Trail Cams & Sneaking Away After Sheds In The Middle Of The Hunts ( INQUEST 2018) Antler Trader

Sheds In The Middle Of The Hunts

Everything dianna on the strip – it’s crazy that, like only maybe it was more time than it feels because I only felt like like two weeks to come by, but it has been longer than that since we’ve been out here that we were like stripping down to nothing. Cuz, it was so hot now it’s cooling right off Jacket, weather, it’s probably four o’clock and yeah. I was contemplating pulling my jacket out, although my blood is a little bit thinner than most so I get colder easier. Josh would probably be like. This is perfect. I bet it’s in the 60s, which that it that’s not too bad. That’s how I like to have it when I sleep nice and cool Phil, we are on our first camera collecting the first SD card. This is the fun part when he gets back after the day we get on the laptop and we start looking through and seeing where we want to focus our time for the hunt, so he just dropped a bunch of SD cards on the ground. Okay, there you kicked a cactus yeah, the damn , oh really, in the day, you kicked it with your. Do it. In that light, runners on a running shoe, hurt no bro. You need to bring Mike something to clear the trail, so we didn’t drop SD cards. He was actually stepped in and baby girl. I like what you do in your bodies out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So, let’s you know I’ll treat you right, let me prove it and make it go. [, Music, ] with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one you can tell.

What’s up guys all right, we are on camera number eight right now, the sun’s slowly, setting behind the hills here, yeah, certainly gig today chilly. It feels good out here, though, compared to what we have been doing with the summertime. So nice roll the windows down. Oh, the smell is like crisp I like that and on top of it, we’re hoping to find some deer to video yeah. This little scouting trip on probably some deer to start poking out. I got the video camera ready, hopefully we’ll be able to catch. A few giants would be awesome yep. I agree. So we are going to keep going. We just got done grabbing a camera. We’ve got a whole bunch in this one section, probably eight or nine, to pick up real quick. So I’m hoping to get those done and pretty much. I want to try to end the day with about 25 cameras so, and I think we’re on number eight right now, where we going to camp at I don’t know somewhere, we can have a big fire and have fun and chill so you don’t need to have Fires in the freaking summer – right – I guess, seen a bit: oh man, these are sofreaking awesome. I tried to glass every water like change, SD dude. These are like making it. I have really been enjoying them 10 by any way, 10 by 40. Twos are those that are those 2 10 by 40 seas, the 10 by 40 to z, VX v, Santa H, juice, they’re , pretty similar awesome, I’ve been and they’re really lightweight. Super super live. Am I doing yep I’ve been enjoying them. Look like a couple of rabbit duties, those you know rainbow rabbit duty hitters, then sugar hitters. She got a geofflove and she go back to sleep with a mouth full.

This is what we’re having for dinner tonight: yeah rabbit chicken, salad, snap peas, which I love to have we’re just a gentleman and starting the fire for me. So I can get out and help with the setup of camping. They give a tough area yeah, but yeah. It’s always been scrapped and there is a Josh Portman bike. You got out yeah nice. I can feel the heat from inside the truck here even easily actually got arrested for truancy if we’re not going so good at this. Thank you, oh yeah, which one this am. I sit down right here. Oh babe you’re such afreaking hero set up my bed for me, cuz, it’s so cold out here got a nice fire going. That is a true gentleman. Ladies. You got to know how to do your own, but it is a true gentleman that will do it for you now it’s bedtime okay, so we got the canvas cutter, which is the number one most important part to the luxurious beds. We’ve got.

Then I’ve got this old sleeping bag. I think this is Josh’s, but it just goes on the outside to keep an extra layer of warmth. Then I got this zero Degree. Mummy bag got my at-home blanket. I have to have three pillows, but this system right here. It’s this little tent system, which is afreaking genius once I’m all up in my blankets and it’s cold like last night, I just zipped this thing around all my pillows. In I closed it all the way and then I still have a little tent space so that I don’t feel like I’m suffocating, but I stayed nice and warm and cozy last night, there’s Josh’s he didn’t set up his poles in the way. I guess he’s a little less bothered by having stuff right here on a safe, but our beds are like they’re , pretty pimp. You want to put a little extra into your beds, hum bed yeah, it’s important that way, you’re comfortable and you can get up and he can do better work. The next day, I’m going to tear this down we’re going to get back to cameras. They say when animals aren’t weird like something we’re making lots and lots of progress today, yep is noon seems later, though it does. I wonder what the way the Sun is going down today is the daylight.

