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Total Archery Challenge

What’s up guys, so we got back from Idaho this week two days ago. Actually I got everything kind of put away. I’ve gotsome project projects done that I’ve been working on. I got the podcast set up. I got the YouTube video posted, so I got a lot of work done, so I decided I was going to paint my bow. I get these wild hairs and you can’t talk me out of them. I, when I decide I’m going to do something. I’m going to . Do it so we’re going to try to get better vlogging on a weekly basis as far as what we’re doing and what we got going? You know on the on the side of just the weekly show and I actually started this project without recording it.

So until it Donna you know what I should I should blog this. I should show this: how do I do it, what I do with it, so I got an idea in my mind, I’m just not sure if I’m going to be able to pull it off. I get my OCD kind of gets the best of me when it comes to painting stuff, so me and Ben are actually going to leave we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon to go up and shoot the total archery challenge. I think it’s a Brighton skI resort up out of Salt Lake, we’re going to go up and shoot that for a day and hang out and have fun, and so it’s probably not the best time to be doing this. But I don’t care I’m going to do it. I got plenty of time to get it done by then so we’re going to try it.

So let me show you what I got going where I’m at third is right there, so I really haven’t. I haven’t gotten too far along I mean I took my stabilizer off. I took my quiver off which it comes off and on anyway, and it took my drift off and I’m just going to pretty much going to be an easy, easy nothing special set up, but I’m basically going to just tape everything off that. I don’t want painted that way whenthat way, I don’t have to resize it in at all. I might have to mess with my side, not going to have to mess with my rest, I mean that’s what kind of why I’ve choosen to do the way. I’m doing it I’m going to do either a rattle cannon mixed with a ham or just a straight hand. Paint I don’t know. I might just do a straight rod campaign too. So we’ll see how it turns out. Straight-Up DIY, I just I don’t want to match one anymore here for it.

So let’s see what we can do, I’m going to finish, taping everything off and then I’ll show you guys kind of what I got taped off when I’m all done. Okay, guys so we’ve got it all taped up. I just pretty much felt a little crazy with the masking tape, because I wanted to make sure I had everything Goodin freakin covered that I wasn’t that I didn’t want to paint like totally stood sights on it. We stood up sights on and we got the rest on it. I didn’t take any of those offs because I don’t want to. I don’t want to affect the way the bow shooting so now, we’ve pretty much got everything you know there’s going to be spots up in here in the camp up in the pocket. It’s not going to get paint on it, but I don’t care nobody sees that anyways, so we’re going to paint it now see how it turns out. I got a few ideas you you bye guys, so I just got done putting on the last coat and we’re going to clear coat now, I’m just doing a matte clear, nothing special.

So it’s what I went with right here in the earth brown. I originally messing around just painted the bad boy goals they use metal, finish rustling, just kind of joking around with everybody I liked it. I thought about keeping it, but I also was worried about being too shiny on the mountain and I’m not getting going to jeopardize. My my tag this year for a gold, though so it’s that drying stabilizer turned out pretty good too in life. Yes, sir, can’t wait we’ll be back hI guys, we’ve made it here. We go me and Ben over. There are getting shown the haka brah.

Oh, don’t tell anybody about that haircut see. We are the word Snowbird long life yeah yeah, we’re going to blog should have blogged on the way up, but I don’t know how much people guys don’t want to watch just driving, yeah and yeah coma and driving dude. We have to make sure we’re to make sure we are driving. You know appropriately for the conditions I mean, so anything dry, yeah, so yeah take the drive. Let’s see, George the Snowbird good, but left this morning it like 10:30 10:30. We got here like it. We’re checked in, I think 11. Actually, don’t worry this well and a half hour drive yeah it’s a long ways, so we’re here we’re in a room where they were laughs and wake up nice and early and fish. You have some fun hang out with. You know. Everybody else that’s coming to shoot and we’re just shooting one day and then we’re driving home tomorrow night for fun, so see you tomorrow, all right guys!

Good morning we got up, got dressed, got showered, get ready without our mom’s help today. So so far to kick it off pretty good. Now we’re going to walk down here the lodge and get everything checked in and go start flinging sticks and hanging out with a bunch of great people in some pretty pretty country. All right, I mean not bad for you thought as you talk yeah, you know some guys were born and raised in this state. They can’t can’t do anything about that, but we won’t blame them. Hi, guys we’re just getting ready to head up and start shooting we’re . going to be shooting with hush and mountaintops of the day.

