to try his first safeguard beat the timer, and I’m going to show how to do it. This one’s my favorite, so don’t forget guys promo code on the bottom in the description of the video welcoming Lord hater for 30 % off your first order of safeguard dude in a tower trader, promo code for 10 % on everything everything off after that, so they’re going to be changing packaging soon and it’ll be a lot easier to get what you want so check it out good morning guys.

Ah here we go day to last day of me and no one. Here’s a little trip we’re going to be taking off we’re trying to get out here somewhat early this evening, cuz we got a drive back and a lot going on, but got back yeah way way late last night. No, but we had heavy packs. So it’s not complainin either, but you know we’re going to go, give her hell and hit a bunch more country that we just couldn’t get to yesterday and hopefully match up. That’s the deer shed that you found and possibly that big elk shed that I picked up. It’s giant, I told them, it’d break a hundred and it did by ten inches my biggest one yeah, so yeah. We need to match that buck up, but no, hopefully we can match him up and stack a few more bones. Maybe a couple more brownie, the Browns. I wasn’t going to say anything but I’ll say it all. Right here goes guys: let’s go all right, guys, you’re , no one here, just busting butt across this big Canyon get up the other side hit new country that we didn’t get into yesterday and on the way up. No one picked himself up and I said, and I’m pretty sure I got one spotted over here under these tree, so walk over here and make sure. But I like said I’m pretty sure: oh yeah might be your other side. Okay, great G, one shoot up great G one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all right.

That’s a good start for the day on our way to ya, and then we figured out where to go got to go where nobody else wants to go yeah really far, but it’s paying off so we’ll grab that and keep going up we’re almost the top tops. Literally like right, there I mean yeah. Well, it slopes a little bit more to the actual top, but here we go alright. So me, Nolan are dropping off this ledge down. It’s really windy, so apologize if you can’t hear, but I’m going to , have Nolan video and be picking him up so he’s going to get over here, there’s no way: you’re glass! That’s a big bull, dude yeah! That’s a good face film, your legs and the basis! Well, I know, usually in Josh’s videos he’s the only one talking or the camera on him, but Josh are going to use this for your video to give your viewers another perspective on the day’s festivities, but I feel better start than yesterday. Take us four hours to get in any horns only took us an hour or six one apiece and bass class are really really big canyon. For about an hour spotted a couple: more horns: we’ve got one Elkhorn apiece and I found a chalk side-by-side deer set. But before we moved to that Canyon, where we last those ones up, we wanted to hit the back side of this Ridge. We were Glasson from see what might be over here. We had pretty close.

Oh, I hit pretty close to this yesterday, hit it pretty hard gridded it pretty good and got skunked, so I’m nervous about it, but can’t find horn. So you don’t try so we’re going to try, there’s so much cactus in this country. It’s ridiculous! But I’ll get back to you if I happen upon anything or glass, something up and Josh split up about ten minutes ago, so check in collection mission. Now for all the sheds that we got glassed out hey, I got three. Have five six six heads total that I’ve lost up no one’s got a few and then we’re also planning on finding a couple in the process. Cuz wow this country, it’s pretty thick, it’s steep! So glass things is doable, but there’s still a lot. You can’t see, and one of the sheds that glass that should be right here somewhere. This is going to be fun. I io is have a hard time relocating stuff. My glass up, I get in hurry, don’t pin point exactly. Oh there we go told you max yeah hard whitey, that’s what we like to find right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, it’s hard boy. It’s all! crazy, almost looks pink. I’ve. Never seen them mmm, we got some hiking to do to get these other ones picked up. I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see what I take home or what I stash for next time, hi, so we’re climbing up to the other side of this canyon right now. It’s hot in your life and steep and hush this deep. I just spotted what looks like to be a dead head, going to be a good day too yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the fine.