Ah, so technically, it’s an hour later, that’s pretty confusing on the phones. Cuz, I’m like one of us has Utah time. One of us phone is said to whatever time were where we’re at yeah plus the time change. Both Arizona doesn’t change 100 %, not quite sure. We don’t have service, so we can’t check anything we’re out here in the twilight zone living one hour ahead. HI just depends on one side of the truck you’re on. I don’t know what time it is hoping to see some freaking wildlife man that’s been kind of when we’re out there. In the heat of the summer and stuff it seemed like there was lots of little critters out there pop well okay. So I take that back. We haven’t been able to get him on video, but we have seen critters. We saw the gray fox at night. That was just read. By can thousands of pros today good lord there’s a lot of yeah. They are they’re obnoxious, I’m wondering so baby. Why there’s so many with their concentration breeding season controls repairs feels good, though n is a s SuperDuper gorgeous day, like yeah, when you’re thinking in your head, when it’s like super super cold and snowy and you’re thinking in your head that the like ideal day. This is that you refer back to everywhere. We go so many makes you think like is there? Oh, that was actually a little bit deeper of a fall than I was expecting. Oh yeah looking a little floppy, so we need to get a new tire kit yeah shoot.

So since he is very well schooled at this, we shouldn’t be here, get back to camera tuck. In the same spot, though, got another flat: tire have a famous Josh bar a minute closes actually, and I have a door barrier. [, Music, ] yeah. You got your fire. I feels good just from right here, a little safer to walk over here now. Yeah. That’s a nice fire right there we put all the little sparks out. Don’t worry, they burn out it’s controlled, but it pills so good. Like the back side of me, that’s not towards the fire is noticeably cold.

Alright, what’s up guys, we are on day to morning to actually of check it on the trail cams, and we pretty much have them all done. Yes, so we decided, since we got a pretty good start going for the day we were going to , walk around and see if we can’t find a shattered legs. Yes stretch our legs get out of that, damn truck and hopefully yeah fine [ __. ] too, we walk around for an hour so of two hours and get back on the road and grab the cam right. Let’s try this again. I don’t know where it cut me off in my first video, but my phone got full of the storage got too full, so quit videoing made way I found shed and I’m super excited he’s it fatty. Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah! You just fat old guy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you again.

Oh man, guys guys. I love this feeling. I’ve been so busy hunting and guiding. We haven’t got the shed hunt much at all this year we have literally been, and we’ve been in nails non-stop. I did get to walk around a little bit during the archery hunt, but that was about it, so it feels good. It feels really good. It’s fun shed solder, pretty cool yeah. Hopefully we can find a few fresher. Okay, even I was a little cheater on the back that I guard, though, look at that thing. There’s some stuff going on there crazy! Well guys Josh just hit me on the radio and said he found a stud horn. So I decided to come on over see what he found. Hmm, it’s probably your other side, , that’s a cool horn, he’s kind of stubby, though maybe just another year off. Does I mean in size-wise they are very comparable yeah. I don’t know yours even mm-hmm. Here’s kind of looks older knows tucked up underneath that tree. Oh yeah, thank you, that’s cool. Then we got two big deer to match. Yeah. I think I found the match to Josh’s. Other said I decided I was staying up on the top kind of in the brush and stuff and I decided I wanted to drop down with some of this bottom and paid off.

Oh yeah, I did that’s awesome. Oh My heck yeah. Oh sI guard is freaking crazy, that’s so freaking their little curly wine. You can split back there. Oh wait. I think Josh decides bigger, but I’m glad we got to match up, especially on just like a little quick jaunt out here. That is awesome. We didn’t even bring our backpack, which I find to be very good luck, a lot of the time too. I don’t even know how much of that you guys are saying. That’s freaking, awesome, yes, grateful! So we yeah that’s cool. Now. I wonder what he looks like bigger than this fellas Josh just walked right by that one he’s sitting here talking smack on me: okay, you’re , all! Oh he’s old man we’re finding like the graveyard sang. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. These guys are full of character. They’re awesome, I know we don’t have a match to this one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, like still all attention this way, but the pedal tones, that’s a good I am, and I’m leaning out the window. Camera is getting that make it much and I’m waiting out the window. Yeah you’re , like Paula tricks than your bro




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