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Archery Mule Deer Limited Entry

Alright, guys here we go, it is 4 o’clock. In the morning we are heading to the Oak Creek unit Oak Creek Oak CreekI’ve been gone. I got the hunt the first four days of my tag and then I’ve been guiding for the past like 20 days, so it’s I’m ready. I got five days left to fill my tag. We are packed to the gills with canvas cutters. I mean we really don’t. We aren’t taking that much stuff, but it’s just two people for a week long and this I got to get a roof rack though yeah we do for sure I need, but yeah. Here we go sweetie on it. Yep we’re going to kill jack, so see you guys in a bit . No, that’s all gnarly and nasty like that and steep and dang they’re straight up and you get to the other side. It’s like a nice little roll. We jaunt not a whole lot to do. Fine garbage big frame again but he’s almost like a three by four frame: he’s so crappy [, Music, ] hi, what’s up guys, so this is the first day of me and bridge trip to the last week of my archery tag, my limited entry Archery tag here in Utah done guiding. I’ve got five days left with this tag and we’re going all out so go for big, bigger Brooke. Hopefully we’ll see positive positive, oh I’m being positive here. Would you see if I don’t crack and shoot something? No yeah? No, they ain’t going to happen.

Yeah. Here we go , nothing! Yet. We’ve seen a good box. We’ve seen a lot of deer, but still not what I’m after yeah. So we’ve got a few days still we’re going to go. We’ve got a storm pushing in so the sun’s not out beating on us, so we’re going to you’re going to cover some country we’re going to get up. On top of this to it. , right, she’s, pounding him out with her hammer. This beast: what was the dog? We got some bucks over there in that stuff right there are you do down over here. I’m sure we have some stuff up in here. We went on a death March today this afternoon, went to the top of the Pecos fun got to see a lot of cool country, and hopefully we got a plan for tomorrow, we’re still looking for specific lat and tomorrow make day three we’ll have actually three days coming tomorrow, so we’re just going to relax, Ritz beds up in there over right there set up here. Rain fly the cooler, and I am on my king – that’s better right. Now they come from an old tent. We had it was the rain fly. I decided to keep it and it is by far been the best thing this summer, but we’re going to have some safeguard food, I’m doing cheesy broccolI with noodles added to it, and then that is a potato chowder when noodle got it to it.

So you get our water poured it right here. Clean started, Oh damnit! These lock it up and dinner, bring about 15 minutes, so good cheddar, broccolI soup with noodles. It’s good combo. Here we go morning. Number three I mean Brit are in the same spot that we’ve been going to we’re looking for a specific buck, but I haven’t heard anything up yet haven’t even turned up anything. We’re shooting – and I passed up two deer – that fast, that two deer so far, that with a Pine Valley Tiger, which you shoot them in a heartbeat, but not worth this tag. Hopefully we can turn something up. That is worth we’ve pretty much been up and down this whole side of the unit trying to turn this buck up last night we hiked to the tallest peak to gloss off of and nothing, but we have turned up in frontier, so

What’s up guys so second-to-last day of the hunt, we’ve been sitting here, glass in this Canyon, I’ve seen a lot of deer in it. A lot of bucks. We’ve got one buck that has a big frame. We didn’t get to get a good look at him because he was running in through the brush, so I’m going to walk up this Canyon little ways and see if I can’t jump him and get a good look possible even a shot. He had a huge huge back end so, but he looked like he’s just a big typical could be a 190 typical, which I might stick with an arrow at this point. So here goes inside, take a nap in the middle of the day and the clouds decided to open up and unleash, even with my little canopy there. It was coming in sideways. Pretty much is pound in the canvas cutter, but I stayed dry and I stayed warm so no complaints, we’re a break camp and move it’s a second last day middle of the day.

