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Utah Archery Mule Deer Hunt – 2

We’re headed out on day one of Utah’s Mule Deer Archery Hunt 2018

I will be filming a lot of hunts this season, many of them will be while I am guiding another hunter. This hunt is my personal tag.

I will be sharing a video every day of my hunt so check back to see how the day went!

HI good morning guys it is day two of the southern Utah over-the-counter archery hunt and we’re about ready to start hitting the trail. Just got done loading the pack up with water and everything we need. We just need to walk her up. I think make one last dig through everything and then we’ll get her locked up and get the hiking. It’sit’s about 5:15 in the morning. Right now got up just a little bit earlier today, just to make sure that we have plenty of time to get up, for we want to go so see you guys a little bit HI guys.

So we’ve been sitting here for probably the past 45 minutes as the sun’s been coming up. Lisent whole bunch of deer. I can’t really glassware. I was now cuz. This ends up above the mountain and with all this smoke and and the Sun, it’s just it’s so hard to see a long ways, but I feel, like I got everything on this hit. Mountainside covered pretty good scene. I feel like most the deer and it’s nothing big, the biggest deers, a three-point, lots of dough’s and forked horns and little bugs so we’re going to strap everything back on the pack here and we’re working on this mountain. A couple hundred yards get a different vantage point and have a sudden that are back in kind of glass, some of the other stuff to the west, where we are [: Music, ], [, Music, ] you guys we are set up on our perch here, got this top of this mountains, just like a big rock pile and we’re going to sit right here and glass. The east side of this finger that we’re on top of it’s starting to shade up now and then, as the Sun Goes Down on the other mountain range to the west of me. I’m going to bump over the top here and glass.

That way, and that’s really what I want a glass but the Suns in my eyes right now, it’s the only downside to this country. I haven’t had much luck. Turning up any of my bucks today, it’s been a little slow super super smoky, so I haven’t been able to get much distance good distance out of the glass just because it’s it’s hazy so hazy, but the winds kind of died down and it seems like the Smoke has actually kind of lifting a little bit, which is a good thing, so just getting in the swing of things guys bear with me. These will get better for sure, at least today I got some deer on video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed that and every time we can we will. I just I got to get out of the mine mindset of hunt, hunt, hunt and remembered a video.

So sometimes I put the video on the back burner just because I’m hunting, you know I’m kind of getting a little frantic. This is day two. That means we got two more days of hunting left tomorrow and then a break Tuesday and then Wednesday, we’ll hunt and it’s a guide time so I’ll be doing a full series on that as well. These will be any personal hunts will be one series and any guide hunts will be a whole nother series, so it should be fun, it should be a lot of fun. I love just sitting here, Glasson, oh man, I love glass and you guys like Glosson. Do you guys use a tripod when you glass, I got the spotter sitting here, but right now, I’m just running the 15. For the most part, I can see everything really really good, where I’m at so I’ll grab the spotter out. If I pick up a deer or find something, I need a little better look at it: fun, fun, [, Music, ] guys.

Thank you very much for watching and following along day. Two is done, like I said, we’re going to do a series on pretty much every hunt it’s going to be different from guiding to personal and personal is going to , be even with wife and kids tags, so it’s going to be a fun year. Hopefully, hopefully we can start filling some tags in the process. So, thank you again, very very much for watching I mean that I really do and if you haven’t already please subscribe like comment guys tell me: I want to hear what everybody else’s favorite animal is to hunt. What is your favorite big-game animal to hunt? If you have never hunted, I want to hear everybody that is never hunted that would like to hunt I’m thinking about putting something together. So if you’ve never hunted and you want to hunt to see what it’s about leave me a comment. So thanks guys I’ll see you tomorrow




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