Utah Archery Mule Deer Limited Entry Oak Creek Part 1 Antler Trader

Utah Archery Mule Deer

What’s up guys, so here we go. It is the weekend before the opener of my limited entry, archery tag and me and Britt are out of here scouting something found what I’m looking for yet. But I’ve got high hopes that yeah. So I got this week and this weekend in this next week to hopefully turn something up but should be fun. I, like I, like this unit, the more the more I’m over here and on it, the more I like it, it’s steep it’s nasty and yeah definite challenge: okay, this is true life. This is what hunting looks like in Scouting Josh, and I we just out sitting Glasson and there was not a cloud in the sky. There was no. I did not think it was going to rain at all, and we heard some thunder and yeah we’re .

Okay, just freaking starts hailing pouring down on us and we’re quite a ways from the vehicle. As you can see, we are absolutely freaking soaked in the midst of it. We are kind of down by a wash I wanted to get out of it and it kind of started to make me nervous, and there was enough rain that this the banks were too sloppy and it kind of made me panic and I took a nice spill. I took a spill down the hill that was sliding and yeah. I am all muddy. I was just telling Josh about my my experience in that freaking wash. I have never been so scared of a freaking flash flood. I don’t know what sparked me, but I took off and I seriously spilled down the side of that hill Josh says if he would have been able to video it. We would have read like have the hundred thousand dollars yeah. I can just imagine okay guys. I wanted to show you this. It was like a it’s like a little day. Camp area and people have left freaking trash all over this place. Like it’s, it’s ridiculous.

How do you come out and treat the land like this? Like seriously, you guys, hopefully everybody that follows us realizes. This is not how you leave the camp space, ridiculous, I don’t know if you can see that, but that is a frickin peace sign. I like that cow. It’s a cool cow right: there, , all right here we go we’re getting set up for the night. I finally got off the mountain we’re going to head to a different part of the mountain tomorrow. So we we just went real simple Brits got hers laid out in the rover, canvas cutter, I’m just throwing down on the ground here. Little blue tarp just keep a little bit of the water off of me or laying in it in case it rains.

We got lightning going everywhere yeah, so I kind of picked coming out lower just so we could get away from all the clouds and lightning, and hopefully we can see some I’m going to set up the SLR and take some night photos. I think I wonder how a time-lapse I haven’t had luck. It takes a high in case to dark um, but let’s see we can capture and let’s get some rest because we’re getting up like 5:30 . So what I’m doing here is I’m pretty much putting all my mills together and what I’m doing is I make I’m going to pretty much pack at least two nights worth of Mills with me every single day in my pack, I’m going to have enough stuff that I can stay at least two nights. I don’t plan on it, but if something comes up, maybe a buck, maybe I get a little too far out I can. I won’t have to be required to go back to camp back to the truck at all. If I don’t want to so, what I’m doing is I’m actually putting my middles together per day and I’m dropping them in these Ziploc baggies. That way, I can pull them up tight and stuff them into the cooker and then not have to worry about using pack space. So just a little simple, no prep with my my safeguard food.

What do you got? What are you taking? What’s your choice, I’m doing mac and cheese chilI combined together for one I’ve got spaghettI and mac and cheese combined for another mill. I got broccolI and cheese with noodles my favorite stroganoff beef stroganoff. I’ve got oriental and Italian teriyakI rice and this one right here. What about your breakfast? I’m not a breakfast person, so I’m using these awesome awesome awesome, go peers from safe guard food. These things are like a mill and a drink, pretty much 26 vitamins and minerals. 20 grams of protein 6 grams, 5 or 5 grams sugar, 150 calories right. There really doesn’t get me going all day long. So thanks, yeah, just finishing the final touches and today is pretty much going to be prep day. You know everything ready that way.

First thing: in the morning we are out of here and headed to the mountain, so we can start scouting and be ready to opening morning. Hopefully we can get her done opening day. All right time has come, we’ve been packing slowly all day, I’ve been getting things ready, put together, going through stuff, pretty much just slowly getting ready for this huh I’ve been practicing non-stop. Every morning I’ve been shooting my bow evenings when I can ever since total archery challenge I’m money there, I’m not worried one bit, I’m just trying to make sure I’ve got everything I need, and I’ve got everything though I’m going to I’m going to have two different Camp setups, I’m going to , have my backpack pretty much ready to go at all time to stay at least one night, maybe two in case they get back into something, or I find something big that I want to sit on so and then I’m bringing in a Little bit more for camp with you know, out of the out of the rig

So show you where we’re at so I’m bringing the canvas cutter, obviously hopefully also be sleeping in out every night. You know won’t have to be sleeping on the mountain, but if I do sleep on the mountain, I’ve got the Yukon Outfitters hammock that we’ll be in in my pack. I also am bringing I actually had an old Coleman tent that just lost its last bike to a windstorm, and so I kept the rain fly. Those things are awesome to drape over trees and build a frames with with your you know. Whatever you got super light. Super strong, really waterproof, you got the ball, set, I’m bringing all my archery equipment just in case. I need to do something why I’m their clothes bag. All my first light got my safeguard all ready to go I’ll, be bringing the back backpack cot box with me, and I will have three mils in that ready to go in my pack at all times bring your two tripods hum, I’m only probably going to be Packing this one, the new leupold one, but my Manfrotto will be there. If I need it got my new twenty sixty eighty loophole gold ring super stoked.