So here we go alright. So it’s about 11 o’clock at night last night of my hunt and we have packed up and moved camp. We are punting. This one show you guys camp real, quick yeah. It started raining on. It’s been raining on us all day long, but hopefully it brings the diro because we haven’t seen crap. For dear I mean I’ve passed up a couple, a couple really nice bucks, a couple of 190 bucks and at least a 180 bucks today, right babe. So, tomorrow we’re going into an area that we can see a lot of country. So hopefully we can find something in all this country to go after put a stock on we’ll see we’ll see how picky I am tomorrow, its last day of the hunt yeah, she decided, I don’t need to be picky. Oh the stresses. That’s why we love it, though right spider she’s in there over she’s complaining I’d rather sleep out on my car. My canvas cutter that’s way more. I love this day, oh they’re unreal, and if it relates which it is, I have some week’s going and I don’t know why. But I’m good, I still don’t get wet so minimize getting soaked and getting the bag soaked so I’ll have to transfer a wet bag. Yeah I see I like them, because I like my feet together anymore, so alright we’re going to bed good night yep, [, Music, ] we’ve really been pretty lucky with the rain that has not been when the it is. It only goes for like ten minutes of its off this morning, story we’re going to take this challenge. It started yesterday. Ridiculous yeah last night was ridiculous. I didn’t sleep very well. I actually it sounded like you woke up like a million times, but I don’t know if it was just the wind like ripping at the Terps and South foot. It was crazy and it was a little cold.

That’s how it goes, and today I am determined to help him get a deer off of this mountain, no matter. What whatever is I just want to have our four-wheel drive is out and it is really getting. I thought that’s why you took the drive line out low on food stuff, how we fixed it okay. Well, I thought that big stuff, I thought we didn’t have world, so I’ve been like a little panic here. So anyhow, HI guys it’s noon. On the last day, we we’re going to hike up this mountain right here and just pretty much work. All the oak brush patches to get up above it and glass it see if we can pull something up bedded down in it. It’s still kind of off and on rain, it’s supposed to be clearing up here in about an hour within the hour. Actually it’s funny because right now the Doppler says: there’s nothing right here, but sprinkle yeah we’re getting rained on stuff so and that thing like there’s making lots of noise behind this.

So hopefully it just pushing that way and missing us. But here goes we’re going up that right there, which most of it’s in the clouds right now so yeah fingers crossed. Let’s just like you would see the chance. [ Applause ] down boy, I’m just the Weather Channel. They said this is heading the opposite. God is testing us, see a hardcore ear: , oh well, guys. We pretty much come to an end of the 2017 Oak, Creek archery tag. I just had I just pretty much ran this whole mountainside, trying to pull something out of it and I glossed up one buck bedded down in the oak brush and it was pretty thick. So I just got above him. I was about 130 yards and man. He was, he was a pretty buck. He was super big in the backs. He was wide. He just crappy front end, I mean just crappy front end, probably still a 180 buck, but it’s not what I drew this tag for. I’m not hunting this tag. For me, I set out to draw this tag and burn 13 points to kill something big and it was go big or go home.

So we were walking down the mountain. I don’t know if you can see it, but the tip of that that whole hill right there that’s about where the rover’s parked. We got to run this long finger all the way to the bottom and then shoot across the flat over there Brits down in the bottom. She’s been running glass for me all afternoon. We kind of changed things up after that fog come in. I sent her to the bottom because she can see more from the bottom than where I could in in that Bowl and it worked good it just you got to have the deer you want to kill. If you don’t have the deer, you want to kill and don’t matter where you’re hunting, so it was fun, it was challenging.

Probably could have made more out of it if I didn’t take to clients on the archery hunt in Arizona this year during this huh, but I got a I got to get paid. I got I got to make money. I got to try to support the family while I’m trying to kill a big deer, so that comes first and foremost always will and I’ll just keep after it we’ll get we’ll get there one day we’re done this year. I mean we’re going to be done for a little bit. I still got a bunch of Gaiden to go, but then hopefully we’re going to be down in Arizona, this winter, chasin, mule, deer, javelina and then Mexico for coos. I can’t wait, though, so guys, thanks for watching if you’ve made it this far. I know it hasn’t been very exciting. I did everything I could to record when I was pretty much banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out where big bucks going to be trying to turn up a big buck when you’re doing that. There’s a lot of stress and when you’re stressed like that blasting on your minds, running camera, I need some. I need a. I need a camera guy, somebody that can see the vision want to put in the time and effort with me but oh well. It was a fun year as a fun season.

Now we’re going to go, kill. Some big dinner with Chase got a muzzleloader tag. Actually that’s here in a couple weeks. So hopefully we can get my son a big deer, if not any deer that he wants. I’m completely happy with kill what you want to kill, guys, don’t what you want to hunt and do it how you do it want to do it? Don’t let anybody tell you it’s right or wrong, because the only thing that’s wrong is somebody telling you it’s wrong. Nobody has the right to tell you how to hunt what the harvest and how to do it, so they think thank you for all the support and following along with me guys. So how am I get off this mountain before it gets too dark and I break my ankle or leg so I’ll see you guys at the Rover. You


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