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Elk Hunt

What’s going on here, we go opening day of the Utah general over-the-counter elk hunt and we got chicken this year since he’s been the good luck charm and we just we just come down, got in the truck from being Up on top of the mountain glass and this morning, kind of hoping people push to us didn’t see anything but it’s opening morning and we’re we’re pretty confident won’t get into them.

So here we go should be a lot of fun yeah! It’s it’s a ball! Nothing! Better than shooting big bowls like potatoes back there so yeah, that’s why we bring him he’s an elk Slayer. So here we go okay! Here we go first evening of the 2016 general account here in Utah. Jay’s got the tag right now he’s first up and we’re going to go out here straight behind camp yeah. So here goes, kids are in watching the movie on the laptop right now and Britt cooking dinner. Let’s, let’s show you what we got planned for tonight here on there all right, so those are condiments and that is not non store-bought beef right there we got our fixing so yeah, we’re going to . Do that and sit by the fire relax for the night. Talk about the day yeah we got ta make a game plan for tonight. There’s lots of people. She thinks we need to move. I don’t think we need to move because people we got enough. People stuffs going to start getting pushed around a lot and the country we’re in now.

We know the elk are here, they’re sign of it everywhere, fresh elk stuff from last night. We were pushing up this morning, positive of it. So I know the elk are here, but we just got to get a little bit more pressure in here in this thicker stuff, get guys pushing once that happens, we’re going to be in the elk or they’re going to push them across state lines and we’re not. I’M going to be in the elk at all, so that is a possibility, but you know it’s hunting its public land and it’s an over-the-counter tag. So we have fun on this hunt.

We love this hunt, it’s it’s not easy, but we like the country, the weather is perfect. I mean this is the best camping trip of the year by far everything this time of year is just perfect. It’s not it’s chilly, but it’s not it’s totally built right and sitting by a fire tonight, it’s nice, the fires, warm, I like them, pretty fair Georgia fit for sure yeah. The fit is so good yeah but like hugs my legs and it’s not all saggy crotch and down here, since I’m sure I’m on knotch number two they fold up, so I don’t need to go, get them hemmed or anything, but look, I’m not stepping on them Drives me crazy, when I step on my pants feeling, good hair looks awesome: [, Music, ] yeah.

Let’s take some cheese on that bad boy. I turned the heat up a little bit. That’s why there’s the camp scavenger, you say hI to everybody, we’re dog people. So there you have, it see the big guys everything’s over there on that side, that’s Nevada! That’s where it’s all going down we’re over here in Utah with Noel, been a couple shots this morning, but not not much! It’s a third morning! Yeah! It’s the third morning! Third hunt third day the hunt we’re going to actually pack it up we’re going to leave camp set up, but we’re going to head back into town today get some things done, and then the kids got. I think Thursday, Friday out of school, we’ll come back out and see if anything new is going on or couldn’t kill a bull, Jay’s a lucky charm and see if we can get it done third time. So what are you shooting? What are you shooting? [, Music, ] what’d, you find old, heavy back, Amy faces [ Music ] seen better days, and those are the by guards things look like. They were giant, Raveena’s, old and wise. Yes, okay! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So right here it’s lunchtime, cheese, l, can’t Bergkamp, we got camp set up and me and Shay decided we’re going to have us some mac and cheese chase doing his in his cooker and I’m trying mine a little bit different this time, mac and cheese and pasta. I’M actually boiling my water, I’m going to have it in a cup here, simple, clean up and everything so BAM. There’s mine, mac and cheese, and a solo cup chase is almost done in its cooker. Chow down, never know what you’re going to find in the dark. [, Music, ], [ Music ] round two first morning, back alright, what’s up guys, so we were just back over here on this hill to start the morning off round two here for the a over the over the counter, Utah general account and we’re over there eyeglass Up some melt clear over here on this other mountain, so we dropped off that Hill jumped in the truck ran over this way. More and now we’re getting ready to take off up on this hill see if we can turn turn these up, pretty sure one of them might be a good bowl as long look.

So it’s hard to tell and this the trees up here are pretty thick so smell, so hopefully we can get on them. It might be something that happens quick, but we’ll see how it goes. Okay, so just down here on this hill behind me class and all this and I classed up what I thought was an elk shed. It actually looks like a pretty decent deer shed he’s just right over here we’re working up to the top there see if we can get on top and glass across pull up that bowl. I don’t know it could be a different shade than eyeglass up. I guess big three. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you old git base on him.

What shad old dear and I don’t know if that’s the I glanced up or not just have to look it’s right here, hi! What’s up guys, so we just got back to the truck from that little stock. We put on on that that bull, we’ve seen up there and my biggest fear, was it being too thick and not being able to see and that’s exactly what it was. So we decided to back out – and hopefully maybe glass them up again this evening or in the morning. I didn’t want to go through there too much and possibly spook him. It’s the first good Bowl, we’ve seen so we’re hoping tonight. We can come back down here, set up some glass and maybe pick him up and then hopefully make something work. If not tomorrow morning and till we don’t see him anymore, I guess but yeah it was thick weathers awesome today for hiking we just need the health to cooperate. Now, go back to camp cook, some breakfast, it’s actually it’s 1217!

So we’ll have a late lunch or early early late, brunch, okay, we’re having brunch yeah brunch, but we’re going to cook, some bacon and stuff, so stay tuned, baikin bacon, the Elkins been a little slow. We had we had that bull yesterday, I glass up and then went on a pretty good hike, the sworn in to the top of the mount and tried to get up above where I seen him, because, where he’s at it’s so thick, there’s no way to go In there after him, there’s you’re wasting your time, so I was kind of hoping we could get up above him and look into it and possibly get a shot on him today, but it worked where we were at was man. We could see some awesome country in there just he wasn’t there.

So we hiked out went back to camp. Had some breakfast picked Brent up and decided to come out here and enjoy this little park. They got out here. Oh look: they’re teaching me how to swim. Buggy, where did I make fun of you? There’s real she’s swimming playing, I’m fun. What are you going to kill bull? I put one in front already friendly standing in the water and her flip-flops and socks, foot, flops and socks. God is former, I’m going to put together it. What’s in it really, you ruin those socks. You know that right, yeah their room. You





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