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Swimming Natural Springs

We’re headed out on day one of Utah’s Mule Deer Archery Hunt 2018

I will be filming a lot of hunts this season, many of them will be while I am guiding another hunter. This hunt is my personal tag.

I will be sharing a video every day of my hunt so check back to see how the day went!


Alright guys, good morning, it’s day 3 Monday morning and all the camps are going, the people have gone down, so I’m pretty excited about that, and on top of it today, I’m feeling really really really good. I feel it in my gut something that’s going to happen. Today, we’re going to turn up one of our three bucks and get an arrow in it and a lot of reason. I’m feeling that way is because yeah I got my lucky charm with me, so we’re just kidding just got done loading up and we’re hitting the trail. So let’s go 50 yards he’s just not big enough.

Well, we’ve seen a lot of deer. We have glossed a lot of country been close to a lot of young bugs, but nothing nothing big the hillside. I was hoping to turn up one of my bucks on had a guy sitting on it this morning, so there was no deer on it at all. I know it’s public land and I totally get that and I’m not complaining, but there’s no way and unless you love this country to learn it. Knowing you don’t know this, but there’s no way to hunt glass or do anything from that hill. You have to get on the hill, I’m on or the hill across the draw we’re across Canyon. I mean from there and in glass back and try to hunt it that way, but to come up from the side that they’re coming up and cuz the side. They’re coming up, looks really good and it has deer in it sometimes too. But then, when you come up over the top, it’s just trees and pretty flat and it rolls off slow. So it’s it’s absolutely pointless.

So anytime you come up from that way. All you do is push all the deer out of there before you have a chance whatsoever, but saw add that little buck at 50 yards. I could have smoked him. He actually ended up coming in closer to 40 yards. Just curious, curious young buck. Pretty cool, though, and bred over here, didn’t know that guy was sitting over there on the other hill, so she decided to drop trou and take a pee and moon him. Yeah we’re just going to keep working covering some country and gossiped see. If we can’t pick something up out of its bed or or just catch, something that’s still feeding it’s it’s still morning it’s late morning, but it’s still yeah, I’m being loud. I’ve got that yeah right now, so yeah buddy, we’ll see in a bit inside. I have the volume on it’s hard to tell if it’s filming or not, what’s up guys we’re back to the truck eleven o’clock we had a morning, Claire fulla deer, just nothing that was yeah pursue plus there was somebody else in there that saw me pee. I didn’t know you over there.

That’s what I get. I guess now we’re why we decided to do a little cheating today, since we’re close to Enterprise. We’re driving marc has hamburgers it’s a little. This is a little podunk town. Did you tell him where we were we’re in enterprise, but we always stop here when we’re hunting at least once yeah hi, guys middle of the day? Something decided where I’m going to go yet, but me and Britt decided it’s hot enough that we’re going to take a little swim and relax in this sweet. Little pool trick this coming down. [ Applause ], you can easy appeal so feel. Good Britt was a little more prepared. She brought a bathing suit. I brought nothing because the water – I don’t know probably three four feet, maybe the most. I think you can sit right in the center. I think I think [ Applause, ] hey repair kit right by the tree and we were playing and then it’s time to go back after it. It actually feels really good in the shade too hot. It was coming down off the mountain, though it was way high. I was actually surprised it was so hot being up here in the mountains. Usually you can escape that heat. I was smart. I brought a towel and I brought a pillow and I brought my swimsuit and I brought Flint flop ruin in the last of his what’s left of his tennis shoes.

They will be water shoes from here out. Alright, are you ready yet yep? I don’t know how ready those skies look good, acorns deer munching on right. There is it’s really bitter yeah. Have you ate one before there’s the nut right there right evening, number two heard: actually, no no evening number three, oh yeah, we’re at the truck. We got to be quiet like we’re like pulling it and revolve down the station hi, guys you’re , calling it everything. That’s across this Canyon is too far to get to or start. We had a pretty good jaunt to get back to the truck and some steep thick stuff, so we decided we’re going to call it and start working.

Our way back to the truck now good-evening seen a lot of deer. We have really literally one just came bounding up right there by that sagebrush scared that yeah scared, the crap out of her sitting right here. Glossing Britt went running up there to try to get video of it and she thinks she got a little bit. But one day yeah we did cuz, he come his brakes know we made it way back and in one piece slide now all the way down the hill Josh to the few acrobatic moves that never felt. It’s always interesting. I’m glad that we came down into the light I would suck to come in the dark. Yeah I’d have been fun. We’ve done that Lots though they’re racing glasses. We made it this one yeah and pretty water. Well, calling it a day. It was not a waste. That’s for sure had lots of fun. Stick! It’s just looking out of the corner of my eye and, like uh, told you, you got a spider in them. Every time a stick bug:


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