I don’t know if I’m packing that out short on the back end but cool pick him up, yeah, that’s pretty old, where he was where he’s going to stay all right, so I mean no one just got over the other side here to that other shed. Other two sheds eyeglass up and I just bought it in another one. It’s an even older horn. I don’t know man, it’s like. Maybe an older horn. Well, yeah, that’s a lot older horn! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh man, we got what four more horns. Glass up over here and then we’re calling there today, no we’re going to go that’s a good word! Oh yeah, 350 ish. If you had any more length to be better yeah, big heavy good mass, I mean no one are just getting over here to the other sheds with glass that there’s his under the tree lines down here, going to leave our packs on top because we’re going to Actually shoot up this backbone, that’s a big second! This work yeah, so we’re going to leave our packs on top of this Ridge, because this is the ridge we’re going to shoot up towards the truck and camp.

First, I’m going to pop down here grab my other one and then we’re going to run across the others. Really nice stupid, dick straight up and down country. Alright, let’s go to the top and then we’ll jump cross can go grab the zhurqis, real, quick and then we’re off to the truck okay, for that did I break for. Did you just match up a 400 for me? Alright guys we just got it over here, like I said we left our packs across on the other finger cuz. That’s the finger, we’re going to go up, but we just got over here in the horn that I got found, looks big, looks super big and then no one spotted the other. We think is the other side. We could be wrong, but what pretty sure it’s? The other side, but here we go, maybe unbroke is close to floor. There’s the match. Look at the back end stuck in that sagebrush, sir. I know you seen that big extra, alright uh, let’s go pick up his I can already tell haven’t measured. It haven’t think I didn’t see the whole thing. Oh yeah dude, that’s the other side. Did I finally get four? Did you help me match up or no? Oh man? I think I might have broke four. I don’t know. Finally, the pursuit to 400 we’ll see. I don’t want to get my hopes up. If he’s not he’s close, I don’t want to get my hopes up. I think you thank you. Thank you here hold that you see that bad boys, oh dude, back up more. I can’t get it in frame: oh they’re , so heavy. Oh, my, oh, that bull he’s just starting to turn chalk from hard white, and I bet you, those morons are still 14 apiece dude. I can’t believe that and and from over there I thought my side was smaller.

Oh, oh, I can’t believe it deep fro. We know he had that split on the backside of his beam. On the other side too, like I said, if he’s not boring, he’s dang close, no, I want to get to the packs I’ll get loaded up and get the camp swing tables. It’s like 5:30 already yeah we’re we’re two hours at least yeah. We’re going to have to be and getting to get to camp before dark yeah, Oh money, I’m not sure, sorry but goodness dude. So big yeah he’s got to three inches missing off that their Lord knows one off his beam. It’s missing an inch or two off this, and then, however, big that was, it doesn’t know, been very big, but all right. So we were going to play everything out and do a video for you guys, butwe’re not messing with this lightning. This lightning is way too low. We just had one hit within a couple hundred yards of us thunder unreal, so we do it all in the truck in where we go. We will get everything out. Lay it out at home, probably tomorrow morning, for you guys so had a lot of fun found some big stuff, a lot of stuff yeah. We hiked we did break in Nolan and get them ready for the rest of the year. So yeah we got done just in the nick of time thing goodness so seven o’clock now five hour drive and we’ll be home about four hours. Thank you. Thank you see you later all right guys, so I mean no one finally got home last night about what was it almost 1:00 1:30 and 1:00 1:30 in his long drive we got rained on pretty hard god.

We I’m glad we decided not to do this. Last night and race, the rain cuz it dumped, but we got here this morning, got everything, unloaded and laid out to kind of show you guys where we finished, and here it is Brown set. There Brown set there Brown single right there, a bunch of hard white stuff at 395, set with a 40 inch inside no 102 inch. Gagger deer shed little freak bowl another year off that same deer right there, not bad Nolan, nice work, fun. Fun trip lots of miles with lots of smiles that stupid gagger back there. We never matched up that horn right there with missing. The first is still 14 pounds stupid, stupid, stupid. Put that big, daddy right there, yeah just dumb, so it’s a lot of fun. Thank you think, thank you and we’re already planning. The next trip me and Britt are leaving about four o’clock in the morning head and heading out with our auction winner that we did for Sawyer and sheds for Santa this year.


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