Oh Jordan, open up open up River. Look, that’s the river he blocks. I don’t know if I should take a field goal or feed Jordan, like a bird you’re , a lot of crap, okay, haters going to hate you, that’s it an update. Dude, obviously keep doing me and just fancy pro-v, you know they’re going on, it should be funded. It get group of guys that thought like have fun so here we go hI guys made to top out that will tram ride. Stick this stuff off got the high screen photo bomb in her video here show you that stuff, so gnarly steep, pretty hI guys.

Here we go we’re shooting first course. Right now we are shooting, with Jeremy, with HawaiI Jordan mountaintops, his wife, Jordan, Casey and BMAC and jasmine dan. Hey. What’s your sign, I’m fine yeah! You might be. What’s your number look at the? Do you think today ready shut up, turd watch me shuja’s. We let talk to you like that that mm a haircut roll them in the slow be cage fighter someday she’s. No, I don’t really look like a fighter. What’s his name. Yeah but the name: no right, underwear, yeah,hot, with the hunter hunter. No, why is the fire character? Hundo? It’s like that. It’s like tush! Now I got it. It’s worth a Google yeah, it’s worth the Google it. I guys now a shooting that we’re shooting headed white Cal. This is the first time getting used. The loop hold our X full draw range spine during madness. Think guys, it’s that super easy fits in my hand. Really nice doesn’t Allah Sheikh and it’s accurate. Don’t you know, I didn’t break two arrows Jocelyn on 1993. Don’t look we’re going to hit anything then we’re going to shoot me you’re going to hit something it might be. The hillside or rocks or a tree it May be even folk times can be fun. Smoke blast all your weight left the hotshots yeah.

That’s all that, what’s up guys, so we’re struggling yeah shooting low for some reason. I don’t know why we just shot 53. I shot I hit the dirt ended up having to change I next shot. I bumped it to 60 and hit perfect just left and right was off a little bit. So hopefully this doesn’t plague me and cause me to overthink things, keep fingers crossed and enjoy it and have fun. This mountains awesome super pretty country and back lots of the guy shooting with himself. It’s not that bad. Sorry, Josh hI Thomas cried against peroxide.

Oh yeah area line up there, there’s that silver right there in the center she wanted to. I said I’m going left. I shoot a long job rifle today, okay, smoke son, why? He did, though? Okay, unless you a broad head like this big around, she goes I’ll teach you how to shoot. I need some vlogging airfield yeah. You come so crazy, oh yeah! This is [ Applause ]. It was hard to get about looking over on the hob. Our down. We’ve got our pinhole off this old shot. Okay, all right! You got abetted, but deep angle. With the angle 16 yards yeah nice shot yeah. I thought that goes I’ll. Call you right now. Did you take that shot in a real-life scenario? Absolutely that’s the dream. I did it for for a foam beer I’ll, do it for real there, finding a vetted back underneath a cliff like mine yeah! Do that sneak up on them? You got everything to your advantage. Yeah got ta be able to shoot it good job thanks brother, I would see how we did here.

Oh I like mine, yeah, this gentle. So that’s the group who we’re actually shooting so I’ve got this pristine waterfall coming past I’ll, throw up my water bottle here in the second. While I was on the rider both mine, I saw a different name: whoo Wow, all right. We got we’re going to got it on film too. Actually, all I did that out, though, how way you guys always think, I’m just grateful and perfect AutoCheck, I’m a bot buddy back there yeah elbow creek crossing here. Oh No! Let’s do United merriment on this!

Alright, that’s our drawing. I came to see you issues identified later now. Any text tag by Eric frein lost our dishes on the 1648 walked on all the way down have a lost too many others yet happy holiday with mountaintops bro good thing, I’m not a professional army sergeant shooter. I actually just shoot animals soul, glow another game. After that little argue challenge: we’ve pretty much been getting dumped on with rain from past on our princess on four legs. Three, really that long forever it’s been rated a while so yeah we’re coming out we’re getting close to the bottom here and slowly. Let not but we’re pretty much soaks. We got our bags in the truck with us just until we get to the bottom here, we’re going to change clothes, venture style, penhold, there’s a lot of fun.



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