I finally got that in the marsupial is packed with the new 15 loop hold by nose got my boots. My pack got my midland radios charged up. I got two more Midlands that I’ll be bringing they’re charging in the rig my SLR camera GoPro stuff. I got my handheld camera somewhere in here now we just got ta, go, find the deer and put an arrow in him, we’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. So I can get up. There do a little more scouting and set up camp and then Saturday the tags start so using 13 points. We are not turning this one back, so here we go. I can’t wait, I’m so excited I’m a nervous wreck by bad. I love you here we go. We were loaded to the gills, it is 11:30, didn’t leave his earliest compliment, but that’s alright. I spent the morning with my wife and kids.

My kids didn’t have to go to school right away because of an assembly, so we hung out had some breakfast now we’re on our way. Loaded up, I got all my eyes. I really just need to make one more stop for batteries and that’s it. I am on my way to my unit. I am I’m a ball of nerves right now, guys, I’m so stressed, 13 points 13 years of applying and I’m using them not turning them back. Last right turn the back turned the tag back this year, I’m keeping it and we’re going to go, hunt our guts out so hopefully find something giant and kill it. It has begun.

Okay, so I got a camp spot picked and I just got done setting everything up. I’m not fully set up yet because I’ve got Garrett come in later tonight and then Ben and his buddy are coming later tonight. Also so I’m going to kind of leave it a little undone just till they get here that way, we can all set up evenly make sure they got covered too. So this is going to be base camp. I plan on pretty much keeping a camp in my pack at all times, so if I do need to stay the night, like I said earlier, I can on the mountain, so I’m going to I’m a pack of camp and then I’m going to base camp and This right here is base camp, so pretty much I got I set up a couple tarps because it will rain it rained on me and Britt when we were scouting late in the afternoon every day it has not rained today, but I plan on it being rain. You know raining so I set up for that just so.

It’s not chaotic if it does start to rain, so got the cooler my cooking stuff, my safeguard food got the Kelly Kettle here for boiling water. If I don’t want to go all out, here’s some stuff I got to get put in the pack, I just got done setting up my bow, it’s all ready to go. I actually just got done shooting about 30 arrows into a target – it’s kind of nice because down here in the roadway of this little pullout, I’ve got. I can get up 60 at least 60 yards, probably 70. If I push it back, a little bit got the caught in the canvas cutter set up underneath the awning technically, don’t need it for the canvas cutter, but the more dry. I can keep things the better like. I said I’m going to change the way that setup under there when everybody else gets here. So there you have it. This is base camp. We’re going to be completely mobile.

The reason I picked this spot is two reasons: one it’s right pretty much dead center of the range, so I can go anywhere from here. I can go to the south end of the range or the north end of the range, or I can just take off straight up this Canyon and get up on a point and then fing and hit the some fingers and go either way as well towards the Two tallest peaks on this range and then on top of it I’ve got. This is another big reason why I set up here go over here for a second I’ve got nice running Creek and with this Creek, so I can go down actually right over there and get down to the water, but with this Creek I can, I can bathe. I can get you know: it’s going to be hot, it’s middle of August, still really hot archery, so bathing and cleaning ups going to be essential plus. If I do run out of water, I can use Sagan filter system. I got and I can pump water right out of this Creek fresh, clean water and replenish my stock replenish, my socks. So that is why I am where I’m at for base camp and this world I’ll be returning to in between outings.

So tomorrow’s opening morning we’re going to eat something real, quick and then I’m going to jump in the creek and clean up. I’m pretty sweaty after unloading, everything and setting up and then same loading everything this morning and getting on the road so get washed up. And probably head up the road and do some gloss and for the evening, so here we go what good morning all right. It is what 3:30 been thought. It’D be a good idea to stay up till 1:00 any different. It’s actually five o’clock, no we’re good! It’s not we’re running behind, rather behind they say yeah, so we’re going to get going here and I’m going to drop some mountain ops, Blaise pineapple with some YetI blue raspberry flavors. What do you have I’m having ignite? What are you having saying Garrett, you drinking one? I’m on my diet, coke and my mouth wants to be on YouTube. Look at him dancing in front of light all right. I hope this isn’t gross because I think the last time we’re ready, yay bins, almost awake,

What’s up guys opening day of my limited entry, deer tag is coming to an end me and Garrett. Here have been all over this. This one drainage. On this mountain we’ve, probably seen over 50 deer 50 bucks we’ve seen some alq seen some cool bucks. Some nice bucks, but not what I’m looking for, not anything worth burning 13 points for so we got a lot of times still I got a lot of time. Still we’re going to tear it up, we’ll find something. I don’t doubt it one bit tomorrow, we’re probably going to head over the other side of that bad boy right there you see the road down there in the saddle going to drop off. This we’ve worked all the way around or drop off. This Scout side-by-side and head back to camp get some food in us and I actually get some sleep tonight. We didn’t get much sleep last night. We stayed up way too late. So, let’s go see what Bend and all them boys have seen today and how they did and we’re just going to work. This way, whole bunch of desert, bighorn sheep out here, seven different bucks, one nice four point, not what I’m looking for, but he said he’s a nice buck and probably 2030 dose so far. Your beginning of the morning itself should be a good day. We should be able to turn some stuff up. I wish my camera wasn’t dead, so I could video some of these deer that are out here but well: [, Music, ]

hi, guys. What’s up so here we go morning, number three she’s got done glass in Sun’s up now, everything that was watching pretty much bedded down. I went all the way up to the top of this, and I actually worked from the end of this fit Ridge right over here, come up over the top and then have been running this. This rim and I’ve been up there glassing and while I was up there glossing I went to use my bye, nose and realized. I left this clear down here. Oh look at that. That’s a pretty one morning toad there. I can hold the camera better, we’ll. Let him go just up your chillin on the mountain angle, so guess I’d to drop off, come back down and get it I’m now. Officially solo Ben and everybody Garrett everybody’s gone home the early this morning and yesterday. So it’s just me we’ll just keep after it keep covering as much of this country as we can hopefully will turn up. What we’re looking for. I’m going to get a little bit better about video and more stuff too. I guess right now the whole solar eclipse is going down it’s starting or ending one of the two. I got all the way over here and there’s a dang old four-wheeler trail right here on it. Piss me off. I hate that, butdropping off this finger. You Blake back over here some of these canyons this with a road we’re good on the other side of that and all that stuff south or to the north, pretty much all the way to the end of my that might you know boundary. There goes a good morning guys so it’s day, four of my hunt and it’s about 4 a.m.

I’m actually about half a mile up the trail head. I left I left camp. I got up at 3 left camp by 3:15 and we’re hiking. I want to try to be clear to the top of this. It’s about four miles up at first light and got up early this morning, so I can get up here and spend all day. I’ve got all day today and then we’re driving home tonight. It’s been yes tomorrow and getting ready and then Thursday. I leave for Arizona to hunt more so do that for eight nine days and then we’re back up here. I think I’ll have 15 days after that at this tag before it’s done and over with so, but I won’t need it will be done today. Huge cross mountain, steep and nasty, I’m not complaining, though I’m actually liking. It reminds me a lot of home. The worst thing. That’s happened so far on this trip and I’ll show you guys better, but I shaved my head for the heat, because I knew I’d be hiking hard on this and I wore a mesh hat and the top of my head is sunburnt, so bad. I had the worst time sleeping last night. I didn’t really sleep, but right now it just hurts it’s blistered and popping, but I don’t know if you can see it or not, but it’s pretty painful and then to top it off. I left my rain jacket in the game Rover. I looked up stars everywhere, looked at the weather, no signs of rain, nothing and, as you can tell it’s raining and my first light rain jacket is in the car. So let’s get going.

Alright rain got done. We’re cruising up the bottom still up this big Canyon and right in front of me check this out yeah. I think you think thank you, I’m not taking it, but still thank you for the opportunity to find it. That’s cool yeah. All right keep going about two hours in tops right there. I’ve got another 30 30 minutes, so try not to get too hot to exhaust it cuz. I don’t want to get to the top and be down , [, Music, ]. What’s up guys, so, oh it’s about 2:30 and we’ve got a storm coming in and it’s dumping we got Thunder rolling the whole nine. I found this sweet rocks crawl up under here got all my stuff in here. Keeping us dry left my tripod out there, but it’ll be fine, no bows out there too, but it’s actually getting still covered up by the tree.

Pretty good just been sitting here had a little something to eat and glass and we got out of total of oh no he’s, probably nine bucks down below us, the biggest one being, maybe 180, just a bunch of little bugs all I’ve seen all day long. I don’t know what the deal is. I have turned bucks up left and right and today I have pretty much just done: a death hike. I’ve I’ve gone from the clear from the bottom to the top of this and then shot across. I don’t know it’s probably only four miles, but the elevation is big. I want to check it. I haven’t been able to check it yet so figured I’d. Show you what we’re doing right now, just kind of stayin out of the storm whoa. That was lightning. I don’t like lightning, that’s big lightning, all right, keep your tune, hi! What’s up guys, so we were sitting up on that today. That’s where we hung out and we’re glassing all this and out the back side and looking for a certain deer, no beans, it’s starting to get dark, so we’re just going to work. This finger all the way down and just gloss across and down in the bottom.

Maybe we can catch something coming up to feed, maybe put something on a stalk on her or get an arrow off on the way back to the road. But we got ta go roads clear down over there, so where’d the Mount. Other mountain comes down. We’re going to go to that and they’ll walk down the road to the other side of about right there. So we all will walk ahead of us by lose it some pretty country man. I can’t believe how much country I’ve covered the last four days and I haven’t been to turn up anything over 180. It blows me away, I know they’re into her, so we’re not done. We got we’re going to have 15 more days to hunt. So after I’m done guy